13 Natural Sore Throat Remedies

13 Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here, here to talk
to you about 13 natural sore throat remedies and so pumped you’re here with me on Facebook
Live, here on YouTube Live, and hey, help me spread the message that food is medicine. Take a minute right now. Punch that Share button, click that Like button. Millions of people need to know the truth
that there are natural ways to soothe a sore throat. Let’s dive right in. Number one, raw, local honey. Honey contains over 200 different types of
microbes, it contains trace minerals and actually has anti-microbial properties especially if
it’s raw and local. Now, here’s something I do want to mention. There was a study done at Texas A&M University
and they found nearly 80% of store bought honey did not have any pollen in it and did
not have any enzymes because it was pasteurized and all of those nutrients were killed off. So that’s something else you need to think
about and know that listen, this is for raw, local honey or Manuka honey, not certain other
types of honey. You really do want to make sure that again,
it is the real deal raw honey when you’re using honey. By the way, I’d love to hear from you, do
you buy raw, local honey at your health food store, at a farmer’s market? If you do, hey, let everybody know who they
are if you buy it from a local farmer’s market or where you shop at a local farmer’s market. I personally get my raw, local honey at two
places. I get it at the Franklin Farmer’s Market in
Franklin, Tennessee by the factory in Franklin and I get it at the Seaside Farmer’s Market
in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. So those are the two places I get my raw,
local honey. The reason being because that’s where I spend
most of the year. When you are in that area, have you ever heard
that honey if it’s local, fights the cold or fights allergies specifically. That’s because when you’re consuming local
honey, it contains over 200 types of local microbes and types of pollen so you’re actually
building up your immunity every time you consume it so when spring and fall roll around you
and you have this big bombardment of pollen where your body has built up a tolerance to
it and the same goes for buying dirty vegetables. But again, raw honey is great for soothing
sore throat as well. You can take it at just a little bit of raw
honey and a teaspoon. You can add it to tea. And then by way, I also love Manuka honey
for the same reason. Manuka honey might be just as good or better
than regular honey for soothing a sore throat because of all of its antiseptic properties. It’s actually a type of honey that’s found
in New Zealand. Works really, really well. Number two, bone broth. When somebody got sick in China, if you study
traditional Chinese medicine or classical Chinese medicine, you’ll read and find out
that typically people were given a lot of broth soups and herbal teas. So when somebody is sick, you give them a
lot of broth and a lot of herbal tea. Well, bone broth, especially a warm chicken
broth, contains type 2 collagen which helps seal and heal the gut lining, helps soothe
a sore throat. One of the best things you can ever consume
is warm bone broth. We also know bone broth contains reparative
compounds such as hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin, as well as the amino acids
proline, glycine, and glutamine all of which support the immune system. Remember this, 70% of your immune system is
located in your gut. If you want to fight that virus or that infection
that is causing your throat to be irritated, you’ve got to strengthen up your immunity. Bone broth is a great way to do just that. By the way, if you consume bone broth, I’d
love to hear from you as well. What is your favorite type of bone broth that
you consume? Regular bone broth or a powder that’s bone
broth protein like a scoop in a smoothie. Would love to hear from you if you use bone
broth on a regular basis. Number three, garlic. You know, garlic has really powerful antiviral
properties. A lot of times when we come down with a sore
throat, sometimes it can be a viral infection. Garlic contains a compound called allicin
and is part of the allium family. Well, allicin has antiviral properties and
garlic has been used for thousands of years for treating sore throats, colds, and flus. Oftentimes, when people made the chicken broth
with the chicken bone broth, they would add in garlic and onions because of those allicin
properties which are antiviral and antibacterial in nature. Also, it’s really high in something called
sulfur, often known as vitamin U, which also supports the immune system. So garlic really, really unique at its benefits
and one other thing about garlic it contains prebiotics. Now, most of us have heard of probiotics that
help support our digestion. Prebiotics are like the fertilizer for probiotics,
helping them grow within your body. So again, garlic also contains prebiotics
so that’s going to be good for feeding and nourishing your gut lining and boosting that
immune system to kick a sore throat fast. Getting more water. Most people are far too dehydrated. I want to mention this. If you are sick with a sore throat, do not
consume cold water, do not consume really, really hot water. You want to consume warm water, like a warm
cup of tea is ideal. You want to get a lot of warm liquids in your
body if you have a sore throat, staying hydrated, helping your body cleanse there as well. All right, number five. Vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally supports the
immune system. It really works with actually, what’s found
in chicken broth or a type of bone broth powder which has proline. Vitamin C and proline work together to really
support the immune system. So again, vitamin C is great. Here are some of the top vitamin C rich foods
you can eat to get rid of your sore throat fast. Number one, citrus fruits, oranges, lemons,
limes, and grapefruits are great. Also, broccoli is packed with vitamin C. Red
bell peppers have a lot of vitamin C. Mango and papaya have high levels. Kiwi is a vitamin C powerhouse. Elderberry is probably one of my favorites
as well. So all of those are vitamin C powerhouses. You know, get more vitamin C in your diet. I recommend typically, if you’re going to
take it as a supplement when you have a sore throat, a thousand milligrams five times a
day for adults. Number six here, Echinacea. Now, Echinacea works in a really unique way
that really helps oxygenate your body. And there was a study that was done that found
when people supplemented with Echinacea, it cut their cold and flu time down by a day
and a half, okay, almost in half for the study. So it really, really helps strengthen the
immune system and the body’s overall energy level as well. If you’re kind of like just dragging and exhausted
