1 Year of Ayurveda Hair Growth Challenge????

1 Year of Ayurveda Hair Growth Challenge????

1 year of Ayurveda hair growth Challenge. Hi this is Ife of ife360Tv 1 year of Ayurveda
hair growth. I was just thinking, what if I did 1 of Ayurveda
hair care, what would happen??. What do you mean Ife? Before I go into it. Let me take you back just a little bit, in
2016, I started a challenge that was based on curly proverbz fenugreek hair growth oil,
I modified it a little bit and I did a moringa oil with fenugreek and a lot of the similar
ingredients as curly proverbs and my hair loved it. Not only that, I was also drinking moringa
powder and my hair growth was phenomenal. I had a little mishap earlier this year, where
my hair broke off. I am alive, I’m ok. I still have hair. After using the fenugreek oil, methi seeds
and seeing such good growth, questions started to come in. Ife, have you used this Ayurveda product,
or these herbs, have you used Brahmi, neem, amla, henna, cassia. I’ll be honest I had not even thought of using
any of these. Fenugreek seeds or methi as it is also called,
that is an ayurvedic hair growth herb and I didn’t know that. Well, I knew that but I didn’t think that
I would dive right into using it even more. My hair loved the fenugreek and started even
using it in different ways, the fenugreek seeds in the oil. Fenugreek seeds in making my own hair tea. Anyone who has tried it, most of you have
loved it. It has made a huge difference in reducing
hair shedding, decrease in hair loss if you were experiencing that before. I have been wondering lately, why not just
go all out. I’ve slowly been increasing my stash, I had
such a huge haul, I have a video on all that I have so far. Reetha, amla, cassia, brahmi, bhringraj, aritha,
neem, rose, hibiscus, black seeds and my stash is just growing. It’s growing and here’s what, I’m going to
go on a challenge, I’m about to set myself on one year of using these ayurvedic herbs,
powders, seeds, plants and see what happens with my hair. I am looking to see my hair get thicker, length
with come because our hair grows anyways, stronger, shinier hair, fuller hair, more
volume. I want to tell you who inspired this. One of my really good friends named Coreen,
she had recently sent me pictures of her hair, she said Ife you need to get into these ayurvedic
powders, I’m asking her what, why?? She had had her baby about a year ago and
she had gone through postpartum hair loss. She had taken a picture then of her hair and
her bun, I’m going to ask her to see if I can post that picture, you’ll, she had lost
some of her edges, it was kind of sparse. It wasn’t that bad. But when you look at the before and the after,
my friend Coreen. I was sold, I realised you know what, here’s
what, I’m not going to skirt around the issue, I’m not going to play with it. I’m not going to say, maybe I’ll use it, I
literally went out and buy as much as I could buy, because her hair’s growth and progress,
her hairline filled, her edges filled in, I said uh huh. I think I have been sleeping on these I’m
definitely going to try them out. So one year of DIYs with all these powders,
herbs, do some recipes, ayurvedic routines and regimens. I intend to keep it simple and in a way where
you can easily incorporate it into your current regimen. If you choose to join me on this challenge
or on this journey. I don’t want you to change anything too drastic. Based on how I’ve been using the Ayurveda
powders so far, I love using it within my current regimen so far. Not too much changing anything. I’m excited, are you excited? if you are,
please let know in the comments below if you will join me for this challenge. What do you expect to see? What do you want to gain? What is your favorite Ayurveda product? Smash that subscribe button and notifications
bell so that you can know when I post another video. Share this video with someone who you know
will gain from this, whether they’re going to gain their edges back, more growth thickness,
volume. Whatever it is that you think your friend
might need, shade… no shade… might be some shade. Thank you all so much for watching, see you
all in the next one Ciao!!

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  1. I'm going to join you, I will be making my oil this weekend. I will take my before pics and see the difference in a year. LET'S GO!!!!

  2. I’m also using Ayurvedic hair products. I made an oil from A henna blend containing potent powders incl Fenugreek and added some MSM. So far so good

    Joining you !

  3. I'm in. I found your channel not too long ago after I chopped my hair and start from scratch again. I made the fenugreek spritz and been using it. Just made the rosemary spritz yesterday as well. I would like to stop hair breakage and grow bald spot on back of my head. Increase moisture to my hair. I'm so glad I found your channel.

