3 Simple Home Remedies To Cure WEAKNESS IN BODY(Asthenia)

3 Simple Home Remedies To Cure WEAKNESS IN BODY(Asthenia)

Hello and welcome, today we gonna talk on
how to get rid of weakness. Being tired all the time can adversely impact
one’s life both personal and professional. Anemia and low blood sugar are some of the
common reason behind weakness. will provide you with some simple remedies
that you can try at home to prevent weakness. Bananas increase the sugar levels in the body
and makes you feel more energetic if you feeling low you can even have one or two bananas in
order to revive yourself. Almonds are a good source of energy and rich
in vitamins e. Take 3 to 4 almonds soak them in water overnight
The next morning, have the almonds as well as the almonds water.
you will start feeling energetic slowly. Milk is a good source of vitamins E and reduces
weakness. If you ever feeling weak, take a glass of warm milk add little honey to it
mix this well, consume this. It will instantly revive you making you feel more energetic.

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  2. I eat bananas, almonds and coffee, drink milk every day then what's the reason for weakness its obvious a big one stress and anxiety with migraine as add on.

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  4. Milk or Bananas aggravate sinus plus they increase body weight. What to do if you have sinus and you want to reduce weight also ?

  5. These so called cures are pathetically overstated and complete misinformation.
    They are smaller than bandages on an open wound, our society (western civilization) is shrouded with toxic food, tv, water, alcohol, smoking, culture habits, etc. our overall health crisis goes so much deeper than bananas and almonds….
    Cut the bullshit, quit the political correctness fascist-like mindset and tell it how it is.
    Wanna be healthy? Full of energy!?
    First, look into your heart and ask yourself what's there? Chances are, you are heartless, cold, huge void, weak minded, an addict of some sorts, immature, soulless and have no real reason for the feeling you have.
    2. What the hell are you doing with your free time? I bet, you're partying, staying up late, watching tv, spending money you don't have, using Facebook or other social media as means for communication rather than actual social interaction.
    3. Do you have a spiritual practice? Guaranteed that's a no. In American Christianity has decreased from 1970's 60% to 21st 8% of believers. Not saying be a Christian, but what do you find yourself hoping for, believing, have faith in, what savior do you hope to bring you light and eternal life. I bet you don't. I bet you think mankind is just mere accident, mistake with no reason or purpose. And if that's your case, you'll end up another suicide or shooting statistic.

    After you have answered honestly, write that shit down, look at it real hard and deep, I bet you'll realize why you're feeling like such a piece of shit.

    Tools for fixing:
    1. WAKE THE FUCK UP! Early!!!!!
    2. Cut out processed meats
    3. Eat veggies and fruit breakfast and dinner
    4. Exercise daily (walk, run, stretch, lift, doesn't fucking matter just move your ass around!)
    5. Quit the excessive Internet use, tv watching, and start reading books, go to a park, say hi to the first person you see, or help a neighbor or call a distant family relative to see how they're doing
    6. Start growing again, become excited about being alive, some people are born into war ridden countries, born disabled, or simply die too young to ever experience our amazing lives.

    I hope this helps, because bananas and almonds won't do shit

  6. I dont meen to sound bad but i was expecting some nerdy looking person to be speaking not one of the most stunning wemon ever 😎😎😎😎

  7. came here because yesterday (and the day before) i couldn't open my neighbor's front door (you have to push down (i was feeding their cats)) and my mom came over both times and opened it with her thumb instantly……i put my whole weight on that shit fam, for 10 fucking minutes, it wouldn't open LMFAO. im only 90 lbs tho

  8. I came here I dont know why because today am feeling so weak .my body is just like need something to eat hahahhahahaha

  9. Hello how are you thanks for this video. I love you your so beautiful and your videos.

    Please make a video whichs discovers problems associated with digestive system and how to avoid them + How to get rid from do not go to toilet for long time and how to prevent it.
    Thanks much!!

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  11. Milk and Honey helps your brain produce melatonin… which is why it's suggested before you go to sleep. Darn. I expected real help. Don't believe everything on the internet people.

  12. My sickness just ended but I’m left with horrible weakness where I literally feel dizzy after walking up the stairs

  13. Thanks for this informative video. I came here because i woke up today feeling a little bit weird. I'll surely try to eat this healthy foods. Thumbs Up!

  14. ive just gone through an hour work out and the day after I can't be bothered to move. I'll go make that milk and honey drink now.

  15. O man .. got fever .. then came bloody weakness… stopped gym as well… now a days foods are like poison. You eat and get sick.

  16. plz help i am verry verry weak agli 25 dino ma mere shadi ha plzzzzzz help kuch asai medicen k bre ma bolo plzzzzzz i have humbel request u 😭😭😭😭😭

  17. I am very weak but I don't have any headache, sickness and I am also not lazy but I am tto weak and my age is just 15 years

  18. I've never said this in any comments, the presenter is really beautiful and I love your eyes, by the way thanks for the video.

  19. When I feel unwell, I like to mash a banana in a bowl, then microwave it for 1 minute or maybe a bit less till it’s warm and slightly runny I mix it up and add a spoon of strawberry jam. It’s delicious and gives me a little sugar boost

  20. Who else came here because they are feeling unenergetic during whole day,, by work, study, etc
    (My Advice is that you must Drink Ashwagandha 1 spoon with Warm Water after it get cold, You must Drink after 1 hour of Meal) I experienced best ,

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