(2019) The Awakening of Gaia | A Documentary by David Al-Badri

(2019) The Awakening of Gaia | A Documentary by David Al-Badri

This is the human brain We all have one of course and we assume it generates consciousness How exactly it does that is a mystery in modern science It is important to understand the brain shapes reality based upon the experience of being The environments that the being is placed as well as the information that being has obtained throughout life will fundamentally Shape their perception of reality This is because the brain from childbirth is being programmed based on the society presented The household environment as well as the society. That one happens to be born into will mold the mind This is how cultures and societies are created and maintained Language behavioral and belief systems are all maintained by the passing down of information to the minds of the children The brain is comprised of over 86 billion brain cells called neurons These neurons are responsible for everything in terms of thoughts feeling and motion But alone they are virtually useless They must connect to other neurons in order for the brain to work and how they do. That is remarkable Each neuron branches out and can connect to over 50,000 different neurons Though they do not actually touch each other. Tiny gaps between the branches Call the synapse is where the electrochemical signals are transferred between one neuron and the other 86 billion neurons each with 50,000 connections all communicating all working together in harmony With this powerful brain, we have survived to the primordial era the harsh elements and catastrophic Events that changed the earth we have developed sophisticated cultures sciences and technology We have so much potential to be more than what we currently have become The youth the future of our species is completely lost in apathy completely indulged in ignorance The society is presented to mankind are designed to produce Obedient workers who lack the critical thinking skills necessary to piece together the truth about the nature of reality Who lacked the will to even care and they go on to have children of their own when they have not fully matured? mentally or spiritually Doing so maintains the corrupt control system is set in place that are designed to maximize Profits for the ruling elite tauren ignorant population does not care about things that truly matter and they certainly do not care about the crimes Committed by their own governments Despite our potential to be a peaceful harmonious species We have come to a point where we as a people have passively allowed multinational billion-dollar corporations to destroy the earth the Amazon rainforest the lungs of the planet is being cut down and replaced with farms in which destroy the biodiversity of the soil with pesticides and chemicals Rendering them unsustainable after a decade the cities grow larger and larger Demanding more land to be cleared for the expansion of our backward societies roads and highways split the land apart destroying the migration of countless animals and very few people care our advanced cellphones and computers Are made in factories where conditions and wages are no better than paint slavery Many commit suicide on such a regular basis that the owners installed nets to keep them from jumping to their deaths The truth about how we obtain the resources used to create cell phones and computers is well-documented now Our ignorance coupled with our greed creates the conditions that keep family in poverty alive The car would you tell us exactly why you processed in today? Yes people We’re here today Protesting in front of the Apple Store because there is a connection between the success of apples and the genocide in the crumble We canonic it men have managed to create the world’s first truly global Empire and it’s basically a secret Empire We do it many ways But but principally we identify a country that has resources our corporations covet like oil Range a huge loan to that country from the World Bank or one of its sisters The money never actually goes to the country It goes to our own corporations to build the infrastructure projects in that country that help a few very wealthy people But don’t benefit the majority of people who are too poor to buy electricity Or have cars to drive on the highways and yet they’re left holding a huge debt that they can’t repay So we go back at some point and say, you know, you can’t pay your debts Give us a pound of flesh sell your oil real cheap to our oil companies But with us on the next critical UN bote allow us to build a military base in your backyard Something along these lines and when we fail the Jackals go in and either overthrow or assassinate These leaders and if the Jackals fail as they did in in Iraq, then we send in the military I don’t think the failure is capitalism. I think it’s a specific kind of capitalism Where we’ve developed we’ve created what I consider a mutant viral form of capitalism and this mutant form of capitalism Which I think is really a predatory capitalism has created an extremely unstable unsustainable unjust And very very dangerous world You I’ve met a lot of terrorists that interview them for books. I’ve never met one who wanted to be a terrorist They’re desperate people if we want to get rid of terrorism We must get rid of the root causes that Cancer that is destroying our whole system because I think it’s really important that we understand today We cannot have Homeland Security unless we understand that the whole planet is Our homeland when we take the time to research how our North American society was formed we can see that things are terribly wrong This is a nation founded on genocide and built built on the backs of slaves we tried to look actually eliminate one entire race and That we used another race to build this country actually quite quickly as a new country Into a world power this country never would have had the wealth that it had had it not had slavery for a couple of hundred years Despite what has happened to our species and what we have done We still have innocence within our corn. We are still naturally beings of light Not beings of darkness. We must enlighten ourselves so that we can change ourselves Let us begin our and light minutes This is a photograph of the