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  1. I never considered of taking a therapy until the recent breakup and also a friend who shared me about her experience of getting a therapy to talk about her dad's death.
    Even though I noticed I had eating disorder 10 years ago and then few lows and break downs in the last decade, I still didn't have the idea of going for therapist or psychologist…which I guess, it is because of the Asian society still have a bias on linking need for therapy and mental illnesses. I wish there is more and more education on the importance of mental health so people will reckon about themselves and know where they may be able to seek help.
    Thank you for your videos. It shows me directions of where to get my curl perhaps.

  2. Hello darkness, my old friend.
    I'm back in therapy again.
    Because neurosis softly creeping.
    Has kept me from food and sleeping.
    And the virus, that was planted in my brain.
    Still remains.
    Behind my fear.
    And silence.

  3. What can I do if I can’t even go to therapy? I tried to contact online therapy but they keep saying that I need to get a face to face help but I really can’t that’s why I always search for online help but I can’t find anything and I feel like I’m not living this life like I should

  4. I am 15 suffer in silence need help but my parents don't care I feel locked up and I cant find the key

  5. I have all those signs. I don't go to therapy. I can't afford it and I don't know how to open up about it. I haven't had any extreme episodes but I'm afraid that I'm going to have a breakdown again

  6. but i don't want to tell anyone.. I'm going to therapist next month, but i just want meds to control myself and i really don't want to talk because i know i'll regret it later..talking to someone never make me feel better, even though i want them to know,i just don't want to..make sense?

  7. I feel like l need to go to therapy but l already go to the school counselor and l don’t want to have to talk to my parents about going

  8. This helps thank you I’ve been through so much the hardest thing I had to go through was my parents telling me that my cousin died in a car accident at only 12 years old and my heart broke in half

  9. Summer is ending and junior year is about to start soon. I don't really have any REAL friends anymore, and I just want to be done with high school. The problem is, I know what I want to do when I get older, but I just see my future as hopeless. I've been clean for a few months from self harm, but the urges are getting stronger and stronger now that school is gonna be starting soon. I have thoughts of death but with no intention of carrying them out anytime soon. I just wish I could disappear from the eyes of everyone and let the world continue on without me being an active participant in it.

  10. I have all those symptoms. I have multiple illnesses and I hate my life. It's too hard. But I don't trust therapists. And I have no friends or family, so nobody to talk to about my problems. I'm shit outta luck. LIFE SUCKS.

  11. Haven't been To therapy but I really want to. I just can't get myself to get there cause I think I'm well off and there are ppl who need it more…

  12. I've been depressed and selfharming since the age of 11 and have been living in silence. And when I finally decided to reach out for help everyone was like, "oh you're overreacting "
    Even my parents think it's nothing to worry about and I'm too broke to go for therapy by myself. I don't want much. I just want to go numb.

  13. I think therapy is a hopeless dream for me because (1. My parents don't care about my problems unless they're physical and life threatening. 2). My insurance won't cover for it and my mom refuses to pay for each and every session. 3). I tried it for three days and the therapist seemed to just want to talk about dumb things like my hair, clothes shoes, etc. (4. She also seemed to think my parents are abusive and I'm not about to get sent into some foster care bs.

  14. When several friends have brought it up or asked the question (if I am in therapy or planning on starting again)… 😉

  15. I can't even finish watching this nor hearing anything she says because it's now 3 AM where I live and I am still up suffering, even tho I have classes hours later so ? well done me

  16. I do have all of the symptoms but I’m afraid to tell my mom because she doesn’t believe in therapy. What do I do?

  17. I'm ten and I have ARFID I'm aware of it and that caused me to think negatively about everything my ARFID was caused for no reason then when I became nine anxiety kicked in currently my parents know about my ARFID and insomnia yet it's Been about a few months and they promised to get me Therapy yet they never did so I started talking to people online they helped me with my struggles and I became good friends with them until my parents found out about it they didn't notice I was getting advice for my disorders they just saw me talking to a bunch of strangers now here I am with no one to help me with my disorders and I can't trust my parents so they're out of the question I have a younger sister but that's all I have no one to vent to I feel alone I can see depression lingering near I always smile to keep people around me happy the people at school don't know the struggle it is to be malnourished and having to be body shamed every time I go to one of my mums friends houses and what my mum always asks me is 'why won't you eat are you scared of the food?' I can't help bet cry on the inside when I hear the question I honestly don't know why I have ARFID it's making me lost in life and the fact that it's less common than other eating disorders I can't find someone at school that i can relate to emotionally well all I want from this comment is some advice on how to keep up with life,,

