3 Natural Remedies For Treating NEURITIS (INFLAMMATION OF NERVES)

Hello and welcome Neuritis is defined as the
inflammations of the nerves in the eyes. The main symptoms of Neuritis are tingling and
burning sensation and stabbing pain in the effected nerves. In severe cases there can
also be numbness. The chief cause of Neuritis is the presence of toxins in blood and other
body fluids. dont you worry. Help is at hand. You can try
these simple remedies at home. Take a cup of soya bean milk, add a teaspoon
of honey to it. Mix this well and drink this to tone up the nervous system. Take half a cup of spinach juice and half
a cup of carrot juice. Mix them together and drink this everyday. Take half a cup of water, add quarter cup
of barley to it. Boil this and this should be strained carefully for better results. These remedies should help you feel better.
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