7 Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia & Fall Asleep Without Drugs

7 Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia & Fall Asleep Without Drugs

A common problem that affects many people
is insomnia. Insomnia is defined as the difficulty either
falling or staying asleep. Insomnia can cause many problems in day to
day life. It can lead to being fatigued, performing
poorly, getting headaches, being irritable and becoming depressed. There are two types of insomnia, with one
being more severe than the other. They are acute and chronic insomnia. Acute insomnia is the most common. It can last for several days or weeks. While annoying and frustrating, this does
not necessarily mean there is a bigger problem. On the other hand, chronic insomnia, lasts
for months or even longer. Many things can cause insomnia. Some factors are: stress, anxiety, mental
health disorders, poor sleep habits, disruptions in sleeping environment, life changes, caffeine,
chronic pain, and breathing difficulties. Some medical conditions can also cause insomnia,
such as arthritis, heart failure, and acid reflux. Likewise, some medications, such as corticosteroids,
alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, and ACE inhibitors are linked to insomnia. Ready for a peaceful night of sleep? Here are the top home remedies for insomnia: 1. Cumin Seeds Cumin is a spice. Besides making delicious food, it has been
known to help with digestion. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, it was
used to induce sleep. Cumin oil also helps one to feel sleepy. Here’s how to combat insomnia with cumin: – Mix one teaspoon of cumin powder in a mashed
banana and eat it before going to bed. – If you do not have the powder, dry roast
and grind cumin seeds to make the powder. 2. Nutmeg Nutmeg also can cause sleepiness. Therefore, it also can naturally help you
fall asleep: – Add one-eighth teaspoon or just a dash of
nutmeg powder to a cup of warm milk. – Drink before bedtime. 3. Saffron Saffron is another spice that can cause sleepiness: – Steep two strands of saffron in a cup of
warm milk. – Drink at night, before bed. 4. Chamomile Tea Chamomile tea is well-known to help relax
the body and calm the mind, which can help relieve insomnia. Scientist think a chemical called apigenin,
found in chamomile, gets credit for this. The directions for this one are simple: Just
enjoy a cup of chamomile tea! You can sweeten it with a little cinnamon
and honey. You will be feeling sleepy in no time. 5. Bananas Bananas have amino acids that can help improve
your sleep. The acids are called tryptophan. Tryptophan helps your body create a chemical
called serotonin, which helps regulate your sleep. Bananas also contain several minerals, including:
iron, calcium and potassium. Each of