64,000 Gold/Hour | WINTER’S KISS FARMING | BFA Herbalism Guide

Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold
and today we’re talking about the best way to farm Winter’s Kiss. Big shout out the The Gold Queen for her help
on this guide. Her guides have been getting amazing recently,
and she’s more herself in them, which is hilarious because she’s a saucy British
lady, so it’s like “A spot of tea ya asshole?” It’s great. Ok, so, THIS is a map of every recorded winter’s
kiss spawn location in Drustvar, and here’s the map of every location in Tiragarde. As you can see, if you don’t care about
efficiency, you can just run around the snowy areas, and you’ll be fine. But here at WTBGold we get super anal about
being efficient so let’s rock. There’s three parts to this guide, the first
and easiest part is just the route. We’re essentially running a circle around
this mountain. Arom’s stand in the south is an alliance
settlement and north it’s a Horde settlement, so you’re going to want to do kind of a
horseshoe shape appropriate to your faction. But the goal of all this is searching for
maximum node density, and with this route you’re crossing about 230 herb and ore spawn
locations in this tiny loop and every lap takes between 2 and 5 minutes depending on
how many are actually up at any one time. At the top of the loop, the horde section,
I stay on the left side. There are some rocks there in the north you
can jump down but can’t jump up, so it’s kind of a one-way, and then at the south end,
there are some wolves that you’re going to want to avoid if you can so you just don’t
aggro them. If you can’t avoid them just charge away. And if the azerite world quest is up, there
are going to be some bonus enemies you need to avoid but it doesn’t change anything. The main tip though is “don’t ever attack
anything.” Don’t try and kill the wolves if you aggro
them because the time you spend fighting isn’t spent gathering and it adds up. So, avoid as much as you can. Final route tip on the route itself is that
while there are more nodes on the north half of the lap, and you might want to focus your
energy there, no one ever goes to the south end so these flowers are up a lot more often
and it’s a great way to just start and finish each lap being surrounded by 5 flowers at
a time. The second step is prep. As I recommended in my profession setup guide,
you should ideally do this as a dual gatherer druid. You might not get as many herbs per hour,
but you won’t have to spend 45 minutes out gathering herbs and then another 45 gathering
ore. You just Just spend 1 hour getting both. Most of your time spent is going to be travel
time. So, if you have been out and about and wondering
why do you see so many druids, it’s because they don’t have to dismount to gather herbs. And they have instant cast mount form, so
they can just instantly mount up after a mining node, so essentially druids save 1.5 seconds
per node. May not seem like like a whole lot, but when
you’re hitting 300 nodes per hour, this adds up to over 7 minutes of just casting
per hour. Which means druids get a 10% boost to how
many herbs they can get. If you don’t have a druid, that’s fine,
just get a sky golem, it’s almost as good. They give you the same effect but it’s expensive. For another 10% boost, make sure to get the
glove enchant “zandalari herbalism or Kul Tiran Herbalism.” Whatever’s faction appropriate. This cuts your gathering cast in half which
not only saves another second and a half per node, but lets you gather herbs in between
enemy autoattacks. Like, you can pull aggro and you don’t have
to just leave that node. Tauren have this for herbs by default and
highmountain tauren have this for mining. Another thing that can slow you down is accidentally
pulling aggro and getting dazed. Dazed is that big slow that happens whenever
something hits you. For this you want to be in tank spec. Tanks actually don’t get dazed or dismounted,
so that’ll speed up your movement around the lap. If you’re playing on a class that doesn’t
have a tank spec, you can just use Coarse Leather Barding. This stops enemies from dazing you. And the last thing for prep, Wild Charge is
amazing. Like, oh my god it’s BiS. I just started using it and have been blown
away by how useful this lvl 30 druid talent is. There’s so many times where you want to jump
across a stream to maintain your move speed or leap across a ledge. Alright…EASY! EASY! You see that?! As soon as I just turned, I knew. I called that before I even landed! That’s RIGHT! I GOT THIS! This alone helps a ton because this route
gathers 7 or 8 nodes per minute, so if you waste 30 seconds maneuvering around the terrain,
then that’s 15-20 herbs, 500-1000 gold you just missed out on. That’s inefficiency and I don’t know if
I can be friends with you if you’re gonna be that inefficient. Ok ok, step 3: Server hop. Once I finish my lap, at the frozen lake,
I server hop. Addons like server hop and realm hop are dead,
but there is a new one out called Looking For Group if you just like pressing one button. It’s got some really cool filters like only
joining rare groups or sorting by group size. But I’m not using any addon in this video,
because I want to show you that you don’t need one, it’s not actually doing anything
special. All they do is open up the premade group finder
and queue for a group on a realm you haven’t been to in a while. Now, no one likes joining a group where it’s
just one guy who needs help with a quest. Feels bad for them cause you aren’t helping
out and you feel like you’re intruding. I try to avoid that if I can, but in Drustvar
there are almost always 40 man raid groups up for the Stone Golem or Stone Goliath, and
in raid groups, no one cares if one person isn’t there. So feel free to join those. To make sure you actually change servers I
target a random critter or enemy as I join the group, and if you change phasing, then
that enemy will detarget. After I server hop, I don’t actually reverse
the lap exactly when I go back because, as I said, you can’t jump up the cliffs on
the northern side, but you get it. Stick to as much density as you can. If you’re wondering what addons I’m using
to physically see the density in my Heads up display, I did a whole video on addons
you can find here. Clicky clicky. Alright results. For the laps that I counted, the most nodes
I saw was 50, well 52, up at a time, and the fewest was 15. You’ll average about 25 per lap. You’ll see an anchor weed every lap or two. Something like that. In one hour of testing with everything rank
3, I got 700 winter’s kiss, 50 siren’s pollen, 37 riverbud, 5 star moss, and 21 anchor
weed. For ore, I got 30 platinum, 176 monelite,
and 110 storm silver. If you just have Herbalism, and don’t gather
any of the ore nodes, you’ll get more herbs in there, but again, I recommend you do both. But, we’ve got a grand total at the current
Region Market Averages of 64,000 gold per hour. Not too shabby. Now, the raid has not released yet as of this
recording and prices for everything should double by wednesday/thursday, and stay high
at least through the first week of mythic raiding before they fall off again. Things will be cheaper on high pop server,
but you’ll be able to sell more than the smaller server guys. And the last thing I wanted to talk about
is the deposit change. With the new deposit change, I did a whole
video on it. You don’t want anything to expire, so don’t
post all your stuff up at once. I did a whole video about how nonsensical
it is, because punishing expiration actually incentivizes posting in smaller stacks because
you don’t want things to expire. So what you want to do, is just post a couple
stacks of 20 up at a time. Whenever they sell, you just restock the auction
house with another couple stacks of 20. But that’s it for me, I’ve got more guides
coming out on all the gatherables, so make sure to subscribe and hit the notification
bell to see when those come out, and you know what if you like this video, make sure to
hit the like button or I’m gonna come over to your server and I’m gonna despawn your
anchor weed right when you’re about to click it. Alright, thanks for watching. I hope you guys have a great day. Good luck and happy gold making.

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