and you’re just really not feeling well, Echinacea will give you that natural booster as well. Number seven is licorice root extract. Now, the way that I like to do a licorice
root is typically in the form of a tea. You know, licorice has that natural sort of
sweet that on the base of the aftertaste of licorice root. And licorice root is known to actually soothe
irritated lining. So if you have a red and scratchy throat,
just drinking that licorice root tea is going to really soothe that pain and discomfort
that you have in your throat. Now, licorice root is also known as an adaptogenic
urban Chinese medicine. It’s been shown to help heal stomach ulcers. The benefits of licorice root are tremendous
but really drinking it as a tea is definitely going to help soothe the sore throat. One of my favorite natural remedies there. Number eight is colloidal silver. What I recommend you do with colloidal silver
if you have a sore throat is gargle with it three to five times a day or more and also
just doing a little bit internally as well typically a teaspoon depending on the parts
per million. But colloidal silver gargling with it on a
regular basis can actually help relieve a sore throat as well. Number nine, zinc. Now, zinc is known as the immune system mineral. Now, so you’ve heard vitamin C is the vitamin
for the immune system, well zinc is the mineral for the immune system. It’s also important for healing and sealing
again, the gut lining. Remember, this is all about boosting your
immune system. Zinc is fantastic. Typically doing 30 milligrams two to four
times daily when you’re sick. It does really well. So again, zinc. And you can get zinc lozenges that you just
sort of suck on or zinc in elderberry or zinc in Manuka honey lozenges. But doing those zinc lozenges can be very,
very effective at fighting and soothing a sore throat. Number ten, probiotics. Again, probiotics are what line your gut. And remember, probiotics, one of the things
it’s responsible for is killing off bad bacteria in your body. So if you’re coming down with a bad bacteria
or virus or yeast or something within your system and you want to get rid of it, well,
probiotics really help with communication, producing certain vitamins and minerals, major
immune system support, taking probiotics. I typically do a triple dose of probiotics
a day or more if I come down or have any sort of signs of a sore throat there as well. Here’s a big one. Maybe this seems obvious, but get more sleep. This is one of the biggest reasons people
get sick. Let me tell you what, I have been sick, you
know, probably three times, maybe four times in the past five years. And every time it was because I was flying
all over the country and I wasn’t sleeping. I was still eating healthy but I was not sleeping
well because I was in a bad bed. I mean the last time I was sick I’m trying
to think I went from Atlanta to South Florida to the middle of Florida to the Panhandle
of Florida and then I actually . . . anyways, I was gone on a two-week trip and I had hardly
slept in two weeks that was the last time I got sick and I got a sore throat. And I wasn’t sleeping. This and all the things on here, you got to
get good sleep. Go to bed early, sleep in, maybe take a nap
in the middle of the day but get some good quality sleep. It is the key to overcoming chronic illness. And listen, if you can’t sleep, maybe take
something to support, something natural to support you in sleeping. Passionflower can help. Roman chamomile, lavender oil, sometimes taking
melatonin, but really doing everything you can to help your body get a good quality night
sleep. But I love actually taking a really hot bath
before I go to bed at night can help you sleep. So again, a bath with maybe some Epsom salts
and lavender oil to really get you relaxed and ready for bed. Number 12, lemon essential oil. Lemon contains a compound called D-Limonene,
which is actually been shown to help with lymphatic drainage. You’ll notice when you have a sore throat
these lymph nodes in the neck are all swollen. Well, lemon oil helps drain those lymph nodes
and helps to actually acts as an expectorant helping your body get rid of some of that
mucus and excess phlegm within your body. So lemon oil, what I do is typically when
you’re doing that licorice root tea, getting all those warm liquids in tea form, doing
about two to three drops of lemon oil in that a few times a day can be very effective as
well. Or doing a tablespoon of honey with some ginger
powder and actually sucking on that honey with a lemon oil can be good as well. And then eucalyptus essential oil. This is especially effective if things get
into your lungs and sinuses. But for a sore throat, eucalyptus oil is very
effective. What I would do with this is make a homemade
vapor rub. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil, about five
to seven drops of eucalyptus oil and rub it all over your chest and your lymph nodes. You want to rub it right on that area of your
neck and your upper chest and then go into a hot shower and let that beat down on you. But eucalyptus oil, a great essential oil
for really helping relieved that pain associated with a sore throat. And the other great thing is eucalyptus oil
acts as a natural antibiotic and natural antiviral so can actually help kill that pathogen that’s
causing you to have a sore throat in the first place. And by the way, I would love to hear from
you. Is there an essential oil or an herbal remedy
or treatment that you use to help fix a sore throat that I’ve missed. Hey, let me know that right now here on Facebook
Live and YouTube Live. I’d love to know the natural remedies that
you use and recommend. So hey, let’s review. And by the way, if you’ve enjoyed this live
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and new videos. Make sure you don’t miss those here. So make sure you subscribe. Again, here is the run down to get rid of
a sore throat. Let me give you an idea what this might look
like during the day as well. You might start off waking up in the morning
by doing a warm cup of tea and taking a cup of licorice root tea, maybe do a few drops
of lemon oil in there and you take your supplements of Echinacea, vitamin C, probiotics and zinc,
so maybe that’s how you start off. And then maybe for lunch, you do a big bowl
of bone broth soup with chicken and garlic and onions and some fresh veggies like carrots
and celery. You do that during the day. And then later on at night, you decide to
take a shower and you rub eucalyptus on your chest and you gargle in between with colloidal
silver. So anyways, you get the point. All of these things are going to help you
get rid of a sore throat very, very fast. So guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this live video. This is with me, Dr. Josh Axe talking about
the top remedies to help heal a sore throat.

