5 Proven Home Remedies For Thicker Hair With Recipes

Are you suffering from brittle hair, resulting
in hair loss? Do you want to have thicker hair to enhance
your looks? In this video, you will learn about tested
home remedies that can help make your hair thicker and more nourished. These recipes can improve your hair’s appearance
and texture, so keep watching. If our hair is well-taken care of, it can
enhance our looks and give us confidence. Unfortunately, some people experience hair
problems such as thinning and breakage. Most of the time, hair thinning comes with
age, especially in men. It could also be a result of an illness, genetics,
or overusing of commercial products. Hair loss is preventable and treatable in
most cases. These natural treatments may enhance your
hair and scalp’s health. Doing these steps can result in much stronger
follicles and thicker hair strands. 1. Eggs
The hair’s basic foundation is a protein called keratin. It is the same structural protein that is
present in our nails. Eggs are a good source of protein, which aids
our body’s building and repair. Giving your hair a regular egg treatment can
make it thicker and much stronger. Here’s the process: Beat 1 to 2 eggs and
apply the mixture on damp scalp and hair. Leave the eggs on your hair, allowing it to
work for 30 minutes. After the treatment, you can wash your hair
with cool to warm water and mild shampoo. Wash it well to prevent any egg residue and
then allow it to dry as you usually do. 2. Olive Oil
This oil is rich in omega-3 acids, which can help thicken hair. Olive oil is perfect for people who suffer
from dry hair or itchy scalp. Pour some oil on your palm to warm it up,
making the application easier. Apply and massage in on your hair and scalp
using your fingertips. Leave the oil on hair for 30-40 minutes and
rinse it with a mild shampoo. You can also try to sleep with it on, using
a shower cap for better results. This oil does not only thicken hair but also
helps make your hair softer. 3. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera gel is one of the best things that you can apply to your hair. It acts as a thickening agent. You can try to apply it on your hair alone
or mix it with egg and glycerin. Let the mixture sit on your hair for 15 minutes
before shampooing. Glycerin is a humectant. This means it attracts water for added moisture,
which leaves hair softer, thicker, and looking more luxurious. 4. Avocado
Avocado does not only moisturize the skin, but it can also do wonders for your hair. This fruit is rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant
that fights UV damage. You can mash some avocado and apply it to
your hair. Use it alone or make a mixture with banana
and olive oil for the best results. Leave it on your hair for about half an hour
and then rinse it out with a mild shampoo. You can do this method at least twice a week. 5. Castor Oil
Using castor oil can make hair thicker since it contains 85-95% of Ricinoleic acid – a
kind of fatty acid. This fatty acid gradually makes hair darker
by reducing the occurrence of premature graying. Castor oil also locks moisture, resulting
in much thicker and bouncier hair. It has high amounts of Vitamin E, which promotes
hair growth. This oil can be too thick for some people,
so it is advisable to mix it with other oils before applying. You can opt for coconut oil or olive oil if
you find castor oil too thick to work with. Comb your hair after applying the oil for
even distribution. Wait for at least an hour and wash your hair
as usual. Sometimes, you can find the best remedies
for hair problems inside the pantry. Also, it prevents you from getting exposed
to chemicals accompanied by commercial products. If you like this video, click that thumbs
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