5 homeopathic रामबाण Tonics |100% guaranteed results

5 homeopathic रामबाण Tonics |100% guaranteed results

Hi everyone I am doctor Pooja Gupta First of all greetings for navratra May Holy Mother bless you all And happiness. This video I will tell about five best homoeopathic Tonics and homoeopathic tincture About them which will help you If used daily they will up keep your overall health Better alike a nectar ie effective alike Amrit will inspire you in direction towards A healthy life.lets start First Tonic, tincture is ASHWGANDHA. Indian Medicine Used a lot in Ayurveda too Its named so because Because it produces Horse like strength in body. Overall energy level of body Accentuate a lot Muscle power is increased too much Ashwagandha has natural steroids That’s why it reduces swelling effectively Diabetes cases It controls blood sugar levels Ashwagandha reduces Stress hormones in blood Resulting in anxiety depression reduction Control and relaxes the mind Ashvgandha is also anti cancer If proper dosage is taken in initial stages Two cancer patients then It can also cure cancer When we approach old age Grey matter in our brain Reduces slowly that is degenerates Resulting in memory loss Type of diseases At that time if if you intake ashwagandha Overall mental health will increase A lot Parallely ashvgandha is Extremely good male tonic Boosts Testosterone levels Increase sperm count Augment fertility power Prallelly those male sexual disorders Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation Ashwagandha helps in these cases also Works very effectively.take 10-15 drops daily In half cup of water 3 times a day For 1 or one and half use regularly All your difficulties will be reduced a lot Next tincture is brahmi Medicinal name is bacopa monnieri Brahmi is named after Hindu devta Brahma It’s an Indian medicine Alike ashwagandha and used A lot in Ayurveda Brahmi s excellent brain tonic For all those kids who are Forgetful, forget fast. Retention power is poor Try to memorize but cant retain Read on ahead but forget what read previously Wiped alongside from Brain Can’t focus on particular subject Middle aged and erderly Loose memory, small chores missed Put things and forget Or where the put the keys Keep important documents and forget While conversation slips words Don’t remember what they want to communicate Interruption in talking and they Forget what they were talking about All these type of symptoms Brahmi tincture is very helpful in such conditions Effect like magic And controls the the disease of loss of memory Very helpful in controlling Apart from these, Alzheimer’s Dementia epilepsy Good medicine for brain tumor Tincture 10- 15 drops Half cup of water morning and evening Take for 1 month all the symptoms will be cured You will definitely feel mentally nice You will feel better Next tonic is avena sativa This medicine is sourced from oats Oats called Jai Alike wheat and rice its a cereal Jai is rich in fibre Rich in fibre and Calcium and phosphorus source Oats resulting in evina Sativa Tincture, good for nervous system Tonic for nerves If hand’s go numb Weakness, cramps Grip to hold things Power is gradually reducing Then evina Sativa is Very Good Apart from this, the elderly suffering from Shivering, hand’s and feet tremor Shivering involuntary, gripping Things, handle bars etc Fingers start shivering, also while Writing hands shiver In all these conditions avena sativa Works very effectively Avena sativa tincture in old age Parkinson disease is effective Reduces b complex deficiency I body to large extent Apart from this, evina Sativa Alcoholism and morphine (afeem) addiction Extremely effective in in getting rid of addiction It’s very good If you want to get rid of alcohol and drugs Keep your willpower strong and RX avena sativa Tincture use U will definitely be successful Next is alfalfa tonic. Alfalfa is a nutritional tonic Improves digestion It is a fat producer and muscle builder Helps in weight gain Augments body energy levels Ladies man and kids which are very slim Diet is good but still they stay slim Food is not properly absorbed in body Always tired irritated behaviour Alfalfa is extremely effective tonic for them Morning evening rx1 spoonful You will benefit a lot Apart from these lactational females Means ladies post delivery Milk production Then it increases milk quantity and quality Very helpful Next important homoeopathic tincture is Giloy also known as Guruchi. Its medicinal name is tino spora codifolia Giloy is extremely good blood purifier It cleans all toxins present in blood It cleans blood completely If your body immunity is less ,weakness Is too much Blood ESR levels are always increased Repeated Fever Giloy is very useful for you If you suffer from liver problems Jaundice either due to infection or High allopathic medicines intake So along with other medicines if we combine Intake of giloy We see very good results When there are chronic infections in blood Then our spleen Spleen is organ that produces antibodies During infection So in case of groaning infections the spleen Size increases then giloy Tincture reduces the spleen size Very helpful in in curing this Giloy leaves are shaped like heart There it’s very good for heart related diseases Amazing medicine for such issues Tachycardia that is disrupted heart beat Pulse rate above 150 Then along with homoeopathic cardiac tinctures Giloy tincture is intake It’s very effective For chronic urine infection in males Excessive burning Semen loss due to weakness Then tianospora Collipodium ie giloy Is a magical healer Resolve all problems Completely So these were very important homoeopathic pictures Apart from this homoeopathy has many important healing tincture Effective in different diseases Work Extremely well If you like this video Please subscribe my channel and like the video That’s all for today thank you

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  1. THANKS Dr. Nice video. ji male weakness and semen thick karna ka lia best med bato or video v post kardo ji.

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