6 Natural Ways to Prevent or Reverse Atrial Fibrillation | Dr. Jack Wolfson

6 Natural Ways to Prevent or Reverse Atrial Fibrillation | Dr. Jack Wolfson

Hey, this is Dr. Jack Wolfson, The Paleo Cardiologist
of The Drs. Wolfson and today I want to talk to you about natural ways to treat atrial
fibrillation. Now, first of, atrial fibrillation is a cardiology
diagnoses. It’s a heart diagnosis. It’s an irregular heart rhythm where the hear
fibrillates or the top part of the heart, the atrial, just kinda quivers and shakes. And with atrial fibrillation it gets more
common as we get older. Clearly there are reasons for it and those
reasons are the same as pretty much what causes all disease and that’s poor nutrition. And environmental pollutants, and a lack of
sunshine, and a lack of sleep. It’s a lack of living the healthy lifestyle. Now, the problem with atrial fibrillation
is that a couple things, number one, it can cause symptoms such as shortness of breathe. It can cause light headiness or dizziness. It is a serious medical diagnosis. The other thing is, in some people, they have
a higher risk of stroke with atrial fibrillation. So make sure to talk to your doctor, about
anything that I’m discussing in this video, to decide if it’s the right plan for you. But, the reality of the is, is that atrial
fibrillation in the medical world, they treat it with dangerous pharmaceuticals. Some of which you have to be hospitalized
before you can safely be on those and you have to be hospitalized because they have
to monitor you to make sure you don’t die from the drug. Now, there’s other drugs that they use, that
are more common, that they can use on an outpatient basis, but those are not very successful. There’s a procedure that they do called a
cardioversion where they zap your heart back to a normal rhythym. And that is not very successful either. And then ultimately they’ll go towards a procedure
called an ablation. Where they burn the tissue in the top part
of the heart and that is successful fifty percent of the time, according to the medical
literature. And that’s with the best doctors in the world
that are doing that procedure. So let’s talk about how we can prevent and
actually get rid of a lot of cases of atrial fibrillation by giving the body what it needs. First of I wanna talk to you, Paleo nutrition. Eating the foods that our ancestors consumed,
loaded with omega 3s, loaded with vitamins and minerals, organic, responsible, Paleo
foods. Number two? Get Sunshine! The sun gives us the energy. It fuels the body. It fuels the ATP, and when you have good energy
coming in from the sun, you charge up those mitochondria. You make all the energy in the cell and you
do some incredible things. And the body just works normally… I’ve seen this in my patients. You crank up levels of vitamin D, and with
high levels of vitamin D, you reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation. Number three, get your sleep. When you’re not sleeping, all bad things happen. Our ancestors went to sleep with the sundown
and they woke with the sun rise. So get your sleep. Sleep, sleep your way to resolving atrial
fibrillation. Number four, get adjusted. See your chiropractor. Your chiropractor restores neurologic balance
to the body. The balance of autonomic nervous system where
the parasympathetics and sympathetics. The doctor of chiropractic is uniquely skilled
in removing what is called vertebral subluxation by using the spine to adjust the nervous system. Chiropractic, we get tremendous results when
I work in conjunction with a chiropractic. And then also getting away from chemicals. We know the environmental pollutants and environmental
toxins and air pollution and heavy metal toxicity. All those things are linked to atrial fibrillation
so get that out. And then lastly, but not least, number 6. Use evidence based supplements. Omega three supplementation, magnesium, potassium,
taurine … there’s a lot of different things that I use, very successfully, in my practice
to help with atrial fibrillation prevention and reversal. We don’t need to go down the dangerous medical
route. Work with a holistic doctor. Find a local doctor of local chiropractic
and get healthy today.

