10 Keys to Conquer Crohn’s & Colitis

10 Keys to Conquer Crohn’s & Colitis

Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin, in for Dr. Josh
Axe. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today I’m going to be talking about a topic
that is very near and dear to my heart and can save lives. So if you’re somebody who is suffering from
inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or if you have a functional
bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, diverticulitis or if you’re someone
who is suffering from chronic diarrhea, constipation or maybe simply leaky gut wasting disease
etc., you’re going to learn information that can transform your health. But I want to tell you this, if there’s anyone
that you know or love that has been touched by this disease known as Crohn’s disease or
ulcerative colitis or celiac disease, and they are struggling, whether they’re children,
teenagers where it’s very common to strike at that age, I’m not only going to share great
health information, but hope as well. We’re going to be teaching you how to conquer
Crohn’s and colitis, utilizing natural medicine because we, at draxe.com, believe that food
is medicine. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are
collectively known as inflammatory bowel diseases. They are somewhat rare but becoming increasingly
common. Crohn’s disease, in fact, at one point hit
one out of every 10,000 or 20,000 individuals. New information shows that in the coming decades,
one out of 1,000 children born will end up developing Crohn’s disease and ulcerative
colitis. Now, while the two diseases are similar, there
are some differences. Unfortunately, what’s common is the devastation. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are
both known as incurable diseases, and while medications and surgeries are available, people
with inflammatory bowel disease tend to relapse, and it’s often diagnosed after a lot of other
testing. So people will go through years and years
of issues not knowing what is going on before they’re diagnosed. I know this all too well. About 22 years ago, I was coming out of my
freshman year in college. I was loving life on top of the world and
I started to have some digestive issues. Now, I was somebody who was very passionate
about life, driven, and I was going back to Florida State University for my sophomore
year come heaven or high water. But I began to not only get sick, but I started
to lose weight as well, and I was a little bit concerned. I went to a doctor, he tested me for a couple
of things, sent me back to school with a couple of doses of antibiotics or rounds, that is,
said I would be fine. But I wasn’t. I continued to deteriorate. At the height of six feet tall, I dropped
to 140, 135, creeping to 130, and every day in my sophomore year at college was a struggle. Joint pain, gut pain, all kinds of issues
continued to rob me of energy and, really, my life. Now, I was someone who didn’t want to believe
what was happening to me. It was like a cold or flu. I thought I’d get better next week, but ultimately,
despite me telling my parents that I was doing okay, I began to break down more and more
and had to fly home in an emergency situation. When I got home, my father who’s a naturopathic
doctor and chiropractor was very alarmed and I was at the time running 104, 105 fever loaded
with infections. He threw me in an ice bath and I could hear
him outside of the room screaming, “I don’t want my son to die.” Not a really positive experience for a then
19-year-old. Symptoms continued, went to doctor after doctor
and was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Colitis that stretched all the way from the duodenum,
which is part of the small intestine, to the ileum which is the small intestine, and then
all the way throughout the colon. So I had Crohn’s Colitis at a pretty severe
case. I even had issues in my throat, my mouth with
canker type sores, the size of a quarter. Now obviously, being someone who was excited
about life and a positive person, I didn’t want to believe what was happening when doctor
after doctor told me my disease was incurable, that I night be able to have children if I
could go on a certain medication, I may need surgery. Hospitalizations brought no help. Medications that we didn’t really believe
in were required but were useless, and I only got worse. Ultimately, in the midst of what ended up
being a two-year struggle, not only having Crohn’s Colitis, but symptoms of rheumatoid
arthritis and diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, parasites, fungal infections, bacterial and
viral. I was devastated. I was medically withdrawn from college and
