30 Day Honest Review of Newulife HGH Gel Company Somaderm (2018) Worth It?

30 Day Honest Review of Newulife HGH Gel Company Somaderm (2018) Worth It?

what is going on everybody Chris
Williams senior how’s everybody doing tonight hey I wanted to say just got
done with my 30th day on the news soma derm HGH jail okay this is a homeopathic
human growth hormone it’s not a booster this is literally pure soma tropen that
has been micro dose so that you don’t have a prescription so just give you a
little example of how this came about had a friend of mine reach out to me for
the business side of it and she said hey you’re gonna have to check this out this
company out of California has been selling this stuff for the last seven
years and has a 90 percent retention rate and
she knew that I was you know kind of a health junkie and I’ve been in network
marketing and done a lot of stuff in that area as well so I said hey HGH for
real you know I ran a health club for around seven years I was a sales and
operations manager for a big health club here in Indianapolis I know what human
growth can do I know it appears somewhat Ropin in an ie form injectable form into
the stomach he typically have to refrigerate it things like that when she
told me about how it operated in how it was homeopathic where you rep it an
almost like when you have to get a testosterone therapy where you rub it in
and in certain areas of the body I said absolutely a 90 percent retention rate
out of California I’ll definitely give it a try so this is my 30-day honest
review not trying to sell you this is just exactly what I’ve been feeling in
fact you can’t buy these right now we’re out of stock we’ve sold out of 70
thousand models just in the last couple months so but basically I started using
it and every bottles got two months worth in it okay so it’s got two months
worth of the gel inside of it I double up on mine because I know
I’m going to need if it’s micro dosed that with my body I would like to see
some things happen quicker now I got immediately put into a men’s group okay
on Facebook and instantly I was like okay here we go
you know May I’ve lost 14 pounds in two weeks and this sent me other and guys
this is a hormone therapy okay I don’t know if anybody out there watching it is
familiar with hormone therapy testosterones human gross Soumitra the
so mature opening it takes a while to build up into the bloodstream and build
up into your body in order for you to start seeing the actual results okay so
I knew that going in that this was going to be a two to three month deal before I
started seeing anything I was really really excited because my sleep
immediately started to improve now that is something that happened within my
first week or so okay I was getting really deep sleep I was having extremely
vivid dreams I haven’t been dreaming like I have
lately in this past 30 days well twenty days or so and a long long time I will
say that when I wake up I am right out of bed okay the energy level I would say
it’s almost like when you’re mid cup of coffee
except it’s right when you wake up 9 I know I started noticing that I started
my dreaming first within the first around the end of my first week I
started dreaming and then the energy started to head I would say going into
my second week now since this is pure soma tropen and it’s just micro dosed
this will absolutely i if you have ever seen anybody on HGH that has been on it
for more than 3 – around 6 months your body weight drops to single digits no
matter what you’re eating your hair grows it helps you grow muscle very
easily it just destroys body fat so that’s
that’s the main reason why people actually get on human growth hormone
when you see them in the gym industry and stuff like that
now some people use so much open for certain blood diseases and adolescents
if they have they grow some sort of growth disease but you really don’t
really start losing you’re so mature up in levels unless you have something
wrong with you until you’re around your mid 20s or so and then basically what it
is as you’re so mature open levels which is produced by your pituitary gland as
they start to decrease the the effects of it is basically what we call aging so
this is literally an anti-aging hormone okay this is not some pseudoscience this
isn’t something that’s not going to work it’s just how long do you have to be on
this because it is micro dosed for it to actually start to build up enough into
your bloodstream for it to produce the effects that you actually want so that’s
my that’s my honest review from the soma derm I’m super excited because I’m
already seeing some of the side effects that start from the beginning I am on my
30th today as of today I would highly suggest you guys getting this I’m going
to post a link on the bottom I would love to help you guys with your sales if
you just subscribe to my youtube channel I’m going to be regularly updating that
with the best way to produce and to sell this online offline webinar sales videos
click fun click funnels that type of thing and I will be updating that pretty
regularly at least two to three times a week I’ll be doing trainings on it and
some of my other motivational stuff but man guys I would totally do it
grab the seminar we’re not in stock with this right now but you can jump on the
business end of it hit that link below here I believe it’s fifty eight dollars
to secure your spot these this is going to be a limited network marketing
company we’ll tell you that right now because of
the growth that we’ve had in just a short month just a short couple months
and blowing through that many bottles I believe that they’re going to keep this
scale down until we get it manufacturing up two days so I’ve got about six
bottles so I got myself stocked I bought the the big premier membership type deal
to get into it just because I know the power that HGH holds so there’s a couple
great books that you guys can get from Amazon
make sure to order one of those or just google it just google it the side
effects are very minimal even if you’re doing injectable it is definitely well
worth the money there is a membership discount that you get if you do come
into the business as well I would love to have you guys on Team dream big and
that is something that we would definitely definitely love to have so
just click that link below give me a subscribe give me a thumbs up
and share this with anybody this is my honest review my name is Chris Williams
I’ll see you guys on the next video

