पेचिश का घरेलू इलाज-Treatment of dysentery “ayurvedic treatment of dysentery!by happy life

Today i will tell you guys dysentery drug Hello friends I’m ramsingar What is dysentery Which comes with the stool in the greasiness which says it is dysentery The man weakens 15,the 20-day savings, then man becomes weak Kind of like If the child does not tell Parents should look at Not weak stomach should not be Stomach-wrenching cramps It should make it ok busily So it will be in full dekiye video Please subscribe You Will not need to go to the doctors Eat a pomegranate Such as chewing chewing guava So be nice to be cast In two days it will be ok Another drug 🍋 Cook lemon Now squeeze the juice take Pour sugar and salt big black Now eat Namskaar

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