7 natural remedies for morning sickness

7 natural remedies for morning sickness

– Morning sickness, (laughs) Yeah no they lied, it’s
not just in the morning. It’s in the afternoon, it’s at night. It’s in the evening. It’s pretty much all the time and it makes you think you’re
never going to get over it. It makes you never want
to get pregnant again, even though you really wanted this baby, but the good news is
there really is plenty you can do to relieve symptoms. And I’m going to cover
all of the great stuff in this video and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be looking at some things that you have not come across
yet in other blogs or videos. So keep watching. (upbeat music) So yeah I’m wearing the same
thing as in the last video, and no it’s not the same day. It’s just pretty much
the only thing I can wear at the moment. It’s cute though, want to see it? (humming) Even though it’s pretty
much covered in dog hair, I hope the camera doesn’t pick up on that. Hello my lovelies and
welcome to another one of my bonus videos, in
which we’ll be talking about combatting morning sickness. And I’ve promised this for ages, and honestly I wasn’t
able to shoot this video until now that I’m 18
weeks, and really over it. So I am going to share
my top tips with you and trust me, they are top tips. I’ve been practicing them
on my patients for years and now I’ve practiced them on myself and I’m ready to share them with you. Do know that I’m going to
give you lots of things and it might be a trial and error thing. If you tried one thing, don’t give up. And you know what? It’s
possible that one thing might work for a while
and then it stops working. It was the same for me. So here you have a good toolkit that you can pick and choose from. So first of all, you need to
know why you’re getting sick, and yeah hormones, yeah. But honestly that’s not the only thing. The reason we get sick is hormones. It’s struggling liver, it is
poorly managed sugar balance. Yes of course our hormones go up a lot and we are not used to
having as much estrogen and progesterone in our
system as we have now. Or even the HCG for that matter. So yes that can definitely throw you off. However, having such
high levels of hormones means your liver needs
to work harder as well. And if your liver is struggling, that will give nausea as well. Or have you never had one
glass of wine too much the night before and felt
unwell the next morning? That’s exactly the same reason. Your liver is struggling because it needs to be processing all the alcohol. And it’s the same with hormones. And if you tend to struggle
with your liver anyway, which is not uncommon, then it is going to
exacerbate in your pregnancy. Then the sugar balance is another thing, because if you feel sick
because of the hormones or the liver, then you tend to not eat or you might just eat crackers, which are really only carbs, which means that your sugar will spike and then it will drop again. So a poorly balanced sugar balance, poorly balanced sugar balance, you know what I mean, will make you even more sick. You know right if you haven’t
eaten for a long time, you can start to feel a little bit queasy. It’s the same thing. So if you have all of these
three things together, yeah no wonder you feel so crummy. Now that you know that you’ve
got all these three things that you can work on,
you don’t have to feel just like a victim of your hormones. You can look at ways to alleviate symptoms by working on all three of these areas. So first of all, let’s get
the food stuff out of the way, because if you are sick already, you probably don’t want
to talk much about this. After this, we won’t
get into that anymore. But as I already mentioned, the sugar balance is super important. And yes it is recommended
to have some crackers when you wake up in the morning, and that will put
something in your stomach. But as I mentioned, that
is just going to spike your sugar and then you are
going to fall really deep after that as well, because those sugars will not be released over
a longer period of time, unless you use whole grains for example or spelt, things like
that, ancient grains. So that is a good thing
to start with already. Make sure that you’ve got sugars that are slow releasing. And then the other tip I
have is with every snack, with every meal that
you have some protein. Because that will prevent
your sugar from spiking and then dropping a lot again as well. So with that, I suggest that
you have lots of small meals across the day and this is
recommended a lot anyway. Because again that will
balance your sugar very well. Now this might be needless to say because in another video I’ve already
recommended to not use any caffeine during pregnancy. But some of you might still be
happy with your cup of coffee or a cup of tea, and then
it’s important for you to know that caffeine also puts