  4. Exactly when are you starting this as i’ve been counting down until I could get all the ingredients to make my own

  5. Am in❤️❤️❤️😊😊🤗🤗but i got some amla,brahmi,henna and bhringraj…is it ok to use these mixed powder??am gonna find some black seeds,and fenugreek seeds, and msm…..i really wanna join this challenge❤️❤️where i can get msm powder?.. am thinking of gnc…we have that store here..but am not sure.

  6. So awesome, for almost a year I’ve been doing a rhassoul clay for washing my hair with recipes from Fusionofcultures and NaturallyHigh channel and really loved the results! I’ve been on the hunt for a natural conditioner and keep coming across all these videos talking about ayurvedic techniques, didn’t even know clay wash was Ayurvedic! Looking forward to seeing what you do, thinking that the henna gloss diy can replace my deep condition routine then I’ll have a complete diy Ayurvedic routine!

  7. Yess honey! I'll join you on his journey. My favorite is amla and black seed oil. I too had post partum shedding and nothing works the way Ayurveda does for me

  8. Can't wait to join. am now natural since August this I am must watching your videos inspired me to go natural. I have been using the fenugreek oil since I was relaxed. It's been a year with the fenugreek oil and I love it.

  9. I've already been using henna and coconut milk glosses for years. Sometimes I add amla to it. I've also got soapnuts/aritha that I've used on the rare occasion on my hair. That's it for ayurveda stuff for me. I love the henna glosses. It's too much hassle to be going through allergy testing for every single new thing. I've found what works for me and I'm sticking with it.

  10. I just washed out Hibiscus and Amla. Rinsing that stuff out, OMG help us. Lol! I'm in! My haul up tomorrow! Store stash up for sale. I think I will be doing oil infusions mostly! Unless someone can given me a trick to rinsing the herbs clean out. My favorite is Nupur Henna with 9 ayruvedic herbs in it! I want fuller edges and moisture retention, less breakage. Notepad and pens are out let's go!

  11. When are we starting? Currently using henna, black soap, amla, fenugreek. My stash is mass, when I start something I want it all. Need some mason jars for storage and infusing oils. Walmart here I come.

  12. I am definitely joining! My favorite ayurvedic power is amla but there are many I haven't yet tried. I'm hoping that my hair will get thicker, stronger and longer.

  13. I have a question?? How do I mask the Fenugreek Seed, Marple Syrup smell? I love my diy Fenugreek oil, but the smell bothers me. I refuse to use anything else, because my hair is flourishing. So..How can I make it smell a little better?? And , not be embarrassed about smelling like "Pancakes".

  14. I will 💖 to do this challenge, although it will not be much of a challenge since I have been using Ayurvedic herbs for quite a few years. I have started the Fenugreek spritz and oil. The fresh leaf Aloe Vera spritz has been the best thing I have used in a very long time. Thank you for that👏. I have used Henna masks for years, but recently I have doing Henna Gloss weekly. I noticed a huge change in my hair. I cut 6-8 inches off my hair 2-weeks ago because the ends got so thin. Strengthening my hair will be my goal. 🙌 ✨ ⭐ 🎀 👗 👠 🌈 🎈 👍

  15. May fav is cassia mixed with coconut milk. Your fenugreek spritz easily made the list, but brew it with lavender buds or Rosemary flowers to lesson the 'syrupy' smell.
    I hope that's helps someone.
    "let's grow it out"

  16. I am in for sure. I will couple it with protective styles and do both for a year. Trying to finish a MBA so no time to style like i would want. Just let me know when we will start and time to purchase the products.

  17. Count me in my dear!! 👍🏽👏🏽👍🏽👏🏽👍🏽🙌🏾 To healthier hair!💥 I’ve been doing a herbal Ayurvedic hair routine for a while now. With use of alma, Brahmi, sage, basil 🌿, rosemary, henna, e,o’s.. It’s been great 👍🏽! But I’m going in deeper with you Ife! Time to kick the game up anyway. Feel like my hairs at slight stand still and this is push I need.tyfs

  18. Yes I will join. I'm big chopping again and starting over. I need it. I used a blend of almost all of these ingredients. Prepackaged only 8 bucks. I'll be using it soon. I just need the few I don't have yet

  19. Yes, I'm in! I've been researching benefits of consuming some of these ayurvedic herbs as well as using in my hair. I even found out that I've been using a few already… Yay!

