6 Best Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Swimmer’s Ear

6 Best Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Swimmer’s Ear

6 Best Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Swimmer’s
Ear Ever heard of swimmer’s ear? That’s the infection of the outer ear canal,
in the tube that connects the ear to the eardrum. The medical term for it is otitis externa. The main cause for this infection is when
the water left in the ear canal after swimming, bathing, or showering grows bacteria. A fungus or virus can also cause infection,
but that is less common. Other things that cause this infection are
using headphones or hearing aids too often, over- cleaning of the outer ear canal, hair
spray or hair dyes, and an allergy from jewelry. The mildest symptoms for swimmer’s ear infection
are swelling, redness, pain or discomfort, pus or fluid discharge, itching, and muted
hearing. What do you do to ease pain for a mild infection? Here are some ways to lessen the infection
and allow the ear canal to heal. • White Vinegar
The acid in vinegar helps kill the bacteria in the ear, cleaning out the infection. This makes it one of the best cures for swimmer’s
ear. • Mix an equal amount of white vinegar and
rubbing alcohol in a bowl. • Lie on your side with the infected ear
facing up. • Put 2-3 drops of the mixture in your ear,
using a dropper. • Keep it in for five minutes, then sit
up and tilt your head to let the mix drip out of your ear. • Do this 2- 3 times a day. • Warm Compresses
Try a warm compress if you see a pus build up or a fluid discharge from your hurt ear. This will help because the heat will help
the fluid drain and ease the pain. • Start by soaking a washcloth in hot water
and then squeezing out the extra water. Place the compress on the infected ear for
two minutes, and then tilt your head to let the fluid drain. Take a ten minute break and do it again if
needed. • Another way to do this is to wrap a heating
pad in a towel and put it on your bed. Lie with your infected air on the heating
pad for a few minutes. Do this as many times as needed. • Hydrogen Peroxide
Because hydrogen peroxide is a natural bacteria killer, it is a great way to dry out the fluid
in the ear and cure this infection. • Buy 3 % hydrogen peroxide. • Lie down and put 3- 4 drops in the infected
ear, using a dropper. • Stay in that position for a few minutes. • Sit up and tilt your head to let the fluid
drain from your ear. • Do this a few of times a day. • Garlic
Garlic is another great way to cure ear infections. This is because it kills the bacteria that
cause the infection and lessens the pain that comes with it. To use garlic
• Crush a few garlic cloves and mix them with two tablespoons of olive oil. Heat the oil until the garlic turns brown. Use 2- 4 drops in the infected ear. Do this one or two times a day. • To help the cure, eat two to three raw
garlic cloves a day. Note: do not use garlic oil if you have fluid
draining from your ear. • Onion Juice
According to Ayurveda, a good idea for treating ear infection is onion juice. This is because the juice kills bacteria and
lessens pain very soon after it’s used. • Squeeze the juice from one small onion. • Heat the juice in the microwave for a
few seconds. • Put two or three drops of warm juice in
your ear. • Leave it for five minutes, and then tilt
your head to let the fluid drain. • Do two to three times a day. • Holy Basil
Another idea suggested by Ayurveda is holy basil. Because it kills bacteria, it helps fight
the ear infection and soothe the pain. It also helps treat fluid discharge. • Squeeze the juice from four or five basil
leaves. • Heat the juice slightly, until it is lukewarm. • Lie down and put two or three drops in
your ear. • After five minutes, sit up and tilt your
head to let the fluid drain from your ear. • Do this two times a day.

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  1. I'm 15 and got swimmers ear a few days ago and it hurts so bad, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

  2. I had it in my right ear now its in left It really hurts I'm deaf in my left ear luckily I can kinda hear out of it I was also deaf in my right ear this really sucks

  3. I have water in my ear I try peroxide but it made it worse some of the peroxide stay inside no matter what I did…would any of this remedies work?