earth everyone, you know is in this picture We are all one Each individual part of the whole there is no planet being This is all we have We would not be here to experience life If it weren’t for this planet like a mother providing life to her child the earth equally shares all of the air food and water Using the sun’s energy creating the conditions for life The planet itself does not create life alone. However, it has done through many different processes Individual biological and environmental processes which work in synchronicity with each other to make life possible The Sun a majestic being in and of itself provides the fuel for life on earth Combined with the life-giving properties of water the Sun allows the creation of tiny microscopic cells algae Algae breathes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen the essential air that we breathe Every breath we take should be taken with gratitude to these tiny microbes Without them we would not be here Billions of years ago after a super massive star reached its end. It went supernova releasing all the essential ingredients for life hydrogen oxygen carbon Enough massive clouds of star dust and gas condense together to create our star the Sun The sun’s mass was heavy enough to pull in more clouds of rock gas and star dust They molded together and over the course of billions of years became the planets of our solar system The earth at this time was an explosive hellish world Volcanoes were erupting everywhere creating seas of molten lava that stretched out across the entire planet as Bleak and hellish as the scenes This is the essential process in which the planet forms its crust the land and the ocean The gases that emerge from the volcanoes contained carbon dioxide methane With hydrogen and oxygen as well as enough particles were escaping from the volcanic eruptions Gravity held the particles from escaping to space An atmosphere began to form The seas of lava cooled to a hard rock crust and the excess vapor condensed into clouds clouds which then formed into storms condensing into a rain It is my theory that the vast quantities of water found on earth were formed by a self-contained process The earth at this time was one giant ocean The volcanoes did not stop power her due to the movement of the tectonic plates Tectonic plates are the massive pieces of land that make up the crust of the earth If we put all the land masses together They would fit like a perfect puzzle. But only if the earth was smaller, it is almost as if the earth grew Hundreds of millions of years later the algae slowly evolved into tiny plants which lived on land like moss that Of which live on rocks? eventually evolving into larger plants But it wasn’t the only organism dominating land Fungi had already been in power for hundred and twenty million years before algae it Thrived by eating the dead matter of other microorganisms Fungi spread into the desolate empty rocky landscape of the earth And began to grow into root systems that stretch out across the Earth’s landmass root systems called mycelium Mycelium were then sporulate into prototype cities in ancient species of giant mushrooms The earth was once covered in a majestic plain consisted of giant mushrooms The mushrooms would grow and die decompose it over and over again giving the essential ingredients for soil to form Soil that was then suitable for the descendants of algae to thrive within and evolved They would then become plants The immense biodiversity of cells within the oceans evolved over this time into the many species of organisms that we see today and Fibia screechers slowly came to live on the land evolving into the prehistoric dinosaurs Dinosaurs would then go on to rule the earth and what was once tiny cells? Algae evolved into the mighty trees that grew taller than any tree that we see today The roots of every tree and plant was and is still now connected by mycelium The mycelium infuses all landscapes that holds soils together as extremely tenacious as holds up to 30,000 times its mass We have now discovered that there is a multi-directional transfer of nutrients between plants mitigated by the mycelium So the mycelium is the mother that is giving nutrients from alder and birch trees to hemlock Cedars and Douglas firs This is photomicrographs from Nick Reed and Patrick Hickey and notice that as the mycelium grows in conquers territory And then it begins the net I’ve been a scanning electron microscope us for many years a thousand electron micrographs and I was staring at the mycelium I realized that there are micro filtration membranes we exhale carbon dioxide so does mycelium inhales oxygen just like we do but these are essentially externalized stomachs and Lungs and I present to you the concept that these are extended neurological membranes there’s alternative pathways for channeling nutrients and Information the mycelium is sentient it knows that you are there when you walk across landscapes It leaps up in the aftermath of your footsteps trying to grab debris what we think we know is that there’s some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the like the synapses between neurons and each tree has 10 to the fourth connections to the trees around it and there are 10 to the 12th trees on pandora Which is a lot of guessing It’s more connections in the human brain It took 3.5 Billion years for the earth to grow from a flaming uninhabitable world to a lush biosphere coexisting on its surface billions of different forms of life Using all the elements. Everything is balanced a symbiosis a Self-sufficient super organism and this is where we come in This is what I think about people and this words gonna get really weird I Think human beings are just a very complicated form of bacteria I think if you looked at the earth as a living Organism and who’s to say that it’s not some sort of a super organism It’s certainly a host for life and we’re considered a living organism. But really we’re a hosts for life There’s more ecoli living inside our gut than there Vera meant people ever. There’s bacteria That’s constantly around you and your your body’s fighting off that bacteria until your body grows old and dies And then it doesn’t fight anymore and that bacteria just eats your body. That’s what it does. I mean that’s that’s what it’s there for Okay, well