pressure on your liver. So if you’re nauseated a lot, then maybe cut that out for a while, although I wouldn’t be surprised if you are off it anyway ’cause I was off even tea. Back on it though, and speaking of drinking stuff, don’t forget to hydrate,
because if you’re dehydrated, that will make you feel sick too. And then my favorite topic,
homeopathic remedies, because those are usually helpful, although you need to have the right ones. So if you’ve tried homeopathic
remedies in the past or you’re using mixes and haven’t helped, then keep watching,
because there is a remedy out there for you. And I might not be able to
cover all of the remedies that are out there, but
I’ll cover the top one, two, three, four, five, six, five, six, five, five! So all of these remedies
fall into the categories of helping you deal with
your spiking hormones that you’re not used to, or supporting your liver
to do its job better. And you don’t need to know
which of the two is bothering you the most. Just listen to the
symptoms and you’ll know which remedy is the
most likely to help you. So the first one is nux vomica. And nux vomica you can
use if you have difficulty falling asleep, especially
if you wake around 3 o’clock, may you can’t fall back to sleep again, ’cause 3 o’clock is liver time. With nux vomica, you will
also feel constipated and – duh – the nausea. If this suits you, nux
vomica is one to try. Another remedy that kind
of looks like nux vomica, but is different, is cocculus. And with cocculus you will
also struggle with insomnia, but the difference with nux vomica is that you don’t wake up
specifically at three perhaps, but that you are woken up really easily. You’re a light sleeper. During the day, you will feel very tired. Cocculus is also used
for when you suffer from motion sickness or sea sickness. So during the day you
might feel bit queasy and bit jet laggy or a bit weak. Those are typical symptoms for cocculus. Chances are with cocculus is also that you are a very caring person or that you nurture or nurse other people. So if you already have a baby or a toddler or whatever,
that you have to take care of during the night
and you have lack of sleep, cocculus could very well be suiting you. And now I’ve got two remedies that I kind of like to mention together ’cause they’re similar and different like cocculus and nux vomica. And they are sepia and pulsatilla, and these remedies are
often taught in college as THE hormonal remedies. Now it’s not just for hormonal stuff but often it will suit hormonal pictures and that’s why it’s ideal
to use these in pregnancy. There’s a great way to distinguish
between the two though. So if you don’t have any
of the sleeping issues or the liver stuff that you think and you think it’s mostly
hormonal what’s going on with you, sepia or pulsatilla could be good. The way to differentiate is like this. Sepia, you are most likely
to feel especially sick in the morning, so you have
the classical morning sickness. You will feel more annoyed like PMS or PMT than anything else. And you will also feel better from eating, or the opposite, you feel
especially worse from not eating. Pulsatilla on the other
hand feels a lot worse in the evening. They feel worse from eating as well even though they need to eat and they are more tearful. So if you turn on the TV and every commercial makes you just cry, and want to cuddle with your husband, then pulsatilla might suit you. Pulsatilla also feels
a lot better from being out in the open air. That brings me to the next remedy, Ipecacuanha, that’s
the one that helped me. Ipecacuanha people also feel much better when they are outside. Like sepia, they also
have that empty feeling in their stomach and they feel worse from not having eaten, but
they especially feel better from drinking cold, cold water. And what was the other thing? Oh yeah, this is very
typical for when you don’t actually feel better from throwing up, or maybe you are not able to throw up. You might think, if only I
could just toss my cookies, I’d feel way better. And then lastly Ipecacuanha can also have like these empty burps, so if you have that and
that kind of alleviates but then you feel sick again, Ipecac could be the right remedy for you. Now if none of those things work, there’s another remedy that you can try. This remedy feels so
much worse for motion, like cocculus, and cannot bear the smell of any type of food and
doesn’t want to eat at all. And this is symphoricarpus racemosus. Now that’s the name that
you want for your shortlist for your baby don’t you? Alright on to vitamin B6. You may have come across this already, and this is really an
important one to mention. It helped me a lot. But you need to stick with it. Chances are that if you use
it for two or three days, you’re going to start to see a difference. Vitamin B6 has been known
to be very low in women that suffer with severe morning sickness. And the way that B6 can help is that it helps us process
certain types of proteins. Now the recommendation is