I began a search around the world to try to find help. I went to doctors in Germany. I went and saw doctors from England. I went to Mexico. Seventy medical experts and all always hearing
that I have the worst case of Crohn’s disease, the worst case of candida, it’s my fault. It’s in my head, I’m depressed, and I was. I couldn’t even sleep I was in so much pain. And people say, “What does Crohn’s disease
feel like?” It feels like you hurt so deep that since
it’s not an elbow or a knee, you can’t help but want to pull your hair out or bang your
head against the wall. Now, I’m a male obviously, and I can’t compare
this to pregnancy or birth pains, but women with Crohn’s disease have talked about the
gut pain being similar to labor. That’s how painful it was, that’s how scary
it was. Dehydration, sleepless nights, but there was
a glimmer of hope. You see, I’m a person of faith and I believe
that God put me on this earth for a reason, and it wasn’t to suffer and die at age 19. And I remember reading a Bible verse that
really changed everything for me. And it came out of Hebrews 11:1, and it says,
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence or assurance of things not
seen.” I also read that, “Without faith it is impossible
to please God, and faith comes by hearing the word of God.” But there was one scripture that caused me
to do something that required courage. “Faith without works or action is dead.” See, I was miserable. I was being taken care of by my parents in
the home I grew up in like I was a baby. Friends weren’t coming around much anymore. My parents were spending lots of money on
alternative treatments that failed miserably. Friends wanted to visit but they were always
disappointed in my illness and me not getting better. I went from being the life of a party to being
the death of it. I can’t say I was suicidal but I didn’t want
to live except for the fact that I had that small amount of faith. One day, which I’ll never forget, changed
my entire future. I was at my worst coming out of my second
hospitalization, barely survived, 111 pounds. I came in at 104 pounds in a wheelchair. And at 111 pounds, I was in bed and I had
this thought, “If faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not
seen. If faith pleases God, if faith comes by hearing
the word of God, and if faith requires action, I need to do something.” But lying in a bed weak, sick, ugly, no energy,
what could I do? And I knew at that moment what I could do. I could take seven steps, seven steps of faith
and I walked from the bed that I was constantly in to a door that was on a pantry or a closet
in my parents’ home. And I called my mom and I asked her to take
my picture. There I was at my worst, boxer shorts and
nothing else, “Mom, I need you to take my picture,” and she said, “Jordan, I don’t want
to take your picture. It breaks my heart to look at you. Can’t we wait till you’re well?” And I said, “Mom, you need to take this picture.” She said, “Why do you insist?” And I said, “Mom, please take the picture
because the world’s not going to believe what God’s about to do in my life.” And I believe there is a photo that you can
see which I call the before picture coming up on your screen. Now, this photograph that was taken some 22
years ago, ugly, sick, weak, my thigh is about the size of a woman’s wrist has become my
most valuable possession, because you may not agree with my diet advice, you may not
love the information I share, but one thing you can’t deny once I was dying and now I
am well. And if you’re just tuning in, I’m Jordan Rubin,
here for Dr. Josh Axe. “Ancient Medicine Today” is a program designed
to help you transform your health and life. And today, we’re tackling an important topic,
how you can conquer Crohn’s disease and Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic candidiasis,
leaky gut, diverticulitis, celiac disease, all things gut. And I’m someone who’s been there and I want
to help you. So there I was. I’ve tried dozens of medical doctors. Medications failed miserably, tried natural
cures, not only did they fail, but they cost a fortune. Almost every supplement you can imagine didn’t
work. And I was desperate. And I got put on the phone with a man who
told me, “Jordan. I know how you can get well.” I’ve heard it dozens of times before, but
I was not willing to turn down any advice at this point. He said, “Jordan, if you follow a health plan
that dates back to the Bible, is proven through history and even confirmed by science, you
can be well.” He said, “Jordan, I’m in San Diego and I want
to help you,” I was in Florida at the time, “If you come out and stay with me, in three
months, you’ll be working out on the beach in San Diego.” Something inside of me came alive. I didn’t just have faith, now I had hope. I smiled for the first time to my mother in