if you looked at the earth as this living organism and like you were flying into LA and you’re passing over these beautiful mountains and you see the ocean ahead it all looks natural and beautiful, but then you see la What the fuck is that? That’s a growth that’s cancer It’s big and it’s brown and it stinks and smokes coming out of it and it gets bigger every year And doesn’t matter what you do, it’s gonna keep going. You could knock it down with a fucking hurricane. It rebuilds light it on fire Rebuilds and I think if you were an intelligent life-form from another planet and you were looking at the earth You wouldn’t see individual people you wouldn’t see Housekeepers and limo drivers and stand-up comedians. You wouldn’t see that you would see mold on a sandwich I Think if you look at us Objectively and the way we’re headed and the way we’ve always been it doesn’t matter how much access to information we have It doesn’t matter how much technological innovation we have We’re always gonna destroy the earth because I think somehow or another that’s what we’re supposed to do I think that’s our purpose here on earth. I think we are here to fuck shit up. I Think we’re here to eat the sandwich We are not meant to be a virus We have however been manipulated to be a virus We come from the earth and therefore should be coexisting with all the life on the earth and with the environment itself But we severed our connection to the planets and the severed our connection to spirit many of us Mock the idea of a spirit or soul We live in a technological world where such notions are considered backwards and primitive City design as well as societal paradigms Shape the perception of the mind the city designs Presented to mankind the grid like plotting a building those houses rolled smalls and the future II set up for decoration Along the side of roads are designed to create the illusion of separation between us and the earth There’s no environment out there and we are here and we somehow have to watch the way we interact with it We are the environment We are conditioned from birth in such a way that we view the earth as nothing more than land and resources a rock for us to inhabit many people believe that the earth was made for us and that humans are meant to be dominating all other forms of life These are cancerous ideologies that will lead to the self-destruction of our species Many of us can name these labels How many of us can name these trees? This is just an example to show where our focus is and our focus is on maximizing profits attaining money We were so hard for money money that buys us food Water a car and a home. We have been told since childhood that without money You cannot have a good life or a family and this is all true only because we have allowed the idea of this reality To be the truth In other words, the societal paradigm we exist in is not the definitive model for existing on this planet This world we have created this economy this civilization our illusionary constructs that we agreed to be the blueprint of our reality the entire money-structured and Materialistic-oriented society is a false society Ten or fifteen years from now our society will go down in history as the lowest development and man We have the brains the know-how the technology and the feasibility to build an entirely new civilization Money only exists within the minds of human beings all life on Earth Including earth itself has no regard for money and can survive as it always has without money Except for the humans who currently are exposed to the idea of money Humans keep the idea of money alive within our brain it was passed down from our parents and the generations before so that we may pass it down to our children and the generations after a cycle a Mental prison that has changed the course of humanity Money has changed the way your brain thinks about reality what is important and what is not What your priorities will be? Of Course to be alive and the civilization you need money you must be a worker when you become an adult, but before that your parents installed you within an institutionalized school system with the intention of educating their child Unfortunately in reality the children are simply being conditioned to be working cogs of the Machine and they become consumers Pursuing careers obtaining housing starting a family and repeat the process All while maintaining the distorted societies that continue to war with each other and destroy the biosphere. I Quoted the trilateral commission view of the educational system namely it’s a system of indoctrination of the young And I think that’s correct It’s a system of indoctrination of the young that was the way the liberal elites regarded and they’re more or less accurate So the educational system is supposed to training people to be obedient Conformist not think too much the witch told Stay passive. Don’t cause any crisis a democracy. Don’t raise any questions and all of this is a technique for selection for obedience Humans have also created different religions that succeeded in dividing the human race What has happened or the course of time is that these religions which were created for a pure and noble purpose? Have been manipulated by powerful and wealthy groups of people They institutionalize these religious belief systems and the result was war division and genocides So much hatred from one another yet. We don’t see that we are one family Humanity has been so manipulated by belief systems that only exists within the mind We should be living as one There is a way for us to change our ways and it lies within ourselves It all starts in here There is a gland in the direct center of our brain called the pineal gland This gland secretes a neurotransmitter in our neurological pathways called DMT dimethyltryptamine It is released during birth during death during meditation Starvation and every night when we are in deep sleep DMT is regarded by some scientists neurologists and psychiatrists to be the spirit molecule It is found everywhere in nature it is within plants animals insects It is within everything that has a consciousness humans made themselves to believe that we are the only ones who could think and feel but in fact This is a universal trait that all of life shares Nature communicates using Biochemicals which