  4. Lol i tried the white vinegar mixed with alcohol and it burned like a mother fucker ! I had to run to the sink and rinse it out

  5. I always use Hydrogen Peroxide using cotton buds and it worked but a while ago it will come back to me

  6. Or…… you could just wait the full 7 days like I did ._. it hurt like hell after the 3rd day but I didn't have to buy any of these.

  7. I wouldn’t wish swimmers ear on my worst enemy! The pain is so bad the worst part is if u cough, sneeze, hiccup, burp, swallow or anything that contains jaw movement, it feels like ur being stabbed in the ear I really hope these things work

  8. It feel like I am deaf and plus I got all of the symptoms for the mildest swimmers ear and it hurt SO BAD!!!!!?

  9. Go to the doctor! You can cause permanent damage to your hearing by playing around with an inner ear infection. See your doctor immediately especially if your child has come down with swimmer’s ear which can be easily treated.

  10. guys if u do competitive swimming just use swimming ear plugs goddammit I hadn't gotten a swimmer's ear in years and after I lost my earplugs I went swimming for the first time in a while today without them and i'm kinda dying already so just use earplugs, it actually helps a LOT

  11. I had this swimmers ear since the 24th and now i don't know what to do to reduce the swelling and i can't hear from my left and im using prescription ear drops . is there any remedies for me

  12. I have it in both ears, the pain is out of this world and I lost hearing (temporarily of course). I went to the ER this morning and it was a joke . He gave me antibiotics, then eardrops that cost 350 dollars as it's not covered by insurance (I didn't get it especially since my ear canal is swollen shut, the meds won't get in there duh. I told him the pain was worse then child labor pains…. so he told me to take tylenol smh. Tylenol is doing nothing and my whole face, ears ,earlobes, temple head and jaw hurt soooooo bad. Please let this go away soon.

  13. how about for baby ? does those thing good for them ? how far does the infection will go through if its not be cured ?

  14. This is horrible my right ear hurts know my left ear i when the to the doctors the said I was very luckey my eardrum could of burst it's so ?I'm gating so fu#king angry now I can sleep i just fu#king hate !!!

  15. i have this 2 weeks ago my ears hurts so much that i cant sleep the whole week its loke torture i cant lay my head down and i cant eat my jaw hurts too and later i got fever amd it gets worse . but thankfully my doctor cleaned my ear and give me some antibiotics im much better now . that is too much for me i feel like dying slowly.

  16. I have fluid in my ear I have no pain it just doesn’t want to come out, I’ve been on antibiotics twice and now I’m doing it again

  17. Thanks for the video however you are wrong about how to use holy basil. You said to use basil leaves. Basil is not the same as holy basil. Holy basil is also known as tulsi. It is an entirely different plant.

  18. My ear passed it on to my other ear and. The ear I had it with healed it’s so annoying and hurts really bad

  19. I empathize with everyone having this condition. It is one if those pains that drains you for days. I am on day 3, and I can feel the pain has subsided thank God. My lymph nodes are swollen like never before. The suggestions in the video are useful as preventative measures. Once your ears start hurting, you'll end up in a 7-10 days period before things get better. Even when on antibiotic drops.

  20. I had an swimmers ear 3 years ago and got a ruptured ear drum i didn’t realize it until. 3 years later where I’m in the hospital and they told me that I had a ruptured ear drum for a long time

  21. I have no insurance and paying out of pocket is too damn much. I’ll probably suffer unless I start to have problems with my hearing

  22. Ear aches and tooth aches are no joke. Anyone try any of these??? I do peroxide when I feel I'm gonna get the flu and it stops it. But you have to do it at the very 1st sign of getting sick. It doesnt help my ear infection though. It itches and bubbles up so bad when I do it.

  23. I can’t move my jaw or anything anytime I move my mouth or sneeze or anything that moves my jaw I want to kill my self I am drinking soup out of a straw and I do not want to eat

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