78 Replies to “30 Day Honest Review of Newulife HGH Gel Company Somaderm (2018) Worth It?”

  1. Just hearing about this product but very disappointed it’s MLM. I’m already hooked in with doTerra and just don’t have time to be involved with this. Just want easy peasy Amazon! ?

  2. You were a manager of a “Health Club” for years and you did not know anything about it and was asked to try it but at the same time you say “you can not buy it right now,… we sold 7k bottles in the last couple of month”. I got it!

  3. Hey, could I contact you? I’m 54, a month on Somaderm, looking for long term results.,. Wanted to compare notes a little… hoping you are within 10 years of me LOL


  4. Watching this it is apparent that the science of this product and homeopathy is not well understood. One doesn't build up a level in their blood because this is a low dose. This product stimulates the body's production of it's own HGH.

  5. Hey Chris..I noticed that you're a Christian. I am always looking to connect with other fellow Christians on Facebook. Can you please send me a FB friend request? My name is Jennifer Tippin. I tried finding you on FB and couldn't.

  6. Please Chris you are a very respected person in the industry. You are speaking about this product like the HGH injectible. People like me that are truly on HGH therapy on injectibles know what it is. Also if you are claiming what it does please explain that HGH in your body at least the 191 chain amino it will grow every muscle in your body. That includes Heart Liver Lungs and everything including if you have a active cancer in your body it will grow that as well. Even injectibles the side effects are dangerous.

  7. hi chris
    You said that this product is pure hgh, unlike secretagogues like mk77 or peptides.
    So, does it mean that i can dose it to the amount i need for example like the equivalent of 20 ui (or 7 mg) of pharma quality hgh daily?

  8. The ingredients are oriented to progesterone, dopamine, and cortisol. "Somatropin" is actual HGH, which cannot be sold over the counter, so I don't understand how they can use that name.

  9. Been a caffeine junky. Adrenals are probably taxed. This would help with those issues and eliminate the need for caffeine hopefully right?

  10. I am very new to the gel and am getting conflicting information? First is the (F) rating on the BBB? then, how come it already changed from HGH GEL to Somaderm ? Is this for real? Is this New U Life ? Or am I in the wrong company?

  11. How do you talk "live" to a human regarding ordering from the website. I have some questions & want to confirm that the item is in stock & ETA of receiving it. Thank you.

  12. In my original comment I asked if someone could link studies on "HGH", however I just noticed that I should have clarified that I was looking for studies on this form of homeopathic HGH. Again, all I am finding are claims and propaganda for this lotion.

  13. For someone that knows how to speak well you are pretty nervous I can see your pulse in the tells of your body language it might not all be BS but some of it is

  14. Post a before and after 1GF-1 blood test…thats the only proof HGH is in the product…..Also do you have any insulin sensitivity associated with an topical treatment …what a joke

  15. I'm impressed…if you honestly lost 14lbs from an "HGH" Gel product? Exogenous/Injectable HGH doesn't even promote that type of weight loss over 6 months. Also its common knowledge that HGH potentiates Type 2 Diabetes symptoms and actual Type 2 Diabetes. How is Insulin Resistance maintained on this Product. This is so scary to me that general consumers would risk type 2 diabetes and hypoglycemia without getting blood work done before taking a real HGH product.

  16. I gotta ask, "if" your NOT try'n to sell us on "it" then why would u mention u sold over 70k and are sold out??? Sounds like u are making bookoo profits from some product u got 4sale AND are pushn hard??

  17. Good channel if you want to learn how to sell stuff. This HGH product simply cannot be absorbed through the skin so whatever effect you feel from this is placebo.