45 Replies to “6 Natural Ways to Prevent or Reverse Atrial Fibrillation | Dr. Jack Wolfson”

  1. 1.Eat Paleo 2. Get Sunshine (with high levels of Vit D you reduce the risk of Afib)
    3. Sleep plenty even go to bed with sunset and rise with the sun
    4. Get chiropractor adjustments for spine health 5.Avoid Chemical, Heavy metals and Toxins
    6. Use evidence based supplements…. magnesium, potassium. taurine, are a few of them.

  2. Not taurine. You can get taurine pills at Walmart, and it just gave me an afib episode. It's in energy drinks and is bad news for afib.

  3. Thanks Dr. Wolfson, these Afib and AFlutter are probably directly caused by EMF interference with VGCCs, ref Dr. Pall et al. Exponential increases in WiFi are interfering with Voltage Gated Ion Channels, as you know PAIN killer work by blocking Na+ channel. the Ca++ channels are critical to the heart … Dr. Pall has shown biological application which you Doctors do not understand.
    www.70GoingOn100.com the Centenarian Diet, or maybe 128, the Hayflick limit, or if a Ray Kurzweil fan then this is a Moot Point …

  4. Avoid caffeine. Not just in coffee it's in loads of stuff. Coca Cola, energy drinks, chocolate and even in so called cold cure tablets. Also avoid using oil based paints.

  5. Hi my mom got AFib for 3 months and 1 Cardioversion (unsuccsecful)
    She is 62 and according to her doctors her heart and lungs are healthy. Can she testore her heart Back to normal? We fear the worst and the meds she takes are making her sick.

  6. Thank you, Dr. Wolfson. I use all the supplements you mentioned in my practice except Taurine. Do you have more info on that? Good info.

  7. This video is not how to treat AfiB but how to prevent one.
    Healthy people don't even have a clue what it is. Apart of commonly known term as Arythmia.
    And how this doc arrived to these conclusions?
    I did my own extensive digging after I was diagnosed with one. Having multiple arythmias (all 4 chambers affected) Thus far I had 2 cardiac ablations and most of the "episodes" are gone but not all. The rest is treated by medication and changing my life style; basically "right diet" that doesn't much differ from what I was consuming before the diagnosis. Never been drinking or smoking and I was getting plenty of sunshine. So this video is rubbish. It might apply to some people but not me.

  8. You don't know how much this means to me to hear this video ! I have been put on Apixaban, it doesn't suit me and gives me alarming symptoms. I don't intend to take it much longer no matter what the doctors say, they say there is no cure for fibrillation. I believe in natural cures so I'm interested in finding an alternative.

  9. Hi sir I got Artial fb ave 65 since few days sleeping problem and light pain left side of the heart doctor said super chamber is not opening complete so blood flow to brain is minimal no is ok my weight is 180 height is. 5'5 do you suggest any natural remedy for it .908 265 1166

  10. Is this a feeling of bubbling round the heart? Said this to my cardiologist and he just looked askance at me. Am reading your book at the moment and eaten similar Palo for two years. Am 83 and quite well other than this. Treadmill test in two weeks. UK by the way.

  11. > The doctor of chiropractic is uniquely skilled in removing what is called vertebral subluxation by using the spine to adjust the nervous system.

    If the spine is misaligned, wouldn't that always be visible on X-rays?

  12. Charge up the mitochondria with the sun? Mitochondria are "charged" with glucose and oxygen. Being able to read this means the mitochondria in your brain (which hopefully for you, and the case for most people) has never seen the sun. I doubt many patients who has underwent brain surgery did so in a room without a skylight.

  13. My heart rate during 107 degrees working as a mason tender while in atrail fib went to 170 and face was numb


  15. I truly believe in what you are saying, but what about guys like me. I’m 45 and I have persistent A-fib. I had an ablation 8 months ago and I have felt like I have had a new lease on life. But now the afib is back!! I am so distraught. I have been working out, getting sun, lots of vitamins and supplements and I now I just don’t know what to do!!! I can’t get an ablation every year!! Please help me.

