114 Alternative Medicine

114   Alternative Medicine

What is alternative medicine. Well usually when people get sick, they go
to the doctor and.. They get surgery, or they get a pain killer. Or they get some kind of medication, that
has a lot of side effects. But alternative medicine is where instead
of, doing those things, you try to treat the whole… Body using, maybe herbs, uh, or acupuncture,
or even… Different types of yoga breathing. Um, hm, it’s a little bit hard to explain. I guess mostly the herbal thing is a, a, a
large part of it. But it, gets into, deeper theories where they,
talk about the body’s entire system being out of balance. So, i- if you get a headache, it might not
be the thing to do to just take a painkiller, but find out at, wh- what level your body
is, uh, out of balance and correct that.

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