to take 10 to 25 milligrams and then three times a day. Make sure you have it with food. So I would suggest that you
start with 10 milligrams and work your way up if you need to. And CBD oil, yeah can
you tell that I’m Dutch? Obviously the CBD oil
you’re going to get is without THC, so that it
doesn’t affect your brain. CBD oil, I am not going
to say too much about, because there’s so much
research out there, there’s not enough space in this video. However, CBD oil is
known to be very useful in many types of diseases. It’s also used for cancer patients and it helps them increase
their appetite again, and it really, really, really helped me in the first couple of weeks. You can vary in dosages. I would go by what is
recommended on the bottle or the website from the
company that you buy it from. Just make sure that
you buy a high quality. Don’t just go to any type of
drug store and get whatever. Get really nice quality. So yeah you’ll spend a bit more, but it will benefit you
way, way more as well. Also it can help you
relax and help you sleep. Honestly, if I take a couple of drops, it can really put me into sleep. Sea bands, oh yeah, these
didn’t help me at all. But I have to mention
them because they do help a lot of people. They work on the principle of acupressures and these are also used
for people that suffer from motion sickness. So you can see how it
could possibly help with morning sickness as well. I didn’t like them because it really hurt my wrist eventually and I guess I’m just very sensitive. But I didn’t care initially. I thought if it’s going to help, I’ll just try it. So if you want, you can
consider maybe borrowing it from somebody or splurging on it, because that’s the way I was. I could spend a lot of money if only I would feel better. Alright, I have two more tips. So you ready? First, coconut oil. I wonder if you’ve heard of this one. I doubt it, because I just
kind of figured it out myself. Lot of women that struggle
with morning sickness will also have a bad taste in their mouth. It might be bitter. It might be like metals and again this has to
do with the hormones. The problem is or the problem was for me that because I didn’t have a
very nice taste in my mouth, the food tasted even worse. And even if I had food that I liked, the after taste was so bad to me that I couldn’t eat that food later again. So what I started to do was floss more besides my normal oral hygiene routines. And I would rinse with salt water and I started to rinse with coconut oil like people do when they do oil pulling, because I thought maybe I
could just clean my mouth and it’ll feel better. And then I found out that this coconut oil really, really helped
me cleanse my palette and I felt so much better. And then in between meals,
I’m brushing my teeth and doing the coconut oil rinsing. I would usually have gum on me. I haven’t used gum in years but that really helped me
to tide me over as well. Then lastly, we’ve got essential oils. I’m pretty sure there are
loads of essential oils we could talk about. We could have a separate video but I’m not a specialist
in essential oils. I recommend that you search
online for someone that is, but I do want to share
these two essential oils, because my sister-in-law
recommended them to me. And I think they’re great. So these are lime and peppermint. If you diffuse them like back there, and it will be in your environment and that can really, really
help with your nausea as well. You can also put it on a
tissue and sniff it every now and then or put it
on your pulse points, but honestly I find that a
little bit too overwhelming because I was so sensitive
anyway to the smells and you might be too. So diffusing is a great option. Yay! So now you have some
tools to tackle this nausea and not feel like the victim right? Just remember it won’t last forever. It really, really won’t. And promise me one thing. If you are still really, really sick beyond the 12 weeks or you
are vomiting all the time, please, please, please find a
really, really good homeopath to find you a good remedy, because the right remedy
will really help you and prevent you ending
up in hospital on a drip or having to take medication. Trust me, it is possible. If you’ve tried all the
things in this video and then your homeopath is finding you the right remedy, you
will feel so much better. If you have any other tips
that I haven’t mentioned, then please comment below. Everybody here reads the comments, so there might be a woman out there that would be hugely
benefited by your suggestion. And if you have any
ideas for me to do future pregnancy related videos, then
let me know below as well, so I can use those as
ideas for my bonus videos. And if you haven’t seen my
previous pregnancy videos make sure to click on the
playlist on your screen right now. That’s my natural pregnancy playlist and it will keep growing as my bump does. And then in the meantime, see
you in the next video, bye!

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