3 Effective Home Remedies To GET RID Of RED EYES

3 Effective Home Remedies To GET RID Of RED EYES

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to show you some home remedies to get rid of those red eyes. Now you went to sleep all nice and comfortable
but you woke up with red eyes. Red eyes are usually caused because of swollen blood vessels
in the white part of your eye. In this home remedy, you take a slice of cold
cucumber and place one on each eye for about 15 minutes to get relief from your red eyes. We take two green tea bags and dip them in
hot water for 2 minutes. Remove them, place them in a fridge to cool them down and then
place them on your eyes for about 15 minutes to get relief from your red eyes. In this home remedy you take 2 cotton balls
and you dip them in rose water soak the cotton balls in rose water and then place them on
your closed eyes for 15 minutes to get relief from your red eyes. Hope you feel better. If you found this video
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69 Replies to “3 Effective Home Remedies To GET RID Of RED EYES”

  1. If you have red eyes for 3 months already, cucumber just once will fix the problem? Or do you have to use them every day?

  2. we can't stop staring at the screen cause we have to see how to cure our eyes on the SCREEN!!!???????????

  3. My eye has been red for almost a year and my doctor said there is nothing wrong with it…what kind of eye drop do you think would help?

  4. i will try the cucumber and green tea bags.
    i just tried the cucumber today, and it kind of gave a relief to my eyes…..i think.
    but will let you all know how it goes

    rose water might just be expensive man, keep dipping cotton in rose water all the time.
    by the time you know it, you might just need 500ml rose water just to see a result:/

  5. Hi my eyes is red from over exposure to computer screen. Is there any dangers of having a thick blood vessel on the whites of my eye?

  6. I am suffering from eye discharge and still not cure and this is from last six years and I can consult from various doctor but still eye discharge so many eye drops ,ointment can used but problems not solved so please give me 100℅ sure to who will guide me better due to this I am always goes in depression and think to die please save my life?

  7. guys don't listen to this guy, none of them work. I'm telling u, I have the worst red eyes possible, I've been to eye doctors, tried eye drops, eye sprays, home remedies and literally everything possible. My eyes are naturally yellow and I don't have jaundice or anything. I've had a blood test taken and nothing is wrong however I do have hay fever and eczema. I eat very healthy and have all types or tablets, foods, fruits and home made drinks, teas to try boost my immune system but theres none that work. If anyone has any suggestion to make me feel better please do tell because I have exams coming up soon and I really want this red eyes and yellow eyes to disappear. Also i have no pets and i don't smoke. I Also live in England and I feel left out because im the only person who has yellow eyes and red eyes in all of my friends and family. I wish I could just have white clear eyes but I don't. someone please help me.

  8. Thank you for making this video the cucumber helped little bit and now I'm going to try the tea bags. And again thank you???

  9. I'm a digital artist so I spend hours at a time staring at a computer screen with very bright colors. Also my eyes are almost always dry and sticky because of allergies AND I'm near sighted. It just really sucks because there's no way for me to escape this. My eyes are just going to be forever horribly bloodshot. ;-;

  10. I tried eye drops, all these home techniques, and allergy medicine (Zyrtec). Any other way to get rid of red eyes? And no I do not smoke weed.

  11. Sir….earlier my eyes was white…
    But for few days …due to cllphn use…my eye ball look allittle red…
    And now accidentally got castor oil inside the eyes …
    I washed it …
    But it look red….
    Does this Castor oil cause serious danger…..
    Wat to do sir…
    Pls rply help me….
    Castor oil is danger for eyes????

  12. My eyes are always so red and literally all the doctors do is give me eyedrops that don't even work. 9/10 days my eyes will be red. Everyone thinks I'm high and asks if it's contagious and says i should go see a doctor about it and i just am there like BITCH YOU DON'T THINK I'VE BEEN TO THE DOCTORS 5 TIMES THIS PAST YEAR. I've done everything. Eyedrops. Remedies. Blood tests. I also have no diagnosis meaning they have no fucking idea what is wrong with my eyes. Conjunctivitis was ruled out i believe and as did another one but I forgot the name. I am the only one at school with red eyes and i feel so shitty.

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  14. I am 53 and had developed eye floaters about 4 or 5 years ago. I discovered the eye floaters therapy “gofam shocking press” (Google it), so I tried it. I was desperate, but I wasn’t very thrilled about tying it because I have tried a lot. Oh my god I still can`t imagine removed and my eyesight is as pristine as it was 5 years ago! I am quite happy for this technique!

  15. Hie guys!! Am a medical student and my suggestion for you all is plz plzz consult a eye hospital. coz each one's body is different and have different adoptations. so no eye specialist (doctor) is harsh on you ri8? just go and check up your eyes! he will suggest you a eye drops and dosage will be suggested by him and maximum course will be 1 month and you will be free of your problem. Taking advise from internet is really nasty and may cause you side effects! so please once go and check up your eyes! All of you are growing age and improvement will be seen! this is my suggestion nd don't waste your time by watching tips in social media. No doctor is harsh and angry on you! he will surely​ give you the way of reducing your problem! plz don't waste your time by watching tips in social media.

  16. My friend gained great results from this eye floaters treatment method “gofam shocking press” (Google it). I am now suggesting it to clients who complain that they keep viewing lines and dots in their vision, and they all keep stating success with no side effects in any way. Just considered I`d provide this a thumbs up!

  17. Okay so I didn’t have green tea bags but I had regular tea bags. At first they didn’t work and I kinda gave up. About 40 minutes later it was gone. It works!

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