makes sense considering that these chemicals are essentially messages created by cells in order for them to communicate with one another Meaning that nature has intelligence which shouldn’t be hard to understand Considering that we are extensions of nature and that we are intelligence Essentially, we are the universe experiencing and understanding itself The existence of DNA should ring a bell in this regard DNA is the essential building blocks of life and it baffles scientists to this day It is responsible for all the forms and variations of life It carries down the genetic code to create the features of the organism and it’s coiled up within every single cell in the human body it is conventional wisdom in mainstream science that 97% of our DNA is junk DNA and that 3% of DNA is responsible for our physical appearance and anatomy This is a strange thing for scientists to say We must understand that everything that nature produces is there for a reason and a purpose? Everything has a purpose the other 97% of DNA that we deemed to be junk is anything but It is we who are observing the DNA with the wrong methods? There is a hidden language within that 97% of so-called junk DNA According to a linguistics all human languages follow a pattern a pattern called Zipz law This law showcases that there is a relative rate in ranking of word use in all languages that all adhere to this pattern It is this very pattern that is found within the coding of our junk DNA What does this mean? Cut this albeit accidents are cut DNA have been engineered designed In the words of fred hoyle the chances of DNA being formed in a molecular soup by accidents would be as low as a tornado passing through a scrapyard and forming a fully functional jumbo jet it could be that the other 97% of our DNA holds information that we are unaware of and Have now long since forgotten Who are we what happened to us? During the last 30 years new evidence has been surfacing that supports a different take on the genesis of civilization Rena Adolphus shuara daily weeks was one of the first Westerners to bring about the evidence and its implications He is the one who popularized the use of sacred geometry in Egyptology during his study of the art and architecture of the temple of Luxor in Egypt John Anthony West and Independent Egyptologist what bringers work to the public’s attention work that has stood in direct? Confrontation with the existing outlook on history Graham Hancock would then do further research? into the implications presented by those like swaller and West Further observations are made by construction engineer Robert Bauval Who determined that the pyramids as well as the Sphinx were designed to make astronomic? correlations with specific star systems and constellations in this case the constellation of Orion and the constellation of Leo Both of which are targeted by the Sphinx and the pyramids at precisely 10,500 BC they determined that whoever built these structures had sophisticated knowledge of astronomy and the precession of the equinoxes a Phenomena caused by a slow wobble of the earth on its axis in which one complete rotation takes 25,920 years The ancients encoded this knowledge within the properties of the pyramids architecture a time capsule Waiting for our time when in advanced civilization such as our own would decode the messages encrypted within People like Randall Carlson takes it a step further by showcasing that the great pyramids dimensions Reveal its precise position on the earth. And this is not the only megalithic site that showcases these curious facts megaliths around the world or designed an association with the precession of the equinoxes as well as associations with their position on the earth No civilization in recorded history possessed this kind of geodesic knowledge until our civilization implying that there once was a civilization capable of doing so not recorded in our history and our recorded history spans roughly 6,000 years before fading into obscurity From there. We can only work with the remnants found in the ground and make Anthropological assumptions based on methods such as radiocarbon dating So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the Sphinx The Sphinx is covered in renovation hiding its true original limestone, which was severely eroded however The walls of the quarry surrounding the Sphinx have not been renovated by the conquerors These walls reveal the true weathering features that would have been present on the original body of the Sphinx These weathering features were not originally caused by sand or wind in the words of Robert Schoch They were caused by water weathering by way of heavy rainfall pouring onto the limestone carving it over the course of thousands of years This can only mean that this quarry as well as the Sphinx itself were exposed to a climate sufficient enough to create heavy rainfall for thousands of years a Type of climate that had not existed in Egypt Anto before the end of the last ice age implying that the Sphinx is at least 10,500 years old this geological evidence contradicts the established current Egypt a logical paradigm, which adheres to the notion that the Sphinx is only 4,500 years old fitting it nicely within the accepted chronology of history a Story we tell ourselves over and over Until we forget that it is a lie The recently discovered gunung padang in indonesia and the megalithic site of gobekli tepe both predate history gobekli tepe in particular showcases knowledge of the procession of equinoxes the curious thing about this megalithic site is that it was deliberately buried the Archaeologists Cloud Schmitt confirmed this but why was it buried was knowledge being hidden? Preserved so that we may decode its message later on a time for people systematically eradicating evidence of this information and whoever built it hid it from those Eradicator, ‘he’s The iconography found at gobekli tepe can be found around the world at megalithic sites One important feature would be the placement of the arms of these megalithic stones The fingers clasping one another across the belly this precise design can be found at Easter Island on the Moy Megaliths as well as the statutes found in South America Some of the statues of Easter Island have been found to be over 72 feet tall and Have been buried by natural