7 Best Home Remedies for Dry, Flaky Eyelids

In today’s Dry Eye Show we are going over
dry flaky eyelids. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and in the
next 10 minutes you’re going to learn all about the best remedies for your dry
eyelid, symptoms of your dry eyelids we are going to go
over dry eyelid causes so if you’re serious about getting rid of your dry
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that up we’ve had hundreds of patients use this for their dry eye symptoms with a
lot of success and also it works the same for your dry eyelid so we’ll go
into a little bit of what we talk about in here in the 7 best natural remedies a little bit later What have you tried for your dry
eyelids? We want to know. Let us know in the comments below. Let us know if it worked for you What are the symptoms of dry eyelids?
when you have dry eyelids you might notice bitching of your eyelids, a
little bit of pain or irritation flakiness, burning of the
eyelids just because there’s a lot of inflammation there dryness of the skin
like we said that kind of goes along with flakiness, redness, and swelling
because there’s inflammation when there’s inflammation your body
pulls in that redness pulls in more blood and pulls in more fluid that
causes swelling and heat as well actually dry flaky eyelids you can
notice some skin thickening as well if you’ve had those flaky eyelids for a
long time so it’s important to get ahead of it with some of these
treatments that we have for you so how about some of the reasons that your
eyelids might be dry so one of the big reasons for dry eyelids is hot water we
tend to take hot water showers and we tend to wash our faces with hot water
I’m guilty. Yes you are and so when she’s warming up her
water for the hot water I actually wash my face in the cold water
I don’t like to waste the water because I’m hippy and so hot water actually
causes moisture on your skin to evaporate faster and so make sure that
if you’re using hot water try to cool it down just a little bit if
you’re using a warm shower cool that down a little bit too you’ll save money
you’ll save water and you’ll get out of the shower faster you’ll be more awake
too so challenge yourself to take a cold shower every once
in a while number two is a cold dry climate so a desert is prime for this
not a lot of moisture in the air so not a lot of moisture on your eyelids as
well same thing with winter and so if you live in an area that gets cold
during the winter you’re not going to have as much humidity and so therefore
that loss of humidity is going to cause your eyelids to be drier and your skin
to be drier as well because you lose that moisture on your skin again number
three unfortunately we’re all going through this every single day we’re all
aging as we age the skin gets thinner and as it gets thinner it becomes more
inflamed and it can become more of inflamed easier and so using an eyelid
cream or an eyelid moisturizer which we’re going to go over our favorite a
little bit later as well using one of those is going to help keep that skin
from thinning as much and it’s going to keep it from cracking and becoming dry
fourthly is blepharitis and dermatitis so those are just terms
dermatitis means inflammation of the skin blepharitis means inflammation of
the eyelid and so you’re having inflammation of the eyelid skin for some
reason and so figuring out what that reason is blepharitis is usually caused from bacteria so reducing that bacterial load
or it’s caused from excess oil production reducing that oil production
as well that’s going to help this is different from your meibomian glands
oil this is oil on your skin so figuring out what’s causing that we’ll talk about that
in just a little bit as well next up is demodex so
demodex look like this is our little silicone demodex and they
live on your eyelash follicles and so these are little creepy crawly guys that
are microscopic you can’t see them unless you have a microscope and a very
strong one at that and they’re opportunistic this is about a million times the size and these are actually
opportunistic parasites and what they do pretty much all of us
have them almost a 100% of people over the age of 75 have them and
what they do is they just hang out and when your immune system is compromised
from stress from sickness they become opportunistic and they show up when they
show up they have signs of symptoms of blepharitis such as redness inflammation
irritation and so tea tree oil will help with that we’ll go into that a little
bit more in detail later and probably the biggest one that we see is cosmetics and
makeups there’s tons makeups cosmetics and lotions and makeup and so there’s
tons of chemicals in these and so really reducing your home remedy of lotions and cleansers simplify them and get
rid of all those nasty ingredients because you’re putting this all on your
skin and your skin is reacting to it most likely so try more natural products
and we’ll jump into those too so let’s click the share button if you
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for your dry eyelids so let’s jump into the seven best home remedies for dry
flaky eyelids so the first one is an anti-inflammatory diet and I know you
guys might not want to hear this again but we talk about it all the time
because if you’re filling your body with junk food, processed food, excess sugar
things that you’re sensitive to or allergic to your body is going to go
into full inflammation mode and that could come out as dry flaky eyelids it
could come out as dry eyes an autoimmune condition all different
things like high blood pressure I know you don’t want to jump completely into an anti-inflammatory diet it can be super
hard to just switch your body completely but you want to do it one thing at a
time so replace your breakfast with a green smoothie the easiest way to
start and we have links that can give you a green smoothie chart that
you can follow and a meal chart that you can follow you can get our book
Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment and it has all of everything you need to do
it is step-by-step and it’s super easy we make it really easy for you so
we highly recommend an anti-inflammatory plant-based diet and number two
is hydration so this is where all disease treatment should start we talked
about how the causes of dry eyelids are you’re losing moisture on your skin so
moisture on your skin comes from both the external environment but also from
internal and if you’re dehydrated your skin isn’t that important it is but it’s
not as important as your brain so your body’s going to withdraw fluid from your skin to get it up to your brain and so
