12 signs I might need a Colon Cleanse #coloncleanse

12 signs I might need a Colon Cleanse #coloncleanse

– The Mental Health Herbalist on YouTube, helping you strengthen your mental health with better digestion. So if you’re looking at this video today, it’s the first in this
series of videos looking at improving your digestion
for better mental health, and today we’re looking at
whether you need a colon cleanse. There’s a lot of interest
in colon cleansing on YouTube and on the internet, so if you’re interested
in a colon cleanse, you need to stay tuned
to watch this video. Good digestion is really, really important for a better mental health and if you are tuning into a
lot of the health trends today, you know that how we feel
is very much associated with what we eat and also what we digest. So, we know very well
there’s a strong association between feeling well and eating well. If we think of digestive system as a tube, food enters the body, it’s broken down, and some of it is eliminated
and the rest of it is absorbed. That simply is the process of digestion. Intake, breaking down, digestion, and then absorption of the good minerals and what we need from the
food, and then elimination. However, when people have problems with digestion and elimination, it can cause the system to be clogged up. That’s when we start thinking
about a colon cleanse, looking at a colon cleanse
for improving your health, and the most simple way to know if you are have a clogged up system is if you have constipation. Constipation is holding
onto waste in the body that the body is trying to eliminate. You want to have at least
one bowel movement per day and if you don’t have that, then you are really
more seriously congested with constipation and
you should think about moving that waste from your body, changing your dietary habits so that you can improve
the elimination of waste. If we’re not eliminating
waste, we’re holding onto it, and it’s recirculating around the body and that’s toxic materials
that are extracted from the foods that are
supposed to be eliminated and held back in the blood system, entering the brain again,
entering the heart, entering all the systems
of elimination delivered, the kidneys, et cetera, increasing the toxic load,
increasing the workload that those organs need to do, so certainly on top of
eliminating today’s waste, to holding onto yesterday’s waste, and weeks of waste, and so on. So what we really need to do
to start eliminating the waste is to unclog our colon
and it’s really simple, it can be done naturally,
and in the next video, I’m gonna show you my natural ways to have a colon cleanse. It’s not very complicated. Just by improving our diet,
taking in certain foods that’ll help improve elimination, and of course water,
hydration, is central to that. So, the main problems associated
with a clogged up colon or a congested system include
headaches, constipation and fatigue, arthritis,
clogged sinuses, and asthma, water retention, dry skin
and anxiety, insomnia, depression, and poor concentration. So if you have any one
of those 12 conditions or a number of them together
along with constipation, you should think about whether
you need a colon cleanse. Our colon cleanse can start very simply by increasing your intake of water, and in the next video, I’m
gonna show you my natural ways to do a colon cleanse. It doesn’t have to be very complicated, you don’t need colonic irrigation or any of that complicated stuff. It simply can be done
naturally through using foods for better health, better digestion, and ultimately feeling better. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and you have, maybe share
it with your friends and if you haven’t subscribed, subscribe for weekly
content on natural healing, herbs for better health, and
overall the theme this channel is improving your mental
health through the use of foods and herbs as medicine as
nature meant it to be. So, the next video in this series is how to do a colon cleanse naturally using natural remedies
and foods as medicine. So, that’s it for today and I’ll see you in a video very soon. Take care, bye-bye. (tranquil music)

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  1. Good info this morning….Can't wait for the next video on natural ways to colon cleanse. The products currently on the market are so harsh

  2. i've got aloe pura its aloe with botanical blend and acidophilus i'm ok but wanted to have a good cleanse and build that area up i was going to try that oxy powder but i'll see what tom has to say. i've been taking kefir with b vitamins just started you crush the vits add to kefir let it eat the vits then drink the kefir

  3. Thanks Tom, Colon Screenings are most important, you should clense and then get an inspection, early polyp detection decreases cancer risks.

  4. I'm glad to found you on YouTube? I learned so much from all your videos‼️Thank you so much Tom?????? you're AWESOME‼️?❤️?

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