sedimentation sedimentation that took thousands of years to form implying the truth about the statues age curiously almost all the moai heads are Positioned along the rim of the island as of to signal out to anyone sailing by that There are people here stuck in the middle of nowhere Survivors were settled on land after a massive calamity Myths and tales around the world from virtually every culture speak of a great flood Each in their own different interpretation When reading the flood myths it is important to note that these are people who are describing natural phenomena based on their interpretation of reality For example God’s wrath is simply natural catastrophes a fire snake in the sky would be Describing a comet it is important to understand this because each culture is recording the same natural catastrophe that is only now being understood The Younger Dryas impact event and the claim made by people like Graham Hancock Is that the Younger Dryas impact event? Not only put an end to the last ice age But it also wiped out the advanced civilization in a series of catastrophic Floods due to a sudden increase of meltwater into the oceans that raised the water by 400 feet completely submerging many areas of the world Scattering the survivors forcing them to resettle and begin anew those who took shelter Preserving the technology and knowledge of the lost civilization would introduce themselves to the now scattered and primitive tribes of the world This in a nutshell makes sense of the similarities found between each Savior in these cultures Who are depicted as bearded men who passed down knowledge to the people? agriculture astronomy and medicine Two examples of these figures would be Quetzalcoatl and ancient Mesoamerica and Osiris in ancient Egypt the recorded history of our paradigm is not the total history of humanity nor is it the recorded history of civilization in totality in reality all the events in recorded history all of which coincidentally take place after the end of the last ice age are Indeed events taking place within a post-apocalyptic world that was forced to renew rebooting human civilization and thus rebooting history Which explains why in recorded history? civilizations sprout around the same time around the world The evidence is everywhere and can be found through multiple disciplines of science. It is just simply waiting to be discovered by you Part of the awakening that must occur is remembering who we were before the fall of humanity Before the true apex of human achievements was brought to a catastrophic end Who we were then and who we are now our opposite ends of the human societal paradigms only a society that was truly intimate with nature would go to the lengths to encode the properties of motions of the earth within their architecture Disciplines of ancient science such as sacred geometry furthermore showcased the intimate association between humanity and the universe a philosophy pertaining to the mysterious intelligent nature of reality They designed their civilization to maximize the experience of being alive in a human body The resonating chamber that is the interior of the Great Pyramids Seemed to suggest that it was also used as an acoustic device a musical instruments amplifying the sound of meditation They revered the universe as sacred and thus revered life as sacred This is what we must return to as a species now more than ever The process of awakening to the true nature of reality calls for a change to the way we live on this planet The key to changing the world for the better is to replace the existing model of living with a new model of living a model of living that is a reflection to what existed before the fall of humanity, Jacque fresco provides a possible solution that coincides with what I am talking about a Civilization that recognizes the earth as the common heritage for all mankind this civilization is primary focus will be spreading knowledge and Education in order to bring everyone together We must all be informed of the factual evidence that represents the truth about the nature of reality Doing so reveals all divisions and segregations to be artificial constructs made by the mind Knowing that all life on Earth is genetically related implies that all life is part of the family tree one That must be protected the societies currently presented to the human race wastes the earth’s resources They follow a tape maker throwaway economy known as a linear economy an economy Designed to manufacture the same items over and over a consumer-based economy That is consuming the earth’s resources Only to be thrown away Well, Jacque fresco presents is a method of living known as a resource-based economy That does not operate on the basis of maximizing profits for an artificial currency this model for resource Cultivation ensures that we use exactly what needs to be used. Nothing more Materials will be designed to last Machines and automation can perform the mundane tasks while human beings can focus their endeavors on Family society and life the way it should be All it takes is for each person to expose themselves to the pieces of information That fit together to create the picture that I am presenting to you now We are part of a story the story of humanity and it is an incredible one Soldiers don’t give yourselves to brutes men who despise you enslave you Who regiment your lives tell you what to do what to think of what to feel who drill you diet? You treat you like cattle use you as cannon fodder Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men machine men with machine minds and machine hearts You are not machines. You are not cattle you are men You have a love of humanity in your hearts You the people have the power the power to create machines the power to create happiness You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful to make this life a wonderful adventure Let us use that power let us all unite Let us fight to free the world to go away with national barriers to go away with greed with hate and intolerance Let us fight for a world of reason a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness There is all unites During this processional cycle we have risen we have fallen And we are rising again Take your part in the story and spread this message and join me changing the world