therefore dehydration plays a huge role and so what you need to do is make sure
you drink plenty of water we put a link in the description that talks about
hydration a little bit more check it out and learn how to take the steps
necessary to become more hydrated my favorite step and this is something that
again you can implement along with the green smoothies for breakfast right when you wake up drink 16 to 32 ounces right
away I drink 50 ounces and that’s the hyper hydration and you’re going to
increase your metabolism and you’re just going to feel better overall so third one on the list is using a
gentle facial cleanser but before that if you wear makeup you want to make sure
that you’re removing your makeup with an oil-based eye makeup remover so you want
to make sure that you’re getting all of that mascara and eyeliner off if you do
wear makeup because if you’re sleeping in your makeup that can really increase
your chances of having dry flaky eyelids dry eyes, dermatitis you name it so then
once you’ve removed your makeup make sure to wash your face with a tea tree
oil soap we have linked one it’s super gentle and even if you use it
every couple of days because tea tree oil can be drying for some people even
if you use it every couple days you’re really going to get the benefits tea
tree oil is great for not only killing demodex but it get rid of other
contaminants and microorganisms on your skin so we love a good tea tree oil soap
so make sure that you’re washing your face and the one we did a link up
to in the description is our tea tree oil soap if you don’t buy ours we
recommend finding a little soap boutique in your area and making
sure it only has five ingredients or less usually they do and then ask them
how much tea tree oil is in it usually about 2% to 3% is what we have in our soap or less and so you don’t want too much because
that will actually dry your skin even more so number four is hypochlorous acid
eyelid cleanser and so this is going to actually help reduce your bacterial load
and it’s also going to help just clean the contaminants on your eyelids and get
all that gunk off your eyelids and just really clean it up hypochlorous acid is
just a great easy to use product all you do after you wash
your face remove your makeup dry your face close your eyes spray it right on or you can spray it on a cotton round
and pretty easy wash your eyelid so there’s a link to ours down in the description
as well number 5 is to use a facial moisturizer or eyelid cream or something
similar to that so we always recommend finding one that is organic all natural
made with ingredients that you can pronounce all that good stuff because
you really want to be careful with what you put even in your moisturizers on
your eyelids it’s the same thing as makeup what we talked about
earlier some of those serums and things that you use around your eyes can really
be full of chemicals so you want to make sure that you’re choosing one that is as
natural as possible this will help to lock in the moisture reduce wrinkles
around your eyes reduce dryness and that sallowness just all sorts of things so
definitely make sure you find a great moisturizer and we did link one here We don’t have a moisturizer. We actually link to somebody else’s product there
but we are studying in researching some moisturizers right now we might have
one out maybe soon so if you’re watching this video in the future we’ll replace that link with ours We may come out with ours.
Number six is wear sunglasses UV protection so UV light outdoors UV
causes damage from the sun so make sure you’re wearing sunglasses that have UV
protection built into them and you’d be surprised by how many don’t buy
cheap gas station sunglasses the reason that is because the UV
protection wears off after a couple cleanings and so that’s why we recommend
not wearing those and so make sure you wear good UV protective sunglasses we
put a link to Amazon over to purchase some UV sunglasses down in the
description so wear sunglasses number six sunglasses are also really
important because I just saw a couple of articles that came out about how bad we
are at putting sunscreen on our face and we miss our eyelids so if you’re missing
your eyelids you can get sunburn on your eyelids because do you wear your
sunglasses outside all day long many of you don’t so if you’re wearing your
sunglasses you can avoid that problem avoid getting a sunburn avoid those flaky dry eyelids avoid wrinkles number seven you’re also not going to like me for this
but consult your eye doctor we put this at number seven because if you’ve tried
all of the above yet you still have dry flaky eyelids you
might have something else going on that you’re not able to see and diagnose
yourself so whether it’s demodex a lot of the time you’re not
going to know if you have demodex unless you go to a doctor and they can actually
visualize them and tell you if you see a dry eye specialists they are going to more likely
look for demodex than somebody that’s not a dry eye specialist that’s super important especially if you’ve tried all
of the above and you’re still not finding relief even a dermatologist is
also an option but we recommend seeing a dry eye specialists first and then
what a dry eye specialist could do is they could prescribe you like a steroid
cream and that’s what I do if I have a patient that’s not responding to
the other six or they just don’t want to do the other six which I don’t recommend
and the steroid eye cream works really well in the short-term and at home
it’s you’re just covering up the problem because you’re reducing the inflammation
but we need to figure out what’s causing the inflammation in the first place and
that’s actually what our book kind of covers too is we are addressing the
inflammation not just covering it up don’t forget to like this video
and click the share button to share it with somebody who you think it might
benefit and also let us know in the comments below what you’ve tried for
your dry flaky eyelids and if it worked because we always love to find
new products and recommend new products for people I use our eye makeup remover
it’s fantastic so you can do that you can use just an oil like organic
jojoba oil or something like that but finally visit www.dryeyebook.com to get
our Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment book and learn how to treat your dry eye and find
a more permanent solution for all of this inflammation so the book is free we
pay for it all you have to do is pay for the shipping and thank you so much for

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