3 Different Types of Hearing Loss | Ear Problems

There are three kinds of hearing loss that
a person can have. One is called neurosensory, or sensory neural,
sometimes called nerve hearing loss. Nerve hearing loss is probably a misnomer,
because it’s rarely the nerve. It’s almost always the little hairs inside
the organ of hearing that aren’t converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The most common cause of an inner ear or neurosensory
hearing loss is an age related and genetically determined hearing loss. As we get older we all lose some hearing,
and the degree of that hearing loss is very variable. There are individuals in their late fifties
or early sixties who have a rather severe loss and need amplification in the form of
a hearing aid. And there are others who live into their eighties
and nineties that have remarkably good hearing. Other causes of hearing loss include viral
infections, genetic disorders, and, rarely, a benign tumor on the nerve of hearing and
balance called an acoustic neuroma. If you have a benign tumor on the nerve of
hearing and balance called an acoustic neuroma, you will generally have a hearing loss in
only one ear. A hearing loss in one ear should be more alarming
to you than in both ears because it brings up the possibility of a tumor such as an acoustic
neuroma. The second type of hearing loss is a mechanical
one. We call it a conductive hearing loss because
there’s a problem with the mechanism that conducts the sound from the outside to the
inside. A lump of wax will cause a mechanical hearing
loss. A problem with your eardrum will cause a mechanical
hearing loss. A problem with the little bones of hearing
will cause a mechanical hearing loss. Fluid inside your middle ear will cause a
mechanical hearing loss. The third type of hearing loss is called mixed,
a little bit of each.

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  2. What are the chances that a tumor of that sort is cancer and what can be done for vertigo besides meclizine?

  3. Please if there is anyone that sees this please tell me if I can afford to wait before going to the doctor, my hearing loss started 2, 3 maybe 4 hours ago. it's six am and I will probably wait til 3 pm, so any ideas, please I really need an other opinion here.

  4. Can eye problems cause hearing loss and vertigo/tinnitus I think so as I have amolyopia in left eye and these problems in left ear.

  5. I'm 14 and I am deaf in my left ear ): I get really sad because I don't know what its like to hear with both ears. I don't know why I have hearing loss but its been this way for as long as i can remember.

  6. I have been really sad because I ah ve woke up one night and I hear a high pitched noise in my left ear only and it's been two days and nothing has changed it's annoying and makes me sad

  7. My mom and sister was born deaf. What's the name of the surgery where they can fix their hearing? We've heard of it be4, but we 4got what it's called. please let me know soon.

  8. : ( i have hearing loss. I'm adopted so i don't know my family history.. I'm 29, and I'm getting a pair of hearing aids soon…

  9. People are most likely to be watching this video because they're losing her hearing I'm just saying you might want to figure out how to turn it up on your part or speak louder

  10. i 'm 28 and i am deaf on my right ear and i t hard to read people but i don t do sign and i was born deaf ..but i can hear on my left little bit ..i can t under stand anything

  11. I m 24 yrs old. I had MDR TB in 2011. After using amikane injection for six months, I get heraing loss from both ears since 2011….now my hearing loss is 75db .plzzz tell me any treatment.I m facing alot of prblms???

  12. at 20 yrs old I my hearing stated to go down…left ear first ,then the right one started too…by 30 yrs I was completely deaf.i now have an implant. did lots tests and scans but never found the cause. I never heard of anyone else going from hearing fine to not at all within 10 years,at that age.

  13. I had hearing problems when I was
    a small child. My Aunt used to accompany me to the specialist to recieved treatment(medicine)・I dont know if how I get it, by too much cleaning or it is caused by an accident. Fell on the stairs when I was 3or 4years old, fell from my right eye, it was damaged(my right eye)and hospitalized. Right eardrum also has a damage now . and when I was in grade school, fell on the bike, struck my self along the side deway. suffer from bruise, went to ice skating twice ,.fell from my head. went to skii, fell on the ground so heavy that I couldnt cry in pain, head struck too. I dont know of wht is the real cause of my right eardrum damage.

  14. I don't think I have hearing loss. Even tho two months ago I woke up and both my ears felt clogged and sound was muffled but they usual pop open through the day. My right ear just started again after two months my ear feels clogged again and now it's been going on for a week. I'm going to tje docs to hopefully see if it's just wax water or a burst eardrum

  15. I believe have tinnitus. I’ve been hearing ringing on and off in my left ear everyday for the last four weeks. I have been noticing that i’m becoming less aware of the ringing. Can Tinnitus lead to complete loss of hearing?

