3 Simple Natural Home Remedies For PINK EYE TREATMENT

3 Simple Natural Home Remedies For PINK EYE TREATMENT

Bindehautentzündung ist die Rötung im weißen des
Augen- oder inneren Augenlid. Hier sind einige einfache Rechtsmittel, die Sie zu Hause ausprobieren können. 1. Lösen ½ Teelöffel Roh-Honig und eine Prise
Salz ½ Tasse reines warmes Wasser. Mit einem sauberen, Pipette, setzen Sie ein 1-2 Tropfen der Mischung
in jedem Auge alle paar Stunden nach Bedarf. 2. Mischen Sie 1 Teelöffel Apfelessig mit
1 Tasse kochendem Wasser. Dann tauchen Sie ein Wattebausch in der Mischung und drücken Sie zwei Tropfen in jedes
Auge. Tun Sie dies zweimal am Tag. 3. Nehmen Sie eine halbe Tasse gekochtes Wasser abkühlen lassen
sich für die normale Raumtemperatur und fügen ein Löffel Kurkuma Pulver und eine Prise Tisch
Salz. Eingetaucht eine saubere weiße Tuch in mit dem Kurkuma
Salzlösung und drücken Sie ihn, um etwas trocken so dass kein Tropfen Lösungsstrom an, um die
Gesicht und Nase. Das Tuch Platte dann setzen auf die durch
Auge für 20 bis 30 Minuten. Hoffe, das Video hat Ihnen geholfen. Bleiben Sie gesund und
Weitere Videos wie dieses abonnieren stylecraze und führen Sie Videos wie dieses.

54 Replies to “3 Simple Natural Home Remedies For PINK EYE TREATMENT”

  1. IT WORKS!!! I did the honey, salt, and warm water. The salt kills the virus, the honey acts as an anti-bacterial, I believe. I was afraid the salt might burn, but this eye rinse soothed my eyes and the conjunctivitis was almost all gone within 24 hours. Thank you!!

  2. I have pink eye in both of my eyes right now & I also heard that water, honey, & salt one works perfect. I'm going to try it

  3. Here you might be helpful but please talked into a room that has more things in it u sound like you're talking in a tunnel can understand what you're saying

  4. Thanks i did the first one and it worked, i did not get rid of the redness cause i just tried it but it made it soothed, so it did not feel like i needed to itch it, But if it clears by tommorrow, i will tell you. Also i did this with iodized salt, hot water and Popeyes Honey, lol who would have known you could use that stuff for Pink eye, Reason i got pink eye: Have a cat though i am mildly allergic to and he rubbed against me. Thanks anyway, if i have anymore pink eyes, i will sure know what to do 🙂 Warm regards,
    Sugarkitty P.s it is suprisingly easy ingredients that i have or others 🙂 XD

  5. Vinegar isn't as scary as it seems as a cure. Did you know that it gets rid and relieves itchy, stinky feet? Just dilute it.

  6. I understood her very well and instructions can be found in the description box. Thanks so much my eye already feels better and you saved me from another Dr visit

  7. i was worried about using salt but it made my eye soothed and cleaned any film over my eye so i can actually see better. i hope cleans out the pink eye/conjunctivitis for good. oh i used the honey salt and water mixture. ty

  8. I kind of combined the three apple cider vinegar, honey and with the turmeric and warm water. I used a dropper to put it into my eye. I say in about two weeks cleared up.

  9. There are a few suggestions relieving eye floaters quickly
    Relaxation. After an extended period of straining of eyes, take a break.
    Massage. Close your eyes and place a cloth soaked in warm water over your eyes.
    Use Eye Exercises and Focusing.
    Change Your Lifestyle.
    Try Bilberry.
    Drink larger amounts of Water.
    Try Food Rich in Antioxidants.
    Try Taurine-rich Products.
    (I discovered these and why they work from Micaden magic plan site )

  10. I dont know why but I started to get pink eye in the corner of my eye and I need to get rid of it ASAP because my family are assholes and will make fun of me

  11. Video clearly has written instructions on screen as she speaking…for those who say they cant "understand" what she is saying

  12. Salt? Vinegar? Tumeric??? Lady, am trying to trying to rid the pinkness from my eye, not rid myself of the eye.

  13. I had eye floaters for several years and after using this eye floaters therapy “gofam shocking press” (Google it) for a couple of weeks they cleared up totally. I was hesitant in the beginning because I believed they will be back after a few months, but it has been two years and no sign of single floater. I thought I had to inform you that I am another success story.

  14. How much salt!? In the video you say 1/2 and in your description it says a pinch which one is it??

  15. I played video game for 8 hours and all of a sudden got red eye the next morning, and now i got eye drops from doctor but after putting it into my eyes its coming into my throat and it makes me throw up…
    So i guess I'm going to use method 1. If honey enters throat it does taste good anyway.
    Also for those who are saying they cannot hear her… I suggest you "Increase your Headset/Speaker Volume😒"

  16. take warm water, put half a teaspoon of saltweh, and half a teaspoon of tony. she speaks almost every word clearly then barrels the most important ones. very annoying.

  17. I’m trying the salt and honey one. I will let you know the results tomorrow. Hopefully this works because I have a interview tomorrow.

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