81 Replies to “13 Natural Sore Throat Remedies”

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  4. The thing that works for me every time is my grandma's recipe – soak sliced yellow onion in raw honey, let it sit for a couple of hours and then take a teaspoon every time you walk by the refrigerator :))

  5. i always use 'thieves' oil by young living when i feel a sore throat coming on. and i always take it right before I fly somewhere. Since Ive been doing that I haven't gotten sick when traveling

  6. Dr Axe. I've used Apple Cider vinegar to clear my fruit, but generally I've used a combination of remedies to assist in eliminating my sore throat. Thanks for a great video. Have a good day.

  7. We keep getting bronchitis inspire of a healthy diet and many supplements. We'll begin bone broth but are there any special supplements? Is raw, grass fed dairy ok?

  8. Thankyou, great video. Organic Honey I find works for me and lemon balm with chamomile tea to be very calming.

  9. thank you for all u do with love. this remedy is good as soon as u start coughing works best then… 1 tsp oil, 1 tsp vinegar, pinch of salt mix all and drink like a cough mixture.

  10. I find vitamin C helps with breathing almost immediately, especially when your chest is inflamed. Very Important!! :-)…Grapefruit extract in the form of Nutri Biotic kills any infections quick!

  11. thieves essential oil mixed with water in a glass spray bottle, and couple sprays on the back of your throat works well for my family.

  12. Dr. Axe thanks for all these wonderful videos you make.
    I am Just recovering from a bad cold
    Made tea with water, garlic clove, ginger and lemon juice ?
    So far I am recovering

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  15. try slicing garlic and onions, place in a bowl, add like 3 tablespoons of raw honey. let sit in for a couple of hours. there should be a liquid inside. drink a tablespoon of the liquid…gargle a little and swallow. this can help too

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  17. Dr. Axe, I usually make a ginger tea fresh organic ginger root, juice from a lemon and a spoon of raw organic local honey. It's fantastic!

  18. I live in Columbus Ohio and believe in raw local honey! I get mine at Worthington Farmers Market, it is also carried in grocery stores around town.

  19. hi!For me and my family clove oil is gorgeous for that terrible pain and inflammation of the throat.I put one drop in a spoon of honey or some tea and squish it around and slowly swallow it.One or two times and all symptoms are gone.Praise God and thank you Josh for your help !!

  20. I like to use one or two drops of a blend of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, wild orange and eucaliptus essential oils every morning.

  21. Thank you for this video. It is very useful. What I do is take a glass of water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, a few drops of iodine, apple cider, sea salt, turmeric and cayenne powders. I mix it well and I gargle with it once in 1-2H and in 1-2 days the sore throat is gone. I also drink tea with lemon and ginger all day and lots of water. Also, bone broth is the best for everything!

  22. I keep getting bullied by my doctor to take antibiotics. I have strep throat right now and I'm hoping that these treatments work so that I don't have to destroy my gut health in order to kick this sore throat.

  23. Be careful with diagnosed strep. I'm all for essential oils and natural health food but listen to doc, if you go with penicillin without probiotics, drink bone broth lots of garlic onions salt, stay away from dairy unless it's sugar free make smoothie wit raspberries and fresh grated ginger, along with local honey, tons of water. Strep is nothing to mess with

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  27. I just had a spoon of honey and then had a cup of turmeric with lemon boiled to drink an it is working already,when I woke up this morning it was had for me to swallow,but I am feeling better for now

  28. The best relief I have gotten is drinking homemade sourkraut juice and eating the sourkraut. Its 2 AM. I just got relief frost relief in 4 days.


  30. onion garlic ginger all crushed up or juiced then put in local honey and leave in a jar. Tale a spoonful of the mix and allow to coat the throat or stir a spoonful into warm water and sip regularly. For me onion works better than garlic but I take both.Suck zinc lozenges though I usually just take a zinc supplement as early as possible when you know you are getting a cold/sore throat and three times a day for three days then drop dose to once a day. Eat raw onions garlic and hot peppers especially if you have sinus pain.

  31. Bone broth made with CHICKEN FEET! It may not sound appetizing but I’m going to make it today.
    The chicken feet are loaded with the nutrients necessary for healing and strengthening immunity.

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