two years, and I said, “Mom, I’m going to San Diego, I’m leaving sick but I’m coming
back well.” I was in a wheelchair at the time and I traveled
2,300 miles to meet a man I’d never met before, following a health plan that I never heard
of. You see, I read the Bible often but I never
saw anything about health. But when this man, named William Bud Keith,
told me that the Bible could hold the secrets to my physical health, I devoured it like
it was my food. I looked up every scripture, every definition
that had to do with health healing and wholeness, and I found a lot. And from that message, and a 40-day period
that I spent transforming my body, mind, and spirit, I was able to not only get well, not
only be working out on the beach, three months from the day I got to San Diego, if you could
see that after photo down there. Yes, I know, it’s 20 plus years old, and I
might need to get a new picture because I’m 20 years older, but I’m only kidding, I look
exactly the same other than the sunglasses, right? Don’t make a comment about that please. So I was on a mission now. See, I didn’t know anyone who had Crohn’s
disease or who was sick. I was healthy and that’s all that mattered,
but once I learned about the illness, once I realized that this could take away everything
that I knew and loved, I made a commitment. I said, “God, if you get me well, I will spend
the rest of my life sharing a message of health and hope with others.” And if I can help just one person overcome
disease or, better yet, avoid it, then this living hell will have all been worth it. And I’ve been so blessed because after getting
well, I started sharing the message. First working in a health food store and showing
a photocopy of my before picture to anyone who needed help, then I was blessed to have
an article written about me in a natural health journal. One of the things that helped me get well
along with my diet became a product, that became a company called Garden of Life that
I started. I went on to write books, the first of which
was “Patient Heal Thyself” which had my before and after picture, millions of copies. My most successful book “The Makers Diet”
which shared with people the biblical health plan that I followed, that 40-day health experience,
and then dozens of other books. And along the way, I’ve shared a message of
health and hope in 46 states and five continents. But most importantly, I’m here today talking
to you. And if you are watching this broadcast, and
you are dealing with severe digestive issues, I’m about to share with you “10 Keys to Conquer
Crohn’s and Colitis.” And if you can conquer that, your gas, your
bloating, your indigestion, your leaky gut is going to have to leave. We’re going to get through it together. I’m living proof that you can. I do believe there is hope. I believe you can conquer these so called
incurable diseases. And we’re going to get started right now. So 10 keys to conquer Crohn’s and Colitis. Number one, limit carbs. Now you’ve probably heard this, ad nauseum. But I want to explain to you why this is important. Carbohydrates, particularly starches and sugars,
can get into the colon and digested, and their fermentation, which I know we talk about fermentation
being good, actually, the putrification can cause toxins in the gut and what happens when
your guts permeable, it leaks into the bloodstream. If you have Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis
or IBS, I suggest you avoid or limit grains, dairy with lactose in it, that would include
milk, that would include ice cream, commercially made yogurts, etc. Limit or absolutely avoid. Soy products don’t necessarily contain the
carbs that are issues but antinutrients are there. We want to avoid potatoes and corn because
they’re high in starch, table sugar, sucrose, maple syrup, etc. That’s the first step. When you limit carbohydrates and you consume
a diet that is primarily high quality proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables, and many people
with IBD need to cook their vegetables, and can eat soft fruits. Even juicing can be hard on you, but carbohydrates
and their putrification, cause damage to your gut lining, they alter your bacteria. And if you’re watching today, and you’re dealing
with joint issues, skin issues, immune system issues, you’re going to be transformed no
matter what. I had 19 diseases and I was able to overcome
by God’s grace, and the power of this information. So it’s going to help you as well. Limiting carbohydrates is critical. I know there are some diets out there that
say you can consume a lot of grains, you can consume all fruits and vegetables. I tried all those. I tried a vegan diet when I had Crohn’s disease,
