hey everyone welcome back to my channel
today I want to make a really quick video and just talk about the ways you
can kill and fight off Candida (and parasites) Candida it was like one of the biggest
root causes for basically everything because, at least I believe, what happens
like if you have any issues in your body it usually starts in the gut and when
your gut is out of balance if you have leaky gut or anything it allows Candida
to over grow and parasites as well. If you have like me psoriasis or eczema
or something that’s all signs of Candida in the body which is signs of acidity. The way to combat acidity and Candida is to use the steps I’m going to
help you, or give you I should say, to help you overcome it so… basically
there’s a few things, the first couple rules before I show you some
products the first couple of rules is obviously eliminate sugar Candida feeds
off of sugar and what happens is when you eat a lot of sugar you start craving
it more and that’s actually because the candida is craving it so it’s causing
you to want to eat more so you definitely want to eliminate sugar and a
really good way to do that is to just start baking and doing all of that
by using stevia . I use this one here, natural stevia drops This is just natural
stevia from the leaf so it’s like a leaf extract there are other types of stevia
it’s like a white powder I’m sure you’ve seen it I would recommend not using that
because it’s extremely processed and refined I think it goes to like a 43
step process to get from a green leaf to white powder so definitely stay away
from that and just use something more natural but by cooking and baking with
stevia you will be eliminating the sugar and starving off the Candida along with
sugar you really want to watch your fruit intake so things like um
watermelon pineapple mango fruits that are high in sugar you want to stay away
from just temporarily not for the rest of your life and stick to things other
fruits like lemons limes and then just a little bit of like blackberries and
maybe blueberries but that’s about it I mean watch fruits that are really low in
sugar so definitely like no bananas so what I sorted doing was just making a
lot of smoothies with tons of greens and if I wanted a little bit sweeter I would
just add some to it um so yeah definitely lemonade
sugar that’s kind of a standard now with sugar you also have to really watch your
carb intake because carbs are sugar I’m so Candida can feed off of it so like
sweet potatoes regular potatoes grains like oats and things like that you
really want to eliminate keene was ok probably once a week and I wouldn’t do
more than that I’m just like I said temporarily until the Candida is gone
you will know when you are eliminating the candida when you start to feel
better more energized when your problems start going away so if you have
psoriasis and when it starts fading and things like that so you’ll start
noticing one that Candida goes away but usually they say it takes anywhere from
one to three months depending on how severe you are so if you’re a person who
eats a lot of sugar and carbs and has never done a detox cleanse or any kind
of candida cleanse then you most likely have a huge or large amount of candida
overgrowth and it probably would take around three months of really being
strict but then once you eliminate the candida and just follow some protocols
that I’m going to share with you you should keep it away forever
so once you have your diet and there is something called the candida diet
it’s WWD candida diet calm or something like that I’ll leave it in the
description box you can go to that website and she shares tons of recipes
Candida friendly recipes that are absolutely delicious and I used all of
them when I was on the candida cleanse so you can have a check that out she
have lots of good resources there so once you figure out your whole diet
which I said there’s lots of stuff online there’s a few things you want to
do the first thing is you really want to be taking a good probiotic so there’s
this one here from genera hang on sorry so it’s this one here it’s a
powder I actually have a powder one this is one I give to my kids I do take this
one as well in the smoothie but what I like to do is take a soil based
probiotic I can leave the one I use and then link in the description box below
as well so I use about a hundred billion a day when you’re writing good
probiotics to your body it will help combat the candida and start killing it
off so you really want to get a probiotic in your diet and I would say
the more severe you think you are the more you should be taking so like I said
I take a hundred billion I know some people who take five hundred billion but
I would if you don’t take probiotics at all start working your way up like go
slower because it can cause like a big die-off reaction
so I’m another thing that once you take the probiotics and have a good diet you
want to start getting a lot of greens into your diet so greens will help detox
and help eliminate the toxic wastes and will also prevent a die-off reaction so
what happens is when you start having a die-off reaction you know you’re sore
you might start breaking out you might get acne you might get like a lot of
different symptoms so by taking greens it’ll kind of help detox the body and
eliminate the toxins that are coming up one kit the candida is dying off if that
makes sense so I used two Green powders I used a macro life this is also
sweetened with stevia and it has 18 billion probiotics and a million awesome
greens and green plants that you want the chlorella and spirulina things like
that and then there’s this one here as well that I use from organic traditions
this is has turmeric spirulina chlorella pre and probiotics as well so I use both
I might take it twice a day I’m usually in a smoothie in the morning and then a
glass of water at night or something like that