  18. most of my real issues were brought up like once and brushed aside by my therapist, she kept going back to and focusing on mostly unimportant topics like what i want to be when i’m older (when i mentioned multiple times talking about the future gives me anxiety, and i don’t like it, but oh did she push) and constantly bringing up my interest in law. THATS NOT WHY I’M HERE, I’M HERE BECAUSE I HAVE REAL PROBLEMS THAT PUT MY LIFE IN DANGER TYVM

  19. I had 2 therapist in my life, 1 when I was 12/13 & the other about 16/17 & they were horrible. The first one talked to me like a baby & made me feel uncomfortable even my mom agreed. The other wasn't very helpful. All I remember was talking about my past & she just wrote things down & said a few things. I didn't want to see her anymore so when my dad forced me to go to the appointment I told the front desk I don't wanna see her anymore & to cancel the appointment. Idk wtf happened but she called me up so I told her I don't want continue the sessions anymore. But she tried convincing me to go to her office or whatever. I told her no so the bitch threatened me. She told the front desk that I have to stay with my dad & if I don't I'll be taken away somewhere. I'm still confused as to y did she do that. Ig I can kinda understand, I did have suicidal thoughts but I never attempted it. My mom was in jail so I looked after my siblings & walk them to daycare & picked them up later no big deal so I don't get y she did all that. I wasn't a danger to myself or anyone else.

  20. I can't go to therapy…I need it tough…I just can't talk face to face they could see something or silently judge me…

  21. Everytime i comment on your videos you ignore me, i have had enough of being treated like this, people treat me like crap, so f u and your pathetic channel. Had enough of all your bs. You obviously don't care about your subs, your just in it for your own popularity, i feel sorry for you, you narcisistic b….

  22. As a parent… don’t feel afraid to tell your parents some parents may have seen or noticed signs that their child has something going on but don’t know how to approach it either. That was me and I finally decided to bring it up to my daughters pediatrician and she did a depression screening and now we see a therapist and psychiatrist. It’s hard for parents too. There is this quick sense of denial when mental health comes up and we often times think it’s hormones but something just felt off with my daughter…. I proudly take her to her appointments now knowing she is getting the assistance she needs. I encourage you to let your parents know… they may have already sensed something or encourage them to watch Katies you tube videos or to talk about it with your pediatrician

  23. i think i need a therapy because of the reason 5 but i dont know how to say it to my parents also i dont have any time for it that feels keep coming every month but then goes away i know im not crazy and not only crazy people go to the therapy but i have issues and no one knows it except me i just seems so normal outside that nobody really sees "me"

  24. Message Silencedvictims on Instagram he can talk you through life Challenges. Such as. Depression, Anxiety, Relationship problems and many more for just £25

  25. Hi my son 31 years old , holding masters in civil engineering, since one year and because of work load suffering from stress and sleep disorder , what is your advise

  26. I have all of these. I’m too scared to ask for help. I take the pain all alone. I don’t think my parents would understand. If I ask for a therapist they would probably not understand. I cry after every day I feel so self conscious and i feel like a failure. I think about if I died would the pain end. It’s so hard I really want to let everything out but I don’t have anyone to talk to.

  27. i’ve had 3 therapists and now i’m going on to my fourth and it’s not helping. i’m also being given anti depressants so ill see how they go. ?

  28. I hide my real emotions, Cant be myself feel like nobody actually cares I'm only 11 and was an accident, I am starving myself I have thought about terrible things I have anger issues I feel like everyone is turning on me… I need help but I'm scared to reach out…I am weak but scared to show it I feel too judged even though I have friends I just feel useless, used and much more…Sorry for wasting your time..

  29. The only people who are capable of providing therapy are psychiatrists. Counsellors are merely paid to listen, they can not, should not and will not help you at all.

  30. i tried to go to therapy beacuse i have been scared thinking things like killing myself, the thoughts come and go, but i've had spaces of 3 or more days of not moving, not doing anything, not even taking a bath and barely eating, i dont know why, but its like my body just doesnt let me, my mind keeps going back to that black hole that makes me feel drown and hopeless. i cant talk to other people now, the thought of calling someone at the phone, going to a restaurant and talk to the waiter or even sending a text makes me feel so scared, i cant hold my voice up even when i used to.
    im dying. im slowly diying and i dont know what to do to stop it, i feel like im deterioring. i cant pay therapy, im a minor, i've tried to talk with the psychologist at school but she stopped having time after the first appointment and im too scared of asking her again.
    i know i will reach a moment where the fear will be gone and im going to do something i will never be able to change anymore.