  20. Been using Ayurveda months ago and my hair loves it. Joining you. I love Cassia, Alma, and Henna and as of lately I have added Chebe and I infuse my oils

  21. I'd love to try this ayurveda challenge. I always get overwhelm with trying to figure out what Ayurvedic product to use, how to use it and when. My hair takes forever to air dry and hate sitting under the dryer for 1.5 hour. My favorite is Jamila henna. I used to use it for cover the my grey, but it's time consuming messy. Health issues and employment change prevented me for doing it. I hope you will include beginner steps.

  22. You'll are on fire!! You can get started with the videos below:
    Fenugreek/Moringa Hair Growth Oil – https://goo.gl/SqQsk4
    How I use Moringa in Smoothies – https://youtu.be/8xoL-1uSdAs
    Fenugreek Hair Tea – https://goo.gl/6FVY6W
    My last Hair Growth Challenge – https://youtu.be/LgTS-LeKA4Y
    Ayurveda Product Haul – https://youtu.be/09Gd1Pb6O3c

  23. I am so in….. I want growth. I just chopped my relaxed hair and into my 3 month of Fenurgreek challenge. So I'm in for the year challenge!!!!!! YAY

  24. I'm in! Henna blended with Bringharaj and Amla makes a big diffrence! Don't forget the Ghee(milk fat butter). It does a great job of softening the hair as a prewash. It softens the skin too!

  25. Yes I will be joining this challenge!! Im so excited, I want growth and thickness. My favorite ayurveda herbs are fenugreek, neem, eucalyptus, clove and ginger

  26. Joining you too!!! I've seen a huge difference in the health of my hair with your Moringa & Fenugreek oil plus Henna Gloss in the last month!!!

  27. I didn't realize that I was doing a variation of this already. I won't be using henna or anything that will change my hair color. I'm reading about cassia and will probably get some. I'm in.

  28. I def going to be trying this challenge….I still need to get my hands on fenugreek (yeah i sticking) atm just have black soap, aloe vera gel (from my plants), neem/rose/amla/henna/shikakai powder have others I waiting to get oh and need to get bentonite clay

  29. I’m joining, I want thickness, growing my edges, they been kind of thin, strength in my hair, and growing my hair longer retain length, I love henna, Amla, I haven’t tried a lot of them, but I would like to tried them!

  30. I would love to join you. please let me know when you will start and all of the powders and herbs you're gonna use. I already use henna, amla and shakai and neem oil oh and fenugreek seeds.

  31. I'm here for it.. but does it mean only Ayurvedic stuff?? Cus i have a tonne of them myself, but i also have products that i use too..

  32. I have black seeds and the oil. I did not know black seeds could be used for hair growth. Do the seeds need to be crushed?

    I used henna, fenugreek (thanks again for that spray recipe), indigo, shikakai, Brahmi, amla, neem(for skin), and mahabhringraj oil. Fenugreek has become my fav.

  33. Hello again Ife… Yassss definitely would love do this challenge. I have acquired quite the ayurvedic powders and oils over the past year so I am ready to rock. My all time favorite ayurvedic powders (thanks to you) hands down is fenugreek powder and seeds. My hair absolutely loves all things ayurvedic, natural and simple. When I started using fenugreek powder I went full on mixing way too much of the powder. The application was ok, the smell was very strong like celery but the slip was AMAZING, but washing it out took a long time to get the powder out. So starting small and trying a powder you like mixed with your favorite deep conditioner and favorite oil perhaps an oil in your condish. That's just a small way to start incorporating ayurvedic powders into a new regimen or an existing regimen. Let's Begin very excited. Best Hair Wishes to us all.

  34. I'm in! And my favorite Ayurvedic herb is Alma. Sweet, sweet Alma 😂 I put it in my favorite shea moisture deep conditioner and add in some honey and let me tell youuuuuuuuu. CRACK. It is hair crackkkkkk. And leaves my hair feeling soooooo moisturized and sooooo shiny and ugh just amazing!

