6 Weirdest Therapies Around The World

6 Weirdest Therapies Around The World. Number 6. Leeches were once a huge part of medicine
for a very long time up until the development of medicine in the 20th century. People believed that leeches could suck the
“bad blood” out of the body and cure most ailments for patients. Although the method was not very effective,
there are still people who claim it works. Some professionals in the cosmetic and skin
fields swear that the treatment is successful, which proves that leeches still have an iota
of value remaining. About 40 years ago, it was discovered that
leeches could still be used for skin grafts and plastic surgery. This benefit has carried over into spas and,
as a result, many are charging big bucks to attach the little bloodsuckers onto your skin
to better alleviate some of the toxins near the skin’s layers. You could probably find a leech and put it
onto your skin yourself, but that takes too much time. Spas typically charge over $500 to find them
for you and put them on. Number 5. At first, the Vampire facial may sound just
like the leech treatment, except with a human instead of a leech. This is definitely not what happens here,
as you are actually using your own blood to help other parts of your body. The origin of the practice is unknown, but
in the beauty obsessed city of Miami, Florida, it is very popular, where even Kim Kardashian
gave it a try. During the Vampire facial, blood is taken
out of your arm through an IV and is then separated from the plasma. The blood that is left over could go toward
saving lives, but this $1,500 treatment adds Juvederm to your blood, which then gets shot
back into your face. This is not just one big injection straight
into the forehead, but there are multiple spots where the blood is dispersed. Why? The Juvederm-filled blood is supposed to rejuvenate
the skin. Of course, while rejuvenating your skin, it
also leaves you looking like you just got into a street fight with a gang of knives. Number 4. A placenta develops in the uterus while a
baby is growing inside of the mother’s womb. It’s the baby’s lifeline as it helps the baby
to eat and breathe. Although it sounds beautiful, when you see
it, you will admit that it is definitely one of the things that you would never want to
touch willingly. However, some people might disagree as they
have paid high dollar for spa treatments utilizing a placenta. What is even more disgusting is that some
people even nibble on the placenta itself. The placenta can be saved, dried out and then
ground up into powder. A placenta has a variety of nutrients to keep
the baby alive, so it does make sense that it would be beneficial. However, that really does not change the fact
that it sounds gross. The powder is made into a paste and is then
used in facials, which is said to help people achieve glowing and smooth skin (like a baby’s
cheeks). If you try it, just prepare for the smell
that comes along with it. Number 3. Normally, bird poop is an obnoxious pile of
yuck that splatters on cars, causing much anger and annoyance in the dead of winter
or the height of summer as it becomes either frozen or melted to the car’s surface. Ironically, some people are now praising bird
poop instead of cursing it, even going as far as rubbing it all over their face. A salon in New York City is offering facials
using bird poop for the low price of $180. The birds are eschewed into pooping in the
same spot. The poop is then dried down and powdered,
later being mixed with rice and water to create a liquid that can then be applied to the face. Specialists also sanitize the bird poop, so
your level of being grossed out is minimal rather than catastrophic, of course. Number 2. The cupping therapy treatment is certainly
an odd one, but it is probably the most popular on this list. You might have seen it before in movies or
television shows that feature ridiculous treatments. This one started in China by using suction
cups that are supposed to cup around the skin and even pull out a little bit of blood in
the process. This is very similar to the leech treatment
we saw before but does not involve nasty critters latching onto your skin. A lot of people swear by the cupping treatment
and say that it prevents anxiety, high blood pressure and unwanted varicose veins. There has not been a lot of evidence to support
these claims, so you are really just taking a leap of faith when you head over to the
cupping area of the spa. Plus, it takes a while to get those red marks
off of your back and chest, not to mention that it can hurt for a long period afterward. Number 1. Bull semen hair treatment. Yes, you heard that correctly. It may sound a bit strange but people actually
put this stuff on their hair to make it soft and shiny. A Santa Monica, California salon that specializes
in all-natural hair masks offers the bull semen hair treatment to it’s clients. No worries though; this semen actually comes
from real bulls, not men, thank goodness. But why would anyone do this? Apparently it is supposed to strengthen the
hair shaft promoting hair growth. This kind of treatment is for those daring
souls willing to try anything. We will take their word for it.

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