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  22. My problem is probably a sinus problem. I also sleep with earplugs in, so maybe my drum got pushed in a little bit.
    I also stay on YouTube all day with headphones.

  23. hi i am 35 years old . iam suffering hearing loss from last 15 years and day by day its increase. when i was do YOGA thats time my hearing loss is maintained and not more enough increase but last 4 years i am not doing YOGA and i feel my hearing loss is increasing day by day. I checked my right year and started treatment but nothing. My Right ear disability is 75% and doctor told you use hearing add. what i do kindly suggest me.

  24. I have a problem with my ear wax in my left ear. I think that's the reason why my left ear becomes deaf sometimes. :((

  25. And I’m almost 12 and I pray god for my ear bc I’m deaf forever and I’m pretty sad and my cousin making fun of me all the time when I Came to see to her..

  26. he forgot neural hearing loss…? degeneration of the auditory nerve from the cochlear to the brain. Untreatable, unless using auditory brainstem implant

  27. When I was born I had a virus in my right ear, a few weeks or days later I had a hearing infection. It caused the hearing in my right ear to start deteriorating. I am 13 years old and now I might be getting a cocula Implant. But it’s not that bad, it doesn’t make me any less different.

    I think?

  28. Diet and hygiene play a great role in preventing (or promoting) hearing problems. If one takes care of these, can survive hearing loss in spite of bad genes etc.

  29. For the first 4 years of my life, I thought it was normal to be deaf in your right ear.

    I'm 16 now, and I know that being 86% deaf in one ear is not the norm :U

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  33. Recently I got this hearing loss treatment “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) for my dear granny who`s slightly losing her hearing. She decided to try them and did so following the instructions. She says she seems to hear things a lot clearer than ever before and this is real mainly because she does not constantly say "excuse me" or "what" as much as she used to.

  34. I did the Valsalva maneuver and went instantly and profoundly deaf in my left ear. Six months later, I am still profoundly deaf and using a hearing aid that doesn't really help. No one has ever heard of this before. Help! I've been to the ER, had scans, they can't see anything. There are no tumors. There is no liquid.

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  36. Am 34 years old i grew up with alot ear ache when i was kid i still have ear aches may cause damange to my drums

  37. My husband's left ear is deaf since yesterday.doctor told that its because the nerve is dried.can anybody suggest me can it be cured or not..plzzz reply

  38. I can barely hear through my right ear. It happened when I was diving and when I came back out it was aching and I could barely hear through it. How do you fix?

  39. I'm ten years old and my left ear is deaf I don't know why…???I just wonna get better…
    I'm scared ????

  40. I'm 15, and when I was about 12 I had a fever, and my right ear felt alot of air pressure so I tried to pop it by moving/flexing my face. it was the worst mistake in my life .. I have tinnitus in both ears now, and I don't know why.. sometimes I get really depressed knowing I have permanent constant hearing..

  41. When I press my right ear it makes a weird sound as if there's water or something in there. Also I have a cold so my ears started to hurt.

  42. I'm only 18 and I hear like half of what I should in my right ear. I think it's from my ear infections as a child my right ear drum nearly ruptured but idk?

  43. When i was 7 year old i have hearing loss in left ear there wax in left ear week later i can hear with my both ear now im 9 year old

  44. Im 13y/o and i sleep with air contioning on and today i woke up and my left ear hears less i think is becauae the sound or something i alwaya hope its just water inside

  45. I’m deaf in my left ear I’ve had so many tests and stuff and all the doctors come up with different things to the others and it annoying I just want to know why I suddenly turned half deaf at 3 years old

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  47. i’ve never had good hearing but it’s dramatically declined within the past year. my mom has severe hearing loss and uses hearing aids so i’m probably gonna get them sooner rather than later, as i can’t hear the bass in songs anymore and voices are becoming indistinguishable in conversation. now my friends are gonna roast me ever more for being hoh SNDNDBFB

  48. My age is 19 my left side year is not hearing bcz of on 8th age by mistakelly putting stick blood will be coming immediately going medical shows a drop given ,how the drop putting inside the year the blood comes stop and hearing also stop but not caring ..now showing on doctors my left side ear nerve is weak says ..I asking the operation is possible or not say

  49. my son has hearing loss from childhood.he has nerve problem in both ears.now he use hearing aids.is any permanent solution ?

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