I tried a macrobiotic diet, I tried food combining, tried it all. What worked for me has now worked for tens
of thousands. That’s right, I could rattle off story after
story of people that have read my book or that I’ve coached back to health and they’ve
been transformed. But you know what? I primarily devote my life to researching
and educating. I don’t consult one on one with individuals
anymore. This is your chance to get a consultation. This is your chance to share this message
with someone who desperately needs it. So start by limiting carbohydrates in your
diet to make sure that your gut micro flora and your lining is healthy, and you’ll begin
to see results. I believe very quickly. Second key to conquer Crohn’s and colitis,
no gluten or A1 beta casein dairy. I know this is scientific and technical but
let me explain. If you’re already avoiding grains, wheat,
rye, and barley, because we said, “Limit carbohydrates,” you’re not getting any gluten. Gluten is the sticky protein in grains that
can cause issues. Gluten has always been around but with our
gut being more damaged, our environment being more toxic, grains being processed differently,
gluten can cause issues, not only to the gut, the brain and the immune system. Get off wheat, rye, and barley. Consuming gluten free bread isn’t the answer. Get off the bread all together if you really
want improvements. Back when I started sharing this message,
21 years ago, there was no such thing as a paleo diet, ketogenic wasn’t popular, and
grain free was definitely not talked about much. Today it’s much, much easier. There are so many wonderful alternatives to
grain free foods. So you can do it, avoid gluten. A1 beta casein dairy. Now listen, you can go off dairy altogether. Did I go off dairy during my illness? No, I stayed on it, and I consumed a lot of
dairy. But I consumed dairy that was grass fed, raw,
fermented, and free of A1 beta casein. So A1 beta casein is found in most cow’s milk,
unless it’s labeled otherwise. If you consume dairy products, I recommend
goat, sheep or cow’s milk dairy that is free of A1 beta casein. We make a great product called Amasi at Beyond
Organic. We have for years, and we have cows that are
specially bred to not have that protein. A1 beta casein is like gluten, and if you’re
gut sensitive, it causes gut brain and immune system issues. Go for goat, go for sheep, and here’s the
deal, milk, in general, is an issue. Fluid milk, ice cream is an issue, but typically,
with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBS, leaky gut, you can handle but good quality butter,
good quality heavy cream, and properly prepared yogurts, kefir’s and cheeses. Look for organic grass fed but be free of
A1 beta casein. The third key to conquering Crohn’s and colitis,
give me a little bit of bone broth or a lot, actually. You might say, “Jordan, every day you come
on this program and talk about bone broth,” and every day I wish I talked about it more. Folks, if you want something that is so digestible,
so supportive, so transformative that anyone can consume when they can’t consume anything,
it’s bone broth. Bone broth from chickens, beef, other red
meat or fish is super nourishing to the gut. Put veggies in it, put herbs and spices in
it. If you can’t even digest cooked vegetables,
puree it. Do whatever you have to do, strain it, drink
it, it will nourish your gut lining like nothing else. In fact, many people have come to me in a
flare up of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, extreme IBS, and I tell them to go
on a bone broth cleanse. Just bone broth for three, five, seven days
or even longer. It resets the gut. The popular diets today talk about bone broth. My Makers diet does, the GAPS diet does, the
paleo diet does, ketogenic diet does. Bone broth is finally getting its due. But I’ve been recommending it since I would
say the late ’90s. My grandmother told me about bone broth, some
of my mentors taught me about it, and it’s been a useful tool in my health. You can make bone broth and we’ll give you
great recipes. Go to draxe.com for more information. You can buy frozen bone broth, there are some
great brands out there or you can consume a bone broth protein powder. If you are going to do that, consume one that
is unsweetened, either pure or with spices. Be very, very careful if you’re dealing with
inflammatory bowel disease. A bone broth every day, and if you need it
and can’t consume anything else, consume bone broth. It is more nourishing than water, certainly,
and helps you retain muscle mass, etc. It’s great for all ages. Fourth key to conquer Crohn’s and ulcerative
colitis, fermented foods. Now, this is really important. Fermented foods are great, but if you’re extremely
