3 Steps to Never Be Broke Again (World of Warcraft Gold Guide)

3 Steps to Never Be Broke Again (World of Warcraft Gold Guide)

Can’t run! Can’t run from me! I’m comin to get ya! Ahahahaha! Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re
not going to be talking about how to make a million gold or a gazillion gold an hour. Instead we’re just gonna be…I just got finished
with my move, my studio is officially set up! I have a green screen. If I wear a green shirt, I’m gonna be invisible. With that, I just wanna get back to the basics,
and I want to talk to you guys about just how to not be broke ever again. Let’s not worry about makin a bajillion gold,
let’s just not be broke. So I have 3 things, if you just make it part
of how you play WoW, you will be fine. You maybe won’t be rich, but you’ll be fine. Actually, first. First, let me show off my new studio real
quick. I’m wearin pajama pants, don’t tell anyone. So, this is what it looks like, I’ll do a
full walk through if you want. The audio here might be a little echoey, but
that’s just because…that’s just because I gotta get all this foam padding stuff. These are not the normal things, these go
in the corners and they trap the low sounds. If you want me to do a video on that, just
talking about, “hey, you’re an aspiring YouTuber, you want to know how to get started, then
let me know and I’ll do a video on that. But let’s get into it. Now, the first thing that I wish I could say
was only a new player problem, but I see people who have been playing since vanilla do this
all the time. They skip looting. Step number one is loot everything. Get into the habit of looting everything. Like, you may think 12 silver, or 1 tidespray
linen, or 1 uncommon armor piece isn’t worth it, but I promise you it is. Just since BFA, on one character, I’ve looted
500,000 gold. On my demon hunter that I’ve had since the
launch of legion, I’ve looted 5 million gold and I don’t sell anything on him. I have a bank toon for that. If you skip loot, you’re missing out on a
lot of cumulative stuff. Just to test this out, I went out and did
2 zones worth of world quests. And my results were, I got 500 gold in cash
and vendor items, I got 300 gold in cloth, and 2500 gold in disenchantable stuff. I wasn’t going out of my way, I was just clicking
on all the sparkly stuff on the ground. Now, let’s say you don’t have enchanting on
that toon. Let’s just round it to like, ehhh 2000 gold
a day that you’re missing out on. That’s not a whole lot. But that’s 60,000 gold a month. That’s 700,000 gold a year. And that 700,000 gold is the difference between
feeling like “Ehhh, I’m alright.” And “Broke.” But let’s take away your excuses. Why might you not be looting things. Well first, you might just not see it. If you don’t see the sparkles, go into your
game settings, systems, graphics, and then turn that up to at least high. There’s not much of a difference between high
and ultra, but there’s a huge difference between low and high. Next, you might just think that it takes too
much time. The first thing I do on every single character
I roll is I turn on auto loot. That way, I just right click with my mouse,
and it automatically loots things. We’re good to go. Another little trick. This one doesn’t actually change things that
much, but I see you guys asking for it down in the comments all the time. There’s an addon called faster loot. And what this does is it just takes away the
window when you click on something and it like, loots one item, and then it loots another
item, and then it loots another item. That’s gone. So, you click on something and it’s immediately
in your bags. Like I said, it only subtracts like, a second
per looting, but it stops sucking. It doesn’t feel slow to loot anymore, it’s
just click. Done. And you’re moving on about your day. The last and final tip for looting. Like I told you, this is all basic stuff,
right? The last and final tip is to download tradeskillmaster. Now, I know you may think Tradeskillmaster
is a big hunkamonk. It is. It’s a big program. But the best thing that it does for most players
is tooltips. It gives you the price, the value of everything
you loot in the tooltips. And that does, I guarantee you, that you’ve
been running an old raid, or you ran uldaman, and you vendored an item that you didn’t know
was worth 50,000 gold. If you get a super rare BoE, you now know
that you can sell it for 250,000 gold when you might have just put it up on the auction
house for 30k because that would have made you happy. When people would have spent 250k on it. Now, the second habit I want y’all to get
into the habit of, is never passing up a node. Just tell yourself the mantra, whenever you
log in. I will never pass up a node today. Every time you see that little bitty dot in
your minimap, I want you to click on it. Now, if you have mining and herbalism, this
is great, it’s a lot easier, you’ll make a lot more gold this way. But at the same time, you may be passing up
more nodes than you realize. For instance, I went out and did a test. With the two world quest zones, and in that