  35. I’m with u!! Actually been incorporating more n more Ayurvedic items since this April. My hair oil is a mish-mash of you n CurlyProverbz. Saw video footage of her NYC meetup (so vex ah miss dat!) where this White chick grew her hair back down to her butt in 3 years after a major cut. Attributed it to her shampoo. I believe her cuz yyyyyearssss ago saw video on Black Trini chick who had major growth from making shampoo from hibiscus flowers. Yep. Now making own shampoo that my hair LOVES! Waaay fewer tangles. People keep commenting how pretty my hair is. Thank u n CP!!!

  36. fellow trini here 🙂 I just started using Ayurveda in my hair care routine about 1 month ago, my stash has grown so much with over 2o+ oils and bout the same for herbs and powders when ever I see on sale i buy, I mostly infused my oils never using heat, make hair masks and teas my hair has been loving i , I cut about 6in about months ago and looking forward to regrowing it back and then some in the next yr, am looking for growth and thickness when does your challenge start?

  37. I will be joining too. I had incorporated Curly Proverbs' hair oil, tea and henna gloss. But I kinda fell off the wagon, so I'm gonna use this to get back on top of this. 👍🏾👍🏾

  38. I used amla henna brahma fenugreek sidr and sage all infused in oils plus curly proverb hibiscus n henna mask n her glosses n listen I had mild heat damage not very straight strands n all reverted bk I shaved my edges literally all my edges n nw they're growing lyk weed all this in 8 weeks only ….. lol bfr going to bed I was thinking wt wll happened if I continued fr a year n u just made such video ❤ definitely joining

  39. I'm all in. I just started adding Ayurvedic practices with my hair and it's like new hair. I'm all for a year challenge.

  40. I’m in!!! 🙋🏾‍♀️ I have been building my stock too and I plan on doing a video on my channel. My hair feels so strong already and hoping to increase my length retention, fill in edges, shiner and thicker hair and just a greater understanding of my hair as a whole. I want to be proactive and positive that my hair can grow passed where it’s been stuck for so many years. Yay! I’m excited thanks ife

  41. You already know I love you girl so this is music to my ears! I'll be joining in – I already have the herbs ✨💕💕

  42. I'm in! Seen results already from incorporating Ayurveda. Hey Ife are you still doing raw til 4? How's the diet going?

  43. I’m in, I’m already using the herbs. I will do the challenge. I’m looking to retain length and increase thickness as well as less breakage. I’m using the powders weekly.

  44. I am so here for this. I'm 2 months late but I'm getting started anyways. I've always loved Indian herbs for my hair but have not been as consistent as I should be over the years. I need some accountability and this challenge will help with that. I am looking for thickness and more hair growth. Thanks for this video. Lets GROW!!

  45. Can you do a video for a weekly/biweekly/monthly auirvedic hair routine? That would give me some guidance for this hair challenge. Thank you.

  46. Say no more! Lol I'm in! I had to subscribe because this all started with me looking for ways to stop my shedding and breakage, and I ended up the ayurvedic side of YouTube lol I feel as if my natural hair would LOVE this and I am certain I will see some great benefits from it. I'm so excited!

  47. Can you recommend what ingredients will enhance curls? And what ingredients loosen curls? I really want to enhance my curl pattern. I have 2b/2c curl pattern. Tried shikakai with amla and reetha the other day. My hair feels soft, but its so soft that my curl pattern is loosening. Any advice is appreciated!

  48. I started using Methi (Fenugreek) powder about a month ago. I am happy with the results. I clay wash. I am looking to add aloe vera powder, cassia, amla and brahmi into my regimen. I just am trying to go slow so I can know the effectiveness of each ingredient.

  49. Hair oil was primarily for eyes,brain n nerve and deep sleep.nice hair is actually a bonus benefit.i grow lot varieties of ayurveda herbs in our organic garden.check out videos in my channel.

  50. I have been the 1 yr challenge with up since February…I did not originally comment about it but my husband (who I force to watch natural hair videos with me) told me that I need to comment and tell you that I'm doing the challenge. He also told me not to leave a short messenger either. Probably so I would leave him alone for a while. Anyway…my WHOLE house is doing the challenge. I have 2 girls 2 boys and my husband uses it on his beard. I wish I knew how to insert pics we have all had fullness, length and over health benefits. I only big chopped at the end of Nov. and became natural in July of last year. I'm VERY pleased with the results.

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