inflamed and having a flare up, sometimes you’re better off going bone broth only and
introducing fermented foods later. And I’m talking about sauerkraut, properly
prepared yogurt or kefir or Amasi, coming from cow’s milk, that is free of beta casein
A1, goat’s milk or sheep’s milk. And when I say properly prepared, sometimes
you need to make it yourself. It’s got to be whole milk and it can be really
good, but you don’t have to consume it. You do not have to consume dairy if you don’t
have a taste for it, don’t. But it can be nourishing, butter, ghee, etc,
really, really important. Fermented foods can be great. Some of you who are really inflamed can’t
handle sauerkraut which is thick cut. You might need it more pureed or find a brand
that is much finer. Make sure to chew because if your gut’s really
inflamed, even raw veggies can cause aggravation. But fermented foods can be wonderful. Someone might say, “What about Kombucha?” Kombucha is made with sugar. Kombucha is a no-no unless you make it with
honey. And I met many people, even though Kombucha
is wonderful for most of us who have inflammatory bowel disease, that don’t do very well with
it. So make sure that you consume a small amount
of fermented foods and increase with what really is working for you. Fifth key to conquer Crohn’s and colitis,
healthy fats. If there’s one macronutrient you need with
Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, even IBS, celiac disease, diverticulitis, it’s fat. Now keep in mind, many people with Crohn’s
and ulcerative colitis will lose a lot of weight. Dehydration is rampant. Coconut oil is an amazing fat. In fact, years ago, there was a Dear Abby
or Ann Landers, I’m not sure if that’s the same person or two but they wrote that “People
with Crohn’s disease who consume macaroons got results.” And then so many other people tried it, they
wrote in, I guess it’s Dear Abby, and they got good results. I don’t believe macaroons from the grocery
store with sugar, and even some flour in there are that healthy. What was it? It was the fat, coconut milk, coconut cream,
coconut oil, healthy. Two to four tablespoons a day. Cook with it, eat it, you can even rub it
on your skin, it absorbs. I love putting coconut oil on my hair at night. And if your hair is slightly dry you wake
up and you won’t even be greasy. That means you really needed it. So you can rub coconut oil on your body. Get oils. Avocados are amazing. Olives are great. Other oils are really good, flaxseed, chia
seed, etc. If you’re not having a major flare up, nuts
can be really good, just chew them well or nut butters, almond butter is one of my favorites. Seed butters are great, all of those can be
really, really beneficial. I mentioned dairy fat butter’s great, ghee
is great. I got to tell you, I gained 29 pounds in 40
days when I was starting off, super emaciated. Fat was very key, and it can be for you as
well. Healthy fats are critical. Eating deep-water, fatty fish, salmon, sardines,
mackerel, and herring are great for you and very anti-inflammatory. People with IBD develop joint pain. They’ve got all kinds of issues and omega-3s
and the other good fats can be of great help. Number six, the sixth key to conquer Crohn’s
and colitis, blueberries. We’ve all heard or most of us have, that cranberries
are good for the urinary tract. Well, I believe blueberries have the same
effect on the gut. If you have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative
colitis, I recommend you consume one pint of blueberries a day. Now, if you’re doing only bone broth, wait
a little bit, blueberries are great. Chew them very well because there’s some fiber
and small seeds or put them in a pot, maybe, with a little bit of honey, and warm them,
and consume it like a jam or jelly. You can blend it in a blender. If you’re really, really sensitive fiber,
blueberries have pectin that’s nourishing for the gut, and anthocyanins that help to
balance bacteria in your digestive tract. They can even destroy some bad germs. Blueberries are great. What about blackberries? For some, the seeds are too hard to digest. Raspberries, same thing. Blueberries are special if you’ve got inflammatory
bowel disease. The seventh key to conquer Crohn’s and ulcerative
colitis, use herbs. Not just any herbs but anti-inflammatory herbs. I’m going to tell you about one herb that’s
really a resin that you need to know about. And it is Boswellia or frankincense. Boswellia, which is a type of frankincense,
has been shown in clinical studies to help ulcerative colitis. Many other herbs, holy basil, green tea can
be good if you put only honey in it. So many herbs and spices in the form of teas
and decoctions, peppermint is wonderful, rosemary is wonderful. They can all support the gut, but Boswellia