  31. Who do you go to if you have thought of hurting people/ like murder? I’ve tried looking online but I’ve only seen things for self injury and self hate and things like that. If anyone could help that would be great.

  32. Thanks for your very positive message. I know that I can benefit from therapy but my insurance doesn’t cover it completely and I can’t afford the co payment. ?

  33. Thanks for the video!! I get the symtems between 1 and 4 of those u said I'm waiting for a phone call soon to start my CBT therapy it worked last time for me an that was a year ago so it should work for me now I think iv just forgotten all my tools iv learnt an plus haven't really practise them which I should of!! So I'm glad I'm getting the help because that's all I want is knowing how to control an help my emotions when I go threw tough times an not to over Think every bad thing or thought that happens to me!!

  34. It really looks like i have depression. I should have someone to talk to, but… I don't have friends, I'm too scared to tell my parents, because maybe I'm just overreacting everything and they laugh at me. I don't have anyone to talk about my problems… And of course the bullying in school…

  35. Thank you and I knew that I needed a therapist before I watched this. I had all of those things on your list especially the suiscidel thoughts bit I'm 13 and my mom will pass it off as be just being emotional and whining

  36. I went to a psychiatrist and they said that I needed therapy. I’m going after school with my mom and the main reason why I’m going is because I’m depressed and my mom found a letter in my closet. 🙁 life sucks ass.

  37. I need therapy because of bullying social anxiety and depression but my parents dont listen to me they say therapy is for insane people that have issues they expect sooooo much from me and i cant focus at school because i get bullied and iam always in some sort of drama and my mind is in a 1000 different places and i cant focus at school my mom saw my self harm scars and said i want attention pls help me idk what to do no one is by my side i feel so lonley…?

  38. I think I need a therapist in the worst way. Over the last several months I have developed working rship with my comanger thats turned into a crush. A big one. When we have our arguments about work related stuff she's very dismissive and manipulative. Yet I still have a crush on her even though I have seen signs for months that she can be difficult, hard, rude and belittling to not just me but other colleagues. I tried giving her fair shake, better than most, because she is from a foreign country ( Yknow the the one Trump dislikes the most) and several colleagues of mine have been xenophobic behind her back which makes my blood boil. I just recently got called "childish" by her when she fucked (excuse my French) up her own schedule because I wouldn't do overtime or come in on a certain day. I have been busting my ass to show I'm a good worker but it's never good enough for her. She continues to be … abusive…at least the emotional kind. My crush with her is slowly disappearing because of it but it's making me work less harder over the less few months because my thread is close to breaking. I wanted to talk to her about work related stuff and got dismissed with her ignoring tantic that she does. I had an outburst with my coworker about it because it's hurtful at this point. I have tried giving her the silent treatment when she speaks to me but I feel like I'm playing her game. I have basically lost my ability to speak up because if I do I get shut down. I just need to talk to someone before it gets ugly and I end up losing my job because I have allowed my working and personal rship to get so screwed up. ?

  39. Hi Kati, someone I know was in an argument and it was somewhat heated, no yelling or anything, but reasonably serious. The one person (who is known not to be able to handle stress well) had their eyes roll back into their head while looking forward for about 5 to 10 seconds. When their eyes were "normal" again, they argued a bit more and then stopped arguing, smiled and everything seemed okay after that. It was very strange and concerning – do you know what this might have been? I'm speculating some type of seizure. Hoping that you'll done a previous video on highlighting the possible condition / diagnosis. Thanks Kati.

  40. I want to go yet I feel like my parents will deny me needing a therapist or psychiatrist, I’m a teen with hormones, and it’s a bit too much money.

    I don’t want to get in trouble for doing online therapy behind my parent’s backs and I don’t want to tell them I might want to try it either.

  41. i probably should go be going to therapy as i have most of these but like i don’t wanna ask my parents because i feel like it’s a waste of money and i’m not worth it and other people are way worse than me

  42. My sign is pretty noticable and a lot less subtle, but I def start going back to therapy when I start having panic attacks

  43. I've been hiding everything from everyone for my entire life. It's gotten to the point where I can't talk to someone about what's going on because I don't know how and can't get myself to do it.
    ???So yeehaw, I've lost my marbles. It hurts.

  44. I have been talking to a counselor at school and I have started cutting and I jus feel horrible,like I hate the fact I’m a person,I want to be better and someone to talk to,and sometimes it is about stuff I don’t want to bother my friends with. My counselor said j could think about it and she could help me and I really want to be better

  45. What if I need therapy and when I tell someone that I want to go there they will say that I'm being too dramatic or Like yeah yeah or no silly?…..

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