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By six months baby get head control
she can sit with the support and develop the skills necessary to swallow the food.
Some Parents prefer to start the solid by four months but it’s best to wait till
six months of age because by that age baby get teeth as well as their will be
less chance of developing any kind of allergies. Initially prefer a puree
format because there will be less chance of choking so that baby can explore
different kind of food and texture in this particular video I am going to
share with you six to nine months baby food and recipe as well as some useful
tips Watch this video till the end for the most important tip so stay tuned Hi mums and cute little babies
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that you will never miss an update from ICAREBABY. Introducing a solid does not
mean that it’s a replacement of mothers my mother should continue feeding the
baby at least till the age of one and a half
years or two years since baby’s nutritional requirement increase so
solid are the complementary food for that so start with the fruits in a
puree format such as apple, avocado grapes also introduce the high fiber
fruits such as prunes, pears so that they will not constipate. So let’s check out
the quick recipe of how to do it first wash an apple put apple in a vessel
along with a water and then set it to medium heat boil it until fully cooked
once an apple is fully cooked then let it cool down and then peel it and cut it
into small pieces make sure you remove the seeds take some boiled drinking water
in the blender and add the pieces and then blend them and make sure that there
are no lumps. If you want it to be more watery then you get strain it
or else you can use the same and make sure that it has a liquid consistency.
While serving of food to your baby make sure that is not too cold or too hot
first test yourself and make sure that it is okay for baby to have it. If your
baby is refusing to eat the food then don’t force your baby try after a few
days. Introduce only one fruit one time a day repeat it for the three days wait
and observe how it react your baby. Don’t mix of the fruits because if there
is allergy then you won’t be able to add a defined pitch fruit cause that don’t
introduce banana at least till the age of 12 months
because there is chance that they may develop cough. According to Ayurveda never
mix milk and fruit and there is a chance that they may develop allergies.
Track down the food which you have introduced your baby so that you will be
able to evaluate which food is good for your baby and does not cause any
reaction or allergy. Slowly and gradually you can also start introducing
vegetables such as carrots green beans green peas, sweet potato and spinach in
puree format. I personally prefer to introduce the cereals like Rice, Oats
Ragi by the age of eight to nine months because my baby got more teeth
and he can chew it a little bit. Prefer fresh homemade food rather than the
ready-made puree available in the market as they may contain the preservative
which is not good for your baby. Today’s parents prefer baby led winning
approach over the traditional puree format as baby eat winning approach
means offer your baby soft cooked food with a small pieces so that maybe can
explore the food and texture. I think so that you should introduce it by the age
of eight months or nine months because that time your baby got some test to
food and will be more curious to explore the food. Whichever option you follow
make sure that you don’t leave alone your baby. Initially start a solid only
one time a day that with a small portion and slowly and gradually you can
increase a portion as your baby start enjoying the meal. once the baby is done
she will move her head or else as she will spit out the food from the mouth
and that’s the sign you should stop. After introducing a solid you will
also notice the change in a baby poop. Some babies also may constipate
Don’t worry this is completely normal. keep giving your baby the high fiber
food and if necessary then consult with your Pediatrician. So here is an important
tip by the age of six months we also offer water to baby. According to Ayurveda
whether it will be good if we use the 24
carat pure gold coin you can buy it from the gold jeweler and put it in the
water. So take one liter water put the gold coin inside. Boil that water for 20
minutes. Let the water cool down once the water is cooled down take out the coin
and don’t use coin for any other purpose keep it in a safe place and you
that water put it in a silver glass and silver spoon pure silver glass and pure
silver glass and pure silver spoon. According to our weather this type of water is called as a “Svarna Siddha Jal”. I personally use this method and I have seen lot of improvements in
my baby according to Ayurveda gold has a several
health benefit it improves the memory improve digestion and silver has the
antibacterial properties. It’s an Indian heritage to use a gold and silver as the
ancient Indian royal families use to serve the food in gold and silver plates
and they use the gold and silver glasses they also even used to consume it in
Bhasma format and till today it is popular. I hope you have enjoyed watching
this video and if you have any tips then definitely mention that in coments is down
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