Сова не отдаёт микроба. О самочувствии Ёлки

Yoll with microbes Bite his eye, yeah She almost stopped wheezing – It is heard that she squeals, and…
– U-Hoo! Here. Sometimes she has such “U-Hoo”, but in my opinion this is her normal sound It often like this at the mornings With a squeal, there is almost no wheezing She’s taking an antibiotic
(*short “Hello” from Gnus at the background*) New. Today is the fifth day of the course. No it’s sixth Yes, it’s sixth day She eats normally while (treatment) Poos normally. Everything is fine with her And if on the sixth day everything is fine, there is no such reaction to the antibiotic Now it will be necessary to add fungal drugs Antifungal * To prevent fungal growth in a weakened body. Right, Murlock? Like aspergillosis When birds are treated, aspergillosis often attacks a weakened organism. It’s hard to film both of you together No, I called you to go outside, you did not go. Why did you come here? Murc? Go to the owl She’s got microbe in her teeth. Go To get stressed, cat, to get stressed The owl has such a look. “What do you allow yourself?” Murc, you don’t fit the frame
(*she calls him Fatlock sometimes, coincidence?*) Right, cat? We will continue to observe, because the antifungal drug is quite toxic Even for humans Therefore it is necessary to take it under supervision She already took it with the first antibiotic, then she refused to eat It is necessary to check whether this was caused precisely by an antibiotic, or by a combination of drugs Let’s film you like that – Meow
– Oh, no, cat You are being filmed, so no Nope
(*I literally don’t know how to transliterate that sound correctly*) You looking good together with Yoll That’s why wait a bit. I will let you go later Right, owl? Owl decided to pretend that she is not here
(*nope, Ows.exe is busy with microbe*) Murlochek dissatisfied What, Yoll? Mi-mi-mi I’m stroking a cat Right? Cat is gone You scared him with your squeal Yes No, still there is something wrong in her voice Blinets, you looking what we doing? Did you eat your salad? She did. Almost whole Right? There’s nothing else She saw zophobas in the nearby frog terrarium Here And she’s jealous How was she not given that? We’re watching her figure. Right, Blin? Did you spit out the microbe? Silly owl People constantly ask why I do not stroke and do not hug an owl. That’s about because of this I have a certain number of fingers and I need them all She doesn’t like to be stroked and hugged, and for them it’s harmful For their feathers. Right? Right? No, still the wheezing remained Come on. We’ll need to show your sounds to Masha
(*Maria is vet doctor*) What is this gurgling? Mm? say “you piss me off” Hold his hand “That’s it, leave me alone”

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