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  23. The same materials that make up our bodies make up the universe not just earth. It’s not our connection to earth it’s been severed earth like us is created using the same materials, obviously, It’s the connection to our Creator thats missing, that’s the problem.Without it we are nothing not understanding our identity and purpose, we spend our lives learning only to end up knowing absolutely nothing truthful or an accurate understanding of anything in properly and in whole, as such we are cut off from the truth from our source from the light and are extremely susceptible and vulnerable Spiritually speaking to the lies and darkness of our born and breed eternal enemies, Literally born into a cosmic war we know nothing about and can’t recognize no matter how hard we look. We are not a cosmic accident or evolved mutants and nothing absolutely nothing in this world suggest or makes it appear we are Except for the youngest and tool of the Genetically cursed liars Hell-bent on a destruction to regain their inheritance and dominionOverly chaotic and confused people that evolve from separate and distinct racial groups into one melting pot slave race at .the hands of the liars. Similar to how they Speak money into existence so two are they trying to speak evolution into existence By waging war against the creator and his ordered and perfect creation who is MOS chaos and confusion by way of the Most powerful weapon of all the lie. By the way the purpose of life for Adam King is to take dominion over the earth and all things on it and ruleOver it according to God’s righteous law With perfect love in your heart for your brother and perfect hate in your heart for evil leading to it’s extinction and our purpose being fulfilled. But that’s not everybody’s life purpose not everybody has the same life purpose that was made in the image of the best a.k.a. the descendants of the cursed liarHave the purpose of Deceiving the whole world while stealing killing and destroying even the works of their own hands Causing their own tree to be plucked up by the roots, Hence evil being destroyed. Another purpose of some of us is to destroy the evil as I’ve already mentioned. The rest of everybody is more or less waiting to be led by One of those two groups fighting to be Israel, Thankfully only one of those people have been truly been given that birthright and titleWhich means to roll with God. The people with The birthright and responsibility were promised long-ago to not be identified by that name and were told that at least a portion of them as birthright descendants of Isaac will be known by Isaac’s nameAnd the prophecyWas fulfilled filled as promised in the name for Isaac’s Sons or I Saac Sons, Saacsons aka Saxons.This is the real truthful history the no history teachers seem to have the balls to teach,Although I do apply this channel for at least teaching some accurate caucasion history.By the way the Bible is not a religion the Bible is the box of the recorded genealogical history of Adam kind aka Caucasian’s or Aryans if you will not Jewish genealogy and history,That’s in their books the mist evil Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud as well as The book you mentioned the evil Zohar.

