धरती का सबसे शक्तिशाली साइकेडेलिक // Psychedelics : DMT (The spirit molecule)

धरती का सबसे शक्तिशाली साइकेडेलिक // Psychedelics : DMT (The spirit molecule)

DMT stands for ‘Dimethyltryptamine’. It is a Psychedelic substance. Psychedelic are substances that produce the
expansion of the mind. Tribes in the Amazon Rainforest have been
consuming DMT for the last 5000 years in the form of a powerful drink called Ayahuasca
for religious and spiritual purposes. Ayahuasca is made by cooking the plant Mimosa
Hostilis along with a vine. This drink has a foul taste and a disgusting
odour. After 45 mins of drinking Ayahuasca, people
start to sweat, vomit and even have diarrhea. So we can safely say that no one is doing
this to have fun. In the west DMT is extracted and used in the crystalline form Once Dmt is consumed it quickly affects the
brain and users starts to hallucinate and see beautiful and vivid colors. Users claim that they geometry that defies the laws of physics Many have claimed to communicate with intelligent beings, extraterrestrials and even gods A large number of users claim to have had
seen a Near Death Experience. This process has led to people developing
a better understanding of themselves and their lives One user claimed that he had a vision of himself
as a waterfall and the thirsty were drinking this water at the bottom. This made him realize that his life’s purpose
was to serve and provide for the needy. This entire experience is called as a “TRIP”.
the trip usually lasts for 5-15 mins but users claim that time was slowed down for them and
they felt the trip had gone for hours, even days. So now you may think- Is DMT addictive ??
The short answer is NO You might also think . Has anyone ever died
of an overdose ? The answer is zero Another question might be – Is it safe for
the human body? What if I told you that DMT is produced by
the pineal gland of your brain everytime you dream. It’s also produced during Birth, Death and
deep meditation cycles.This means that all experienced meditators can regulate the secretion
of DMT in our brain. We often hear that through meditation we can
connect to the universe, connect with gods and elevate our mind beyond our normal capabilities,
all this achieved by DMT. Has it been helpful to anyone ? Yes. People suffering from addiction to hard drugs
such as heroin have stopped using drugs. People with suicidal tendencies and people
with major depression have also been helped. Now you may be want to consume DMT. YOU CAN’T. It’s illegal in India. So when alcohol and cigarettes kill over a
7.5 million people every year. So when DMT can helpful to these people in so many ways why is it still illegal. We live in a system where we are
divided by gender, caste, color, race or religion. Spirituality, in this case attained by DMT
liberates us from these divisions and makes us realize that we are not just biological
bodies but, minds like billion others all connected to this vast universe. When we attain or at least come close to spirituality
then we can not be made to fight amongst each other. Hence the power structures made to keep us
acting like sheep start to lose power. Psychedelics are the biggest threats to controllers
and manipulators of civilizations. We are told by these controllers to eat
a certain way, to drink a certain way, to wear a certain way and most importantly to
think a certain way. Because they want to make you robots, they want uniformity and not unity
thinking and acting so they can rule over us forever. As adults we have to stand up and ask for
right to expand our consciousness by all means possible. Think of all the people that can be helped. We do have a major Drug addiction epidemic
in India. Suicide rates are sky high. So why are we so hesitant in speaking out. It just might be that we as human were given
this substance by mother nature to further the evolution of our species, for our spiritual
awakening We are one and everything possible is being done to keep us from realising this

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  1. DMT ko jaise Spirit Molecule kaha gaya hai….Waise 5 MeO DMT ko God Molecule bataya gaya hai. 5 Meo DMT ke baare me batao.

  2. thats impossible to believe that dmt doesn't leave any impact on brain i mean almost every drug impacts on brain and major issue is drug through your mind in mental illness psychosis is consider as a brain illness after brain..although it increase the creativity levels on its peak a place where a person see far from the limit of possibilities..all i want you to make another video and explain it how much you can interesting one,

  3. Kya baat bola hai Bhai mere aako me aasu aagye yaar.. filal me universe se jhud ne k process me hu. Bhai tu sahi hai ye logo ko samjana bekar hai q ki paise k piiche pgl hai. Muje nhi samjana ye log ko me aapna process chalu raku ga universe se jhud ne ko ??

  4. dmt is most psychedelic drug known to men which produce by a pineal gland(which helps in to open our third eye or next level thinking)

    everytime when you sleep,dream,think etc when you take it directly u feel like u r entering to the another f*cking dimension which is most beautiful n pleasant moment of life…. it has no side effects no addiction its a best drug which is natural and it is very helpful in medication n for meditation purpose n for medication purposes

  5. ayurvedic medicine brahmi also contains DMT …..i consume himalaya tablets of brahmi …i get this experience as well

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