  16. I know everyone has different experiences, this is mine. When I feel my afib starting…I hold my breath, strain real hard like I'm trying to squeeze out a car for about 5 seconds…then release. This has helped me everytime since I got diagnosed. I hope this method may help others.

  17. I'm wondering if these tips will help with SVT related to Wolff White syndrome? I noticed beta blockers were making it worse and am holding off on the THIRD beta blocker my GP & cardiologist is testing on me. I have found holding my breath while exhaling, coughing, ice packs and Ibuprofen have all worked MUCH better than the beta blockers, but would love to not have these attacks all together.

  18. I am a 55-year-old female, 5"5" tall and lost 31 pounds going from 151 to 120 lbs. doing IF 18/6. I started experiencing afib (pulse going from 55 beats a minute to between 120 beats a minute) after I hit around 125 lbs. I exercise three times or more a week for an hour and half each session, have low blood pressure usually around 100 over 60 or 70. I chalked up the afib to low electrolytes and started making a homemade ketorade 640 mg of potassium with sodium and apple cider vinegar) plus taking up to 500 mg of magnesium citrate a day.
    I still occasionally get the afib when in a fasted state. Sometimes simply from taking a step or coughing. I'm wondering if another cause could be: as a kid I was diagnosed with asthma and the pediatrician immediately jumped to last resort medications (I'm sure less severe measures would have worked but I was a kid and not able to advocate for myself) theophylline and prednisone daily for at least four months before the side-effects became so severe I refused to take the meds. It gave me "moon face" and caused me to go from being normal weight to overweight to the point I felt I sloshed when I walked.
    It took through my sophomore year in high school to go to a fairly normal weight. All through most of my adulthood I've taken minor doses of albuterol to keep the asthma in check during episodes. Since keto/IF (over a year now) I haven't had any asthma episodes.
    I'm wondering if my minor fat stores during the fasted state could now be releasing old/stored albuterol/epinephrine/theophylline causing my afib.
    We now know fat stores toxins—not the liver. Anyone, any thoughts?

  19. Getting rid of caffeine in my diet stopped my A fib. Ive gone two years now without an episode. Its not just in coffee, but many food products.

  20. Dr Wolf I live in buffalo area NY who can help me here like you,,I'm going to a new cardiologist Monday for my afib,,I'm now scared that there protocol will hurt me,,I have been taking three different drugs for this for two years,,still have it,,I don't no what to do,,thay will probably want me to do the ablation procedure,,I'm only being managed not cured,,I need the truth,for pulling out of this,,please help me

  21. Can one have those symptoms with cardiomyopathy? I've had arrhythmia is that similar to that? I have an ICD pacemaker to help. I've been shocked several times by my ICD

  22. Abelation is 90 percent effective depends on age and heart condition. 70 percent is the average including those with qudrupal bypasses, heart damage etc. 50 percent for those with heart damage and heart failure.

  23. I heard of a study taking cordyceps 3g for 3 months reduces arrhythmias a-fib from the heart by 83%
    And some completely elimination of arrhythmias it’s worked very well for me. And I also take other supplements including fish oil and a liquid calcium magnesium vitamin D3 supplement.

  24. Look into toxic iron overload presenting as 'anemia' in blood tests. Iron overload is affiliated with A-fib in many cases according to the research I've read. Also see the research of Morley Robbins and the Root Cause Protocol.

  25. I have paroxysmal afib and lack of sleep really makes me more susceptible to it. I currently take magnesium and it seems to help but it’s still not 100%. I think I might try some of these tips. Thank you

  26. U are so right, over working
    Our self as we get older. Pushing ,and pushing 4 cash 2 pay bills.Lord Lord.

  27. The heart attack happened to me around 6 years back. but my heart never beat at a normal rate. I tried many medicines but all failed. Then I searched the net and landed at Planet Ayurveda that gave me Atrial Fibrillation Care Pack and some diet tips that had to be followed precisely. I did and now my heartbeats are absolutely normal.

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