100% कारगर क्रियाएं चेहरे की झुर्रियों से निजात | Celebrating Yoga Ft Dr Pooja & Expert Sonali

Hi everyone today we will introduce Yoga expert Mrs Sonali bhambri From many years she has been District park and many yoga centres Taught yoga to people And inspired them to Lead a good life. Hi Sonali Namaste, I am Sonali I am a yoga and wellness coach In today’s episode we will cover facial yoga Asanas which will Help get rid of wrinkles Make our skin more healthy And more shiny On our face basically Wrinkles are due to 2 reasons 1 due to our age Second due to continuous stress Completely affects our face Due to these reasons Our face muscles loosen Cause wrinkles Its sorry that we spend Thousands of money On face cosmetic surgery But we’re naive that only 5 minutes allocate to Face We can get rid of wrinkles So let’s start 4 main yoga Related to face First kriya for cheeks Inhale from mouth or nose Puff up your cheeks completely Move this air from left to right and right to left Both sides on cheeks We will do for 20 30 seconds, exhale From nose. Lets do this kriya Let us see second kriya For forehead. U must have observed Due to stress, manyatimes Fine lines appears on forehead Two methods to relax Let’s see how Move both hand fingers Place on forhead center Very gentle Eyebrows towards up Then downwards Likewise movement Eyebrows Upward, Then downwards This kriya for 20 30 seconds Thereafter, your fingers Gently move to Temples A very simple kriya But after doing this you will feel Relaxation in forehead And comfort Let’s see 3rd kriya for eyes You must have seen puffiness around eyes Or fine lines We call it crows feet To get rid of these Follow a simple asanas Use both hands fingers Gently stroke the puffiness around eyes Very gentle hands press it. Like this. And after this Gentle movement Like this Below the eyes This concludes III kriya for eyes For fine lines Now let’s see last kriya For complete face blood flow Activation, work very well Lets conjoin both hands Fingers Index finger protruding outside And both thumbs open From both the thumbs We will close our nostrils And puff air in cheeks Thereafter,lower face to Chin lock Hold the breath Comfortably as much as you can Thereafter bring your face upwards Aur nose aur mouth wherever comfortable You exhale Exhale gently And you can bring back Your hands Repeat this kriya 5 6 times With breaks You will observe your complete face is reddened You will feel so much bloodrush You will find face refresh Do remember This kriya shall not be done Bp heart or asthma patients Finally, we conjoin both hands Palms and rub Lets generate warmth And massage gently complete face Gentle So these were the cream for face wrinkles I hope that you liked all kriya And you can do them easily at home So these were few Kriya guided by Sonali, Please practice regularly or 2 3 times a week This will remove fine wrinkles Or facial wrinkles Common in girls sue to sun Very common, regularly Practice these kriya, daily park Or home or whenever you have time 4 5 minutes do them Wrinkles will vanish Your skin will look young Thanks Sonali, teaching our viewers Thanks Friends I request you For health and wellness Maximum people subscribe and like Homeo Miracles Subscribe and share with friends and family Thank you

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