same time, I also got about 300 herbs and ore. Let’s assume 20 gold average, something like
that for all herbs and ore combined. That’s an extra 6k. Again, 6k might not seem like much but when
you add it up monthly and yearly that’s 2 million gold a year. And that’s the difference between being broke
and being like, hella comfortable. I want you to stop thinking of each node as
like, 5 seconds out of your way, and instead think of it as that node will yield…a monelite
node will yield an average of 4.5 ore. Each ore will sell for an average of 40-50
gold. Then that’s a lot better. 200 gold for 5 seconds, that’s a better trade
off. And the other thing I want to say here is
don’t pass up fishing nodes. In my 2-zone test, I actually did pass up
every fishing node, but that’s because I didn’t have the find fish option, so if you also,
I want you to look on your minimap, click on the magnifying glass and see if you have
the option to “find fish.” If you don’t here’s what I want you to do. You gotta fish up the weather beaten journal. To get it, take the portal to Karazhan, head
out to north or south stranglethorn vale. There are pools of wreckage that give iron-bound
trunks all along the coast. And the journal will be in there. I got mine in my second one. So, fish are selling for about 20 gold. Each pool has an average of 4 casts in it,
and each cast takes 10 seconds, so that’s 100 gold in 40 seconds. That’s fine. Alright, so the first two habits that we talked
about are all about getting more stuff on just a regular basis while you’re doing the
things you’re already doing. The third thing is the other end of the equation. You gotta sell the stuff. You gotta get into a habit of using the auction
house. A lot of people avoid the auction house. They don’t like it, they don’t want to spend
all day at the auction house so here’s what you do. Get into the habit of just logging out of
your toon at a mailbox, by the auction house. What you’re going to do, especially if you
have the addon tradeskillmaster, is you’re just going to while you’re there, run up to
the auctioneer, scroll your mousewheel to post everything, and then you go log out by
the mailbox. This actually does a couple cool things. It gets you into the habit of consistency. Constantly selling things every day. It stops you from stockpiling things and holding
on to them in case some day they grow. Whatever. Whatever. Just get it out of your bags and make your
gold. Make your gold! The second cool thing it does, whenever you
log into that character again, it reinforces how fun it can be to make gold. Like, you’re there at the mailbox so of course,
before you go out and do all your world quest stuff, or your raids or whatever you do, you’re
gonna check the mailbox. And you’ll see that “holy crap, I made 45k
while I was asleep. That’s a really good feeling. And then you think “hmmm, I bet if I spent
an extra 10 minutes here, I could turn that 45k into 60k. And then you do that and it works and you
get 60k and you’re like “ooooo! If I rolled a second toon, and started using
more professions, I could double that. And then you’re getting like, 300,000 gold
and you’re making millions and you have more wowtokens than you know what to do with. Or maybe you don’t. I’m not saying that you have to love goldmaking. But it’s fun, and it’s addictive. And it’s a good time. There are so many ways to enjoy goldmaking. I’m gonna leave some links down in the description,
some really cool goldmakers out there. There’s billy vahdis, and hikons. Who are good friends of the channel and they’ve
helped me out a lot. What they do is, you know how some pets are
more expensive on some servers and they’re really cheap on others? They just do something called pet arbitrage,
where they buy the pets on the cheap servers and sell them on the more expensive ones,
and that’s just free – they’re just generating wowtokens day in and day out. Gumdrops the guy who runs the tradeskillmaster
discord, he just does crafting professions. And he keeps an eye out for really cheap materials. I do a very similar thing, I just do crafting
profession stuff, for the most part, but I love farming. I’m super risk-averse guys, so to me, there’s
added benefit if I can look at my mailbox and even if it’s not as big as hikons or gumdrops
or some of those other big players, I know that 100% of what I’m looting is pure profit. And that feels great. So go check those guys out. I hope you find something that you enjoy. Again, with this video, I’m not trying to
get you to go out and be a goldmaker and have 5 druids multiboxing. I just want you to do what you normally do
on a day to day basis, but maybe, maybe you’ll catch the bug. And then you’ll dip your toes into the hot
tub of goldmaking a little more. But that’s it for me. Thank you so much for watching. I’m glad to be back, I missed you guys a whole
bunch. If you aren’t subscribed, click all the buttons! Like! Thumbs up! All that good stuff and I’ll talk to y’all
later. Have a great day guys. Good luck, and happy gold making.

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