2 Proven Home Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Some homemade remedies made with easy to find
natural plants are excellent economical choices to treat arthritis. They’re usually able to decrease inflammation
in the joint and helping relieve pain. Therefore, these homemade remedies should
never be used as a substitute for the treatment prescribed by a doctor. They only help to alleviate the pain or prevent
it from recurring. 1. Homemade rosemary remedy Rosemary works to restore the joint, which
is what makes it a great addition to anti-inflammatory medications. It also helps reduce the symptoms of rheumatism. Ingredients: – 1 teaspoon of fresh or dried rosemary leaves;
– 250 ml of boiling water; Instructions: Add the rosemary leaves to a cup of boiling
water and let it steep for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink the tea while it’s
still warm. Repeat 2 to 4 times a day. 2. Homemade remedy with willow and meadowsweet
(or meadow wort) Willow and Meadowsweet tea has strong anti-inflammatory
and analgesic properties. It helps relieve the pain due to various joint
problems such as arthritis or gout. In addition to that, since the Meadowsweet
helps to slightly lower body temperature, the effect of the tea can be felt for a longer
period of time. Ingredients:
– 1 glass of water; – 1 tablespoon of willow bark;
– 1 tablespoon of meadowsweet; Instructions: Put all the ingredients in a pan and boil
for approximately 5 minutes. Place a lid on the pan, let it cool. When it’s cooled enough, strain it, and
then drink it. It’s recommended to drink 1 cup in the morning
and another in the evening. Not only can you these home remedies daily,
but you can even massage the affected joint, using almond oil.

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