? makeup therapy. ?

? makeup therapy. ?

First, I’m going to do a blue winged liner I’ve been loving the Fenty Vivid Liquid Eyeliners lately I really like the muted bold colors
for eyeliner (oxymoron haha) but I do wish they were sold
separately rather than in trios Next, I’m doing a pink graphic liner
where I would normally cut my crease I’m next cleaning up the graphic liner with micellar water Using my favorite brown liner, I’m filling in the lash line This one has a felt tip which makes it more opaque Next, I’m concealing with my go-to concealer I always talk about this one! It has really nice coverage Moving on, I’m going to lightly contour This look is more eye-focused so I’m
not going to sculpt the face too much I’m using a sponge to blend the
contour into the base more evenly This is the new Huda Beauty Neon
Obsessions Palette in “Neon Green” I’m using a light pink shade
to smoke out the lower lash line I think Huda Beauty does a really good
job with color stories for their palettes but for the formula and palette size, the
price point doesn’t align in my opinion 😕 Using my favorite brown mascara~ This stuff is so good for Asian
lashes – it holds the curl all day I like the brown shade for everyday use
(and when I’m wearing lighter falsies) I started using Japanese lashes
recently and I totally get the hype If you have thin, short lashes, you will love these! They look very natural and don’t weigh your eyes down See? Very natural I’m next using a cream blush Cream blushes are usually more natural
since they’re blended into the base Don’t forget the nose! For lips, I wanted to play with some
new lipsticks I got in the mail 🤩 The Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud
formula is very soft and mousse-like Finally, I’m using my favorite
NYX Lip Pencil to line the lips And this is the completed look!

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  1. I like this type of video sometimes. Just having the subtitles as a tutorial as an option. I just like to hear music and see someone do their makeup beautifully.

  2. I kinda want to start wearing makeup but idk…I just think makeup isn’t me:( idk could it be coz idk what makeup suits me? But usually the makeup I put on myself I like but again I feel like ppl will say that it’s not me (sorry Ik this is confusing) but ye any1 any help?

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself with your videos. There are other aspects of your vids, such as editing, music, background, entries in the description box etc. that prevent them from becoming repetitive. We love you for you, keep doing you and we hope to see more contents soon~

  4. 1like
    And I'll give it back .
    Small YouTubers here ? let's help each other to grow together.

  5. i mean your voice is what makes your videos so aesthetic and relaxing to watch (along with your face and editing as well ‘3’) i’m a little sad that you didn’t speak in this video but i enjoyed watching til the end !! Also i’d love to hear more Vietnamese because your accent is just very adorable lah


  7. Is there any possibility you can do a contact lens recommendation video/look book I got the Russian velvets and I’m obsessed more more more.

  8. Jessica I’m pls asking you to try glossier makeup and skin products
    Because I need an honest review from someone I love

  9. Virgos! ? I tend to find applying makeup very therapeutic to me, so I always take way longer to apply than I could… Love ur aesthetics ?

  10. I LOVE YOUR CONTENT SO MUCH! That u have inspired me to make my own channel. It's not the same content style but I love ur aesthetic! ?

  11. Does anyone read the cute little diary entries she does in the description box? I love them so much, and I love you Jessica ??? you keep doing you because we love who you are, and please try not to stress over your YouTube content because honestly, we dont care what you upload, as long as you like it and you're here. If you need to, take a break, if you want to, try different kinds of videos. It's all up to you babes, we love you because… you're you . ????❣?? (I'm sorry if that made no sense <3)

  12. Makeup used to be my 'war paint' which I used as armor on the bad days when I was really ill because of treatments but still needed to go to school. The idea of experimenting and going all out got me out of bed on many mornings. I am really happy that nowadays I can do makeup just for the fun of it, but still, especially on bad days, doing skincare/makeup is the best way to unwind and relax. Makeup taught me to appreciate my body.

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