5 Mistakes to Avoid When Restoring Your Gut Health After Antibiotics

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Restoring Your Gut Health After Antibiotics

Greetings. Eric Bakker, the Naturopath. You like my new microphone, which is huge,
big blue thing here. You can’t see it, but I hope you can hear
my voice a lot better. Thank you for all the nice comments I’ve received
of late for the videos. I appreciate them. Let’s talk about the five mistakes to avoid
when restoring your digestive function after an antibiotic. The first one, should I do another round? Many people who take antibiotics don’t just
take one round. They take another round and another round
and I mean, that’s like doing four or five rounds with Mike Tyson. You’re going to get smacked around really
bad. Alright, one round is bad enough. What do you have to want to be king hit it
in KO’d multiple times? That’s what happens when people go on antibiotics
recurrently. It really wacks them around. So one round should be enough. You should never have to go in for two, three,
four, five rounds. Some people I see stay on this crap for six
months or more. It just trashes them. There’s like napalming your garden time and
again and then wondering why the hell nothing’s going to grow there? All right, so not a good idea to keep doing
multiple rounds of all of antibiotics. And the doctor will say, “Well let’s try this
on. Well, let’s try that one.” Well, have you ever had a plumber coming around
your place saying, “Let’s try this to see if the taps going to leak this time? Well let’s try this time. You know, make sure that your pipes aren’t
leaking.” You get the guy the hell out of your house
and get a professional person. Right? So don’t fall for the trick of multiple rounds. All right. Second one. Not eating the right kinds of food to support
that gut health when you’re trying to build that gut back up again after antibiotics. So if you’re trying to restore your gut function
and you’ve taken a round of say, Cipro, ciprofloxacin, not a really good idea to go to Pizza Hut
there for a big pizza feed is it that night. You’re better off going home and having some
bok choy and brown rice, it’s probably going to support your gut health a lot more. So be careful what you eat for these several
weeks after the antibiotic but jumping straight back into some sugary food again is almost
going to guarantee that you’re going to get a yeast population that will come up, especially
if you start really wanting sweet stuff after antibiotics. As some people have this craving really bad. They’ll go on one or two rounds of antibiotics
and then they’ll want sweet stuff and they’ll have this driving desire to go out and get
it. That’s a sure fire sign of the developing
CBO or a yeast problem. So just watch out for that rising sugar craving,
all right? Third one, not long enough treatment. So people don’t take the probiotic long enough
after the antibiotic. Okay. They may stay it for say a week or 10 days,
and then they’ll go off. The doctor may clearly say to the person,
“Look, I’ve given you a 10 day prescription for Cipro and I want you to go on a probiotic
after that for a week or two weeks.” I would recommend you go on a probiotic until
the gut function is good again. So if you stop the probiotic and your tummy
regresses, it goes backwards, go back on the probiotic or switch to another one so the
gut function is really improved. All right? Don’t listen to the doctor. Well, in this case, if you taken the antibiotic,
don’t listen to the doctor regarding the probiotic advice. Stay on it longer, all right? Many people make this mistake and it’s a key
mistake not to make. All right. What’s the fourth one? Not resting enough in a high stress lifestyle. So some people who get sick unfortunately
stay sick because of their kind of lifestyle they’re living. It may be their relationship, it may be their
job, it could be the family dynamics, but something may need changing, right? Because if the person stays high stress, they’re
going to get recurrently sick, requiring more antibiotics, and then their gut will never
recover. I can tell you 500 patients I have seen like
that just in the last several years with ridiculously high stress lifestyles. They could not recover. They got after antibiotic. And the last but not least, taking too many
dietary supplements. Some people I see take 10, 20, 30 pills in
a day. When you’re recovering your gut from an antibiotic,
it pays to keep on a simple basic diet with the low stress lifestyle, and preferably not
peppering your digestive system with B vitamins, magnesium supplements, zinc supplements, and
you know what I mean? So many pills that people take. Try and back off a lot of these supplements
and just let the gut restore. It makes a lot of sense. Try those tips. If you want more tips, click on the link below
and grab my free Candida report. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Your videos are sounding like they are in HD sound now, must’ve gotten one of the top-of-the-line microphones I guess. Thanks for the info on good health.

  2. For a long time you sound has been substandard. I noticed a few days ago it's MUCH better. Thank You !!!

  3. Thank you doc. Is it safe to take magnesium chloride to ease constipation when in gut recovery?

  4. Hi Eric,
    You mentioned that mineral/vitamin supplements can be a problem for gut health.
    Are you able to elaborate more on this subject, supplements used long term/ chronic use perhaps

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