2 Home Remedies Using Onions For Cold, Flu and Stuffy Nose That Really Work

addition to being a highly used seasoning, onion is a great natural anti-inflammatory
and can be used to treat skin, throat, bowel, and stomach problems. It’s also used in the fight against intestinal
and menstrual cramps, cough, phlegm, and hoarseness. It’s even used to prevent heart and circulatory
diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. Onion is also recommended to help in weight
loss, in addition to lowering bad blood cholesterol. Because it’s a natural expectorant, the
onion calms a cough and respiratory tract irritation. Therefore, it’s effective in healing bronchitis,
laryngitis, and respiratory ailments. Finally, the onion has the ability to enhance
our body’s defenses by increasing the functioning capacity of our immune system. Let’s look at two wonderful homemade recipes
to treat the symptoms of respiratory allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, flu, colds, cough, and
a stuffy nose. Turn an onion into your natural air purifier
Cut an onion in half and place one half next to the bed before you go to sleep. The smell coming from the onion will release
substances in the air that will eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. It helps to refresh the air in your room,
to decongest your nose and, and to improve your breathing. You can also create your own expectorant syrup
from the onion. This is a well-known home remedy that usually
solves most respiratory problems. Ingredients – A medium onion;
– 1 lemon (juiced); – Two teaspoons of pure honey;
– Two glasses of filtered water. Instructions Cut the onion into large pieces and boil for
about 15 minutes. Let it stand for five minutes, strain, and
add two teaspoons of honey. Wait to squeeze the lemon and add the juice
to the mixture until your ready to drink it. Take one tablespoon, two to three times a
day. The syrup is good for a maximum of two days,
so avoid making large amounts of it and focus on consuming it regularly to maximize all
the healing properties of its ingredients. Treating cold and flu symptoms like a stuffy
nose may take a while, but consistently using this syrup makes a difference. If you have children, make sure you appreciate
the natural benefits of this syrup in order to improve and maintain their immune systems
for an extended period of time.

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