but definitely take some greens powders and that will help eliminate the toxic
wastes alongside this I don’t have any left so I don’t have a bottle to show
you but I would take a black walnut tincture I use the Saint Francis
herbs but I’m pretty sure Genest rrah has some as well I’m pretty sure but I
could be wrong but I will leave a link to the one that I use in the description
box as well black walnut is an antifungal and an
anti-parasitic thing so I’m taking it you will notice a lot of parasites
getting eliminated through your poop and it’ll kill off the candida as well so
I’m it’s very very powerful and I would say if you take it for a month or two
you will notice a lot of things being eliminated that you would never thought
were in you I’m gonna be honest when I did when I used it in did the cleanse
and I took diatomaceous earth alongside the black walnut to really help pull
everything out there were several worms that I saw that got eliminated I’m quite
a few and they were pretty large which scared the hell out of me because that
just is so gross to me that I had parasites that were living in me but I
mean everybody does they just don’t know it so yeah taking black walnut
diatomaceous earth will together will really help so black walnut I think you
take two or three times a day it’ll say on the bottle when you buy it how to
take it and then the diatomaceous earth I would just take once at night away
from all food or any supplements so like take it away from the black walnut and
all that kind of stuff and just take it in some water I did about if you start a
TSP and work your way up to a tablespoon of a whole video wanted if you want to
know I can leave that in the description box as well um and yes I just take
diatomaceous earth and that’ll help with things as well so um once all that is
sort is yet then um once you have a goal of supplements going on you also want to
start consuming more spices herbs and warming foods so Candida causes dampness
in the body so like a lot of mucus and you want to kind of combat that by
eating warming foods so if you have a yeast infection this might be a little
TMI but if you’ve ever had a yeast infection you might notice like a little
bit more discharge or just like that you have more mucus and more dampness in the
body that’s because of Candida so um what you can do is maybe start drinking
a lot of hot teas lots of bone broth soups and chicken stock soups just
really warming foods and cinnamon is a really good at fighting Candida and
combating Candida so if you throw tons of cinnamon and your smoothie throw it
in your soup just throw it in everything I literally
I eat cinnamon 24/7 make um oatmeal raisin cookies with actually you can’t
really have oatmeal I’m gonna say but if you use almond flour you can make like
an almond flour cookie and add stubbier to sweeten it with some cinnamon just a
lot of sediment because I like I said it’s really warming pumpkin spice all
that kinda stuff is very warming and will help fight Candida
Ginger’s are fantastic as well so I would take like do like a ginger tea or
something like that and so the more warming foods you have the better so
what you kind of want to stay away from is anything really cold so if you are to
make a smoothie maybe make a smoothie but on the rest of the day you have to
have warm foods which means like don’t have a Ross salad maybe slightly steam
your vegetables and eat it that way I don’t eat like a popsicle or anything
really cold even if it’s like a nutritional nutrition Nolan or whatever
just because it is still cold so you just got to kind of stay away from the
cold that need more warming foods that will really help not only detox but it
will soothe your digestive system and help eliminate and fight off Candida so
those are just some simple things I mean Candida goes a lot deeper and there’s a
lot more stuff you could do but the biggest things is really just alkalizing
your body using a really good quality probiotic using the Greens powders to
help detox eliminate the toxins keep sugar off and take some kind of
antifungal and antioxidant like I said black walnuts fantastic so um if you do
this for one to three months just depends on how severe or how ya severe
your candida overgrowth is you will really notice a huge difference another
way to tell if you have Candida aside from skin issue stomach issues and
all that stuff is if you have a white tongue um I had a very light white
coating of what it wasn’t strong but you will notice that if you have a little
bit of coating just a little bit of white you that means you have Candida so
a lot of people like us that show Candida in different ways for me it’s
through my skin like I used to have a really bad exam I here and all around my
mouth it’s basically gone because of everything I’ve been doing my hands
still have an issue but this is all acidity so I’ve been trying to take lots
of alkalizing things to help alkalize my body because I was like a sugar addict
and sugar is very very acidic and it feeds Candida so I’m trying to get away
from the sugar and shift to even fruit like I love fruit so much the fruit
counts of sugar so I’m trying to get away from all of that and now I just
make vegetable smoothies and stuff and just try to alkalize my body once I’m in
my body’s you know functioning and stable and my kidneys and liver and
lymph nodes and all that or being able to eliminate toxins correctly then I can
kind of start going back into more of a you know simple diet rather than being
really strict with what I eat so that’s what I have for you for this video I
hope these tips really helped you they are lifesaver for me and you have to
have any questions about anything comment below let me know and I would be
so happy to answer them so thank you so much for watching and if
you are new please subscribe down below if you like this video and want to see
more and I will see you in my next one bye

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