is really, really good. Frankincense, otherwise known as Boswellia,
can be great as an anti-inflammatory. The eighth key to conquering Crohn’s and ulcerative
colitis, use spices. Spices are amazing. I’ve said this before. Fruits are good, veggies are better, herbs
are awesome, and spices, they’re amazing. Turmeric and ginger are two of the best. Put them in your bone broth. Take them in any form you can. If it’s supplement form, if it’s powdered
form. Certain spices cause irritation, these do
not. Turmeric and ginger are anti-inflammatory. When combined with Boswellia, they’re amazing. So many people with IBD are on steroids, corticosteroids
or they’re on immune suppressants, biologicals, antibiotics. Turmeric and ginger are essential for you
to conquer Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, IBS, diverticulitis, the most anti-inflammatory
spices on the planet, soothing for the gut. Make teas, make decoctions. In fact, we’ll share with you a recipe in
the future how to do just that. So spices, number eight, use them liberally. Number nine, essential oils. Folks, when you have IBD, there is so much
stress and anxiety. We don’t know what came first, the anxiety
or the disease. Is it psychosomatic which means you’re sick
because you’re stressed? Or, I came up with this, somopsychotic. Because, for me, I am a happy, positive person,
but when I felt like my gut was being operated on without anesthesia, I wasn’t too happy,
I didn’t smile, didn’t go out of the house because people didn’t want to be around me
when I looked like that. So I became depressed because of my physical
issues. So it’s critical to find ways to relieve stress,
and a lot of people can’t exercise. I didn’t have energy to stand up, I would
black out as I did many times fall flat on my face, I wore glasses then, they broke right
in the hospital. They did at home. I had no energy. So if you can, exercise to relieve stress. If you can’t walk on the beach, listening
to music is great. I did all the time, my favorite music. Use essential oils. Lavender is amazing. Chamomile of any kind is amazing. And internally, there are times when you know
you’ve got infections, when oregano is great. Be careful, though, because it can be a little
bit harsh to the gut. Frankincense is amazing, why? For the reasons I just said. Frankincense or Boswellia is the top herb
for Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis or one of them. Frankincense is one of the top oils. If you’re out there and you love essential
oils, frankincense is amazing for inflammation. And if you knew someone with Crohn’s or ulcerative
colitis or an inflammatory bowel disease or arthritis, it’s great to take even internally. Make sure when using frankincense, your oil
is labeled as a dietary supplement and follow the instructions. Do your own research, look up the benefits. Peppermint is so great for the gut. If you’ve got a more mild case of Crohn’s
or ulcerative colitis, IBS, gas, bloating, constipation, peppermint essential oil topically
and internally is amazing. So are many, many others, but my favorites
by far are frankincense, peppermint for inflammatory bowel disease. Diffuse oils, use them, rub them on your feet,
put them in your hair, make skin and body care products out of them. If you have IBD or know someone that does
and they are not using essential oils, you’re missing a powerful tool to transform your
health. And the tenth key to conquering Crohn’s and
colitis, take the right supplements. What are the best supplements for Crohn’s
and colitis? The top two by far, probiotics, number one. Look for a probiotic with soil-based organisms,
bacillus genus or bacillus subtilis, bacillus coagulans, bacillus clausii. And one more that I love are two more, saccharomyces
boulardii which is amazing, it’s a friendly yeast for the gut, and lactobacillus plantarum,
the probiotic, and sauerkraut. Probiotics are number one, enzymes are number
two. Digestive enzymes with meals can greatly help
your gut no matter what you’re dealing with. Now folks, these 10 keys to transform your
gut. I’m going to try to move out of the way and
let you see them in all their glory. These ten keys to conquer Crohn’s and colitis,
limiting carbohydrates, avoiding gluten and A1 beta casein dairy, liberally consuming
bone broth, adding in fermented foods, healthy fats as a primary source of calories, eat
a pint of blueberries a day, herbs such as Boswellia, peppermint, rosemary, spices, turmeric
and ginger, essential oils, frankincense, peppermint internally, lavender and chamomile,
diffused, and supplements, primarily probiotics and enzymes, essential oils, omega-3 fats
