3 Easy & Effective Home Remedies For EYE INFECTION TREATMENT

3 Easy & Effective Home Remedies For EYE INFECTION TREATMENT

Hello and welcome. Today we are going to talk
about eye infections. An eye infection can either be a blurry vision, redness in the
eye and swelling in the eye. Also watery and itchy eyes. But don’t you worry. Help is at
hand. We’ll provide you simple remedies that you can try at home and get rid of eye infections. Take a cup of water, boil this water, then
add honey to it. Mix this warm water and honey together. Take a cotton pad or a cotton ball
and use this warm honey and water mixture to dab it on the affected eye. Use this twice
or thrice daily to give relief to the infected eyes. Take a cup of water, boil the water and add
few flax seeds to it. Let this warm water and flax seeds stay for minutes after which
you can drain the flag seeds, remove the water and transfer the flax seeds to a fresh piece
of cloth. Now dab this cloth on to your infected eye. Repeat this process 2-3 times to give
relief from the pain. Take a cup of water. Add one tea spoon of
baking soda to it. Mix this well and use it to wash your eye 2-3 times daily. Thanks for watching. Hope this video helped
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36 Replies to “3 Easy & Effective Home Remedies For EYE INFECTION TREATMENT”

  1. These are all really bad ideas. Especially the baking soda!! The baking soda is a base with a ph of 9 compared to your eye with a ph of 7.45, putting the base on your eye can cause an alkaline burn. Alkaline burns are worse than acid for the eye and can be extremely dangerous. I encourage anyone with an infection to seek real medical advise. Don't assume that just because it's "homeopathic" means that it's safe. Take it from an eye doctor.

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  6. Acent is fine. Baking soda — 1 teaspoon aprox 6000 milligrams for 600 milileters of water 2 cups. DISTILLED WATER !!!! May be solutions too strong for salt or baking soda.

    Best to see a MD DR eyeball DR if you can.


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  8. She forgot to tell you… These will all hurt..
    Use black tea…
    Boil the tea bag, to kill bacteria
    I use 10 teabags
    Or steep raw tea
    Either way, you want a strong solution of tea
    I use a makeup pad, 100% cotton
    You don't want polyester in your eye
    Soak the pad on your eye, several times a day, as much as tollorated

  9. my pupil dilated after i used organic honey in my eye .. what's happening plz help. my vision is perfect though

  10. Omg thanks the honey water worked so well on my eye my eye was hurting all day and red but after I used honey water it cleared up in 10 minuets and stopped hurting

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  14. Take everything in your cupboard and systematically add it to firstly-boiled water then chuck it in your eye until the infection is gone.
    P.S. That's not cloth.

  15. The honey water cleans and clears up the eye but so far it has not gotten rid of a mild infection I got. I will try the black tea bad method, not so sure about the baking soda that might burn a bit. I was thinking maybe just some saline water too.

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  17. wow this video is very good and interesting to watch and thid video they give tips for how treat an eye infection and learn safe and efeective home remedies for curing eye infection symptoms so watch this video and learn

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