  24. AMAZING! Tell us with simple stories using bad science and we will believe anything! This is BULLSHIT, pure and simple. Stop spreading this crap, why do you feel it necessary to make us fear everything good about modern civilization? Do you want to go back to before cheap power? if so then you live like that first for a whole year and then tell me what is better!

  25. I stopped believing in us when I realised that humans cut the end off young males reproductive organ , I can’t except it and I can’t listen to anything or anyone until this is stopped, I keep thinking of the discussion that occurred when it started, and I can’t believe how anyone could convince anyone that this is what we should do to young males, intelligent life does exist but human beings on this point alone proves that humans are not an intelligent life form , but a crazy ,violent, power mad, primitive, virus

  26. I hope mankind will all awaken with the wisdom and courage to change the way we live . To love and treat each other as one living breathing entity. The problem is we are all on a path we think of as our own. Someone that watched this at 40 years old and is moved and enlightened and suddenly gets it will say " yes this needs to be done" well someone younger by 10 or 20 years and just had a breakup with his girlfriend couldn't even grasp on to this awakening. We need something to get us the same plane to get us there at the same time. That I believe is the only way to make it happen. I fear this would be a event not so great as the world all under water maybe just half so we don't have to start at the begining. Humans tend to get motivated when scared to death. Unfortunate isn't it!

  27. Okay, this movie was made 3 decades ago and then 3 decades before that. We need people who are willing to be part of the solution not of the problem. The time for movies about how bad things are is over. Please make movies about the solutions and how good they are working! Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?! Yes I stopped watching after 5 minutes. Perhaps I am not part of the target audience…

  28. We will certainly fail this test. Theory: Civilizations kill themselves off before they can achieve space travel. "Where is everyone?" The Fermi paradox is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence for extraterrestrial civilizations elsewhere in the Milky Way galaxy and various high estimates for their probability. Ref. wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox

  29. Cash is the killer of all the world, imagine if you will microbes take your hair print currency with it than just add microbe Gods and slowly destroy you over it benefiting no one.

  30. The Angry Hippie … You're obviously " hip " to new and enlightening information regarding our Earth's history. So, please watch The Primer Fields videos on YouTube. At least, the first one. And, then…check out the ThunderboltsProject YouTube channel. " Symbols of an Alien Sky " . Hint: It's not about aliens. It explains how our ancestors tried to warn us about future incidents by explaining the ancient plasma formations in the sky at that time. Or, for anyone else who might be reading this? Please watch those videos. You won't regret it. Thank you, for your time.

  31. David Sir, human didn't create the earth, solar system and the universe. Then why we can't assume that there's a creator God?

  32. All this bullshit created by men who have a women as a pussy slave master. Women drive the industrial complex we have. Because some simple minded oligarchal man has to please his harem of women (that he must provide for). Women are the fuel that drive men to create and destroy this plane-t. White men need to put their women in their place or we are all doomed.

  33. As I agree with alot of this the current push towards socialism is definitely not the direction we should be moving toward if you think things are bad now then you will definitely not like the way things would be. The ruling class would rule even more


    Not to be to complicated but look at it this way-
    There are so many organism living inside of our body thats what makes us humans, we humans and all other species in our physical world are living in the body of planet earth which is a big organism in itself. Now imagine earth is a living organsm inside the body of space which makes space an bigger organism aswell. What if space itself was an living organism inside of a much much bigger organism. YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS..? 🙂 Take your time my lovely people no rush.


    THIS DOES NOT EXIST IN NATURE!( or if it does it is extremely extremely rare!) example- we never see an obese or under weight animals ALMOST NEVER they are all the same in their respective groups. YET EVERYTHING IN NATURE THRIVES! THINK ABOUT IT!

    BY PROBLEMS I MEAN: DISEASE, ILLNESS, WAR, POVERTY, FAMINE, and all the other problems that exist within our human society. This does not happen in nature.




    love you all

  35. very creative documentary, it shows the time and depth knowledge of David. Well written, edited and telling very sequential story of series of the events in logical order.

  36. Thank you for doing this, it felt like a much needed healing balm. There are many of us trying to make a change in the world..you made the candle a lot brighter. PEACE

  37. Thank you David Al-Badri for putting together in such an inspiring way all this information. You also made available all the source of most of your research and source of the material you use. That is honourable as it shows respect to the sources but it shows an openness to your followers and people who see your videos. I have seen much similar material over the years, but only now came across to your work. Thank you. Marcos.

  38. As for your explanation of how the earth was made, (the first 18 minutes) I find the whole thing quite laughable. I am a Flat Earther, and if you can tell me who built the Great Pyramid and all the other megalithic structures then you will know the Big Bang explanation of earth's origin is total falsehood. The rest of this video is fine and good, but you should know the globe model is a lie. A very big lie.

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