are also really important as a supplement, and many others. But those are the primary, can transform your
life. Folks, I know that many people out there are
seeing natural health care practitioners, great. Acupuncture can help. Chiropractic can help. Massage can help, but these are 10 keys that
helped me transform my health and my life. And I’m here today because of God’s grace
and what he created, and what I’ve used. If you’re somebody who is on medication, you’ve
had surgery or are considering it, these can very likely work along with your medical treatments. Always run it by your physician, look for
drug interactions. I’m not telling you to get off your medication
even though it didn’t work for me. I’m not telling you to avoid surgery although,
thank God, I did. But today, I’m here medication free and I
spent the last 20 years of my life helping see the health of this nation and world transformed,
one life at a time. And today, it’s your turn if they take the
steps to do it. So with that, we’re going to go ahead and
take questions. I’ve said this before, I am not super technologically
inclined so I don’t have a smartphone right here on stage, but Mary, our producer, is
going to be asking some of your questions. I will take the next few moments to answer
them and help you transform your good health and your life. Mary: Maddy Sherman said, “What test can diagnose
Crohn’s and colitis? How do you know if you have it?” Jordan: Crohn’s and Colitis can be diagnosed
with a test or let me rephrase that. There can be clues based on blood work, but
there is not a blood test to diagnose Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis are pathologies. Crohn’s affects the small and often large
intestine in a cobblestone manner affecting the thickness of the bowel wall. Ulcerative colitis has ulcers the surface
of the bowel wall and is diagnosed via sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy. Sometimes you do an upper GI series to determine
blockages. But typically, doctors will have a clue from
blood work and symptoms. There’s a symptom score too, but you really
going to need some type of scope or some type of diagnostic test that way and they’ll rule
out a lot of other things first. Mary: Shenice said, “Can quinoa be a part
of the diet?” Jordan: That’s a great question. I love quinoa. I think quinoa is an amazing grain, sprouted
is even better. But if I were telling someone with Crohn’s
or ulcerative colitis to be on the most disciplined effective diet, quinoa still counts as a high
starch grain in my book, because it has those disaccharides in it at a high level. I believe chia and flax, if they’re ground,
are okay, but I don’t recommend consuming quinoa, particularly in the early stages. Mary: Diane asked, “Is there a PDF we can
download or resource we can find with this diet information?” Jordan: That’s a great question. Dr. Josh Axe and I are embarking on an amazing
book series called “The Ancient Medicine.” And while, right now, we don’t have a PDF
or an article for you this moment, if you subscribe to this channel, if you stay tuned,
we are going to develop not only a book, but an entire program on conquering Crohn’s and
colitis, especially if you demand it. So if you’re watching right now, and you say,
“This is great information, my cousin, my uncle, my friend or me, I need it. I’ve spent thousands. I’ve been to everybody.” And folks, not everybody can help Crohn’s. I was told by 69 experts they could help me
and none did. I had to become my own expert, so to speak,
and advocate. So we’re going to be working on that information
and it will be very, very detailed. I also have many books out there. “The Makers Diet” has a diet program. My brand new book “Planet Heal Thyself” gives
you a lot of good information. Mary: Stephanie asked, “Will these keys also
be helpful for someone who has stomach ulcers?” Jordan: Great question. These ten keys to conquer Crohn’s and colitis
can help you if you’ve got ulcers, indigestion or acid reflux, GERD, if you will, help you
with gas bloating, it’ll help you with celiac disease, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, arthritis,
asthma or acne. These are powerful. It just so happens that they help me conquer
Crohn’s colitis. And I always said I was blessed by having
the worst disease because if I can help this, anything is possible. Mary: Peter asked, “What exactly is the difference
between Crohn’s and colitis? Jordan: Well, first of all, years ago, colitis
had a different definition. Colitis was a functional disease of the bowel
that did not necessarily have ulcers. So in the old days, what we now call IBS was
called colitis, nervous stomach, it was called multiple things. Today, IBS has no pathology. So a scope shows no ulcers, no tissue destruction,