  18. This product is complete bullshit. Here is my proof. I have injuries sustained from Brazilian Ju-Jitus, a torn labrum in my left shoulder and severe narrowing of the foramen between vertebrae C6 and C7, which basically means a pinched nerve. I have had this injury for 18 months and I am in pain every single day. The claim that this gel promotes healing it complete bullshit. I have taken this for 2 months straight and my condition is 100% UNCHANGED. Additionally this product claims to promote better sleep, again 100% BULLSHIT..I typically wake up about 6-7 times per night and have done that since I was about 4 years old. This product DID NOT improve my sleep. Also they claim that it increases HGH. Well let me tell you that I know for a 100% fact is DOES NOT increase HGH. When I was 30 years old, I used to play rugby and one of the things I did was take various steroids and HGH, I will not disclose how I got these products or where I took them, but I know EXACTLY what taking those does to my body with regards to body fat loss, muscle gain, and recovery. It typically takes about 3 weeks for those to kick in and I have been taking Somaderm for 8 weeks and it has done ZERO. This video posted by this guy is 100% lies, he is lying in order to promote the product because he has a financial stake in it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY….it is total bullshit, I know for a fact and I performed the 8 week experiment on myself and the results don't lie. ANYONE who says it does something is a total fucking liar.

  19. Just watched a review of tiger fitness.  The 30X dilution rate makes the product HGH in this gel a non factor. A 12X dilution of arsenic in drinking water is acceptable.  What's the truth?

  20. Number one- they claim to have been around for 13 months as of this month. Number two- you just claimed it’s pure somatropin. False. It’s diluted 30x…… the chance of this making your body produce gh from this is extremely low. People don’t buy into this scam. Look up real alternative like SARMS. This gel is bs.

  21. Hey, I’m 16, and i really want to grow and get bigger for sports. Would something like this help me and would you recommend someone like me to take this?

    It's NOT hgh it's somaderm which is derived from a plant. Real hgh can not physically transfer through the dermal layers as it's molecules are too large. This is the plant version and your paying a huge price that doesn't do what this assjack or the company claims it will do. It's a lotion that will have superficial benefits at most and can also possibly come with negative effects down the line. Agent orange took a while before most of the long term effects took hold and were noticed. Be careful with your health and your money.

  23. If the stuff is is good as people are claiming such as yourself. then why did the manufacturers set it up like a pyramid scheme? and as far as out of stock why so many people trying to sell it on eBay for less than half of what they paid for it.. I've heard some fantastic claims from people and how much money they made with this product. But the reality is the only way to make money is to keep signing people up as distributors I'm the only one making any real money is the guys at the top. Why isn't it just being sold over the counter at Walgreens or CVS

  24. My sleep and energy happened in the first couple days,,,amazing sleep and energy all day, no crashing late afternoon,,,scary stuff

  25. The pituitary gland can not make more HGH from anything synthetic, research it. There is ZERO HGH in that product, the DEA would put the owner in prison if because somatropin is illegal unless a prescription is written. Microdose its a farse!!! It's all water and I can prove it, reach out to me and i'll show you.

  26. This guy sells it. Enough said. Remember this is a MLM company so these peeps sell it to you and make money and then they get you to start doing it and make a % of what you sell etc. Then you gotta recruit a bunch of people if you want to make any money, It''s your typical pyramid scheme.

    Guess what I'm trying to say is don't go off anyone who is selling it, because they'll literally say anything to make a sale!! Go by people who have bought and tried it and is NOT trying to sell it to you but just giving an honest review. A lot of these people on these reviews, are also people selling it, so keep that in mind.

  27. Read the BBB reviews lol


  28. Out of curiousity, if you didn't have any benefits from it( but you are making money from the product) you would still sell it right? So it is a bit of an advertisement.. which in capitalism, people do everyday..(well a product that they don't use or believe in.. I'm not saying that this doesn't work at all..) I have heard wonderful things about it.
    I'm merely pointing out that a review by someone not invested in making money by selling it would have a little more credibility with a review.( not that I don't believe your review)
    My friend sells it and swears by it.

  29. Also on one of the reviews, it said it wasn't fda approved? Is that true ? Can you show me a site which clears it?

  30. The product is FDA cleared. it has an NDC Code that archives it in the FDA database, that's not the issue. The BENEFITS that the product page lists are what aren't FDA cleared. The FDA cleared the product but for them to clear and approve the benefits that the company claims takes a lot longer and a lot more studies to complete and as of today most still aren't "FDA Cleared" However, the fact that this product has 90% retention rate and there are thousands upon thousands of testimonials about how amazing it is and everyone feeling the claimed benefits, id say its just a matter of time before the FDA catches up and agrees.

  31. Quick update! I'm now 185lbs and holding strong. Check out my before and after here: https://rewindagingnow.com

  32. Will make your bodyfat drop to single digits no matter who you are or what you're eating. HAHA, what a complete load of horseshit.

  33. You look like shit. I was using Follistatin344 30mg and hgh 100iu and after 40 days I gain 17kg pure muscles and lose 8kg of fat… Your product is useless…

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