etc. Whereas Crohn’s disease is a ulceration and
inflammation of the bowel wall that can go throughout its width. Ulcerative colitis has ulcers merely on the
surface. Their symptoms are similar. Ulcerative colitis affects the colon only. Crohn’s disease was originally diagnosed as
terminal ileitis which was the bottom part of your small intestine, but now it can go
into the colon and would be called Crohn’s colitis. Crohn’s used to be so uncommon. Now, so many people have it. I think President Eisenhower was one of the
very first to have ileitis which is now named Crohn’s disease based on Dr. Crohn’s and his
discovery. Mary: Angie asked, “What if I don’t have a
gall bladder and I can’t digest fats very well?” Jordan: Great question. If you don’t have a gall bladder or have gall
bladder issues, and can’t digest fats, you need to consume more medium chain fats. Coconut oil and palm oil are digested differently. So you can still consume them without a gallbladder
or, better yet, take a digestive enzyme with meals that has lipase which digests fat. Also, raw fats are more digestible than cooked
fats. Your gallbladder is responsible for helping
to digest fats but even if you’ve had a gallbladder surgery, you can still consume a diet rich
in good fats. Three more questions. Mary: Lindsay asked, “How do you take frankincense
for Crohn’s? Do you put it on your food and water, topically,
internally?” Jordan: Great question. What I like to do with essential oils as a
supplement. I did this this morning myself and for my
kids. I put some drops of peppermint and lemon in
a spoon and put honey on it. You can use, remember we talked about a blueberry
puree, that you could make put frankincense there. It doesn’t taste especially delicious but
it is really, really good. There are therapists and natural doctors out
there giving frankincense in suppository form, they’re giving it in all kinds of ways. But if you’ve got Crohn’s disease, rub it
on your gut, rub it all over your body, actually, put it on your hair, your feet, but try to
get a couple of drops in either a spoon full of honey, etc, water. It doesn’t taste real good. This is one of those things where you just
grin and bear it, but I would consume two to three drops, three times a day of an organic
frankincense essential oil labeled as a dietary supplement, those are the best kinds to consume. Or you can take a Boswellia extract capsule. Mary: Angie asked, “Which enzyme do you take?” Jordan: I recommend a broad spectrum enzyme
that has lactase for dairy sugar, lipase for fats, protease and amylase. Now, there are many, many good brands out
there. What we want to make sure to do at Ancient
Medicine Today is not prescribe a specific brand. I’ve formulated, so has Dr. Josh, many great
products that you can find. But we want to make sure today to give you
information that you can act upon but you will have to do a little of your own research. The number one key, the eleventh key to conquering
Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis, you name
it, you have to have faith. Remember what I said, “Faith is the substance
of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Look at me when I’m saying this. You can get better, tomorrow can be better
than today. You have to have faith and believe, and you
have to take steps to transform your health. Because when you do, there’s a world waiting
to hear the good news that incurable diseases can be overcome by God’s grace and power,
and the wonderful principles that He’s put forth. So I want to thank you today for tuning in. We’re here, Ancient Medicine Today, to transform
the health of this nation and world, one life at a time. And today, that starts with you. I’m Jordan Rubin, in for Dr. Josh Axe, wishing
you God’s greatest blessings as you overcome the challenges in your life and health. Dr. Axe: Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video. And also, don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to get more great content on things
like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how to use food as medicine. Also check out more of our content on my YouTube
channel. Thanks for watching.

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  28. 1. Limit Carbs
    2. No Gluten or AIBC Dairy
    3. Bone Broth
    4. Fermented Foods
    5. Healthy Fats
    6. Blueberries
    7. Herbs
    8. Spices
    9. Essential Oils
    10. Supplements

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    Supplements :
    Probiotics containing soil based bacteria : Bacillus genus subtilus coagulans , saccharomyces boulardii, lactobacillus planetarium.
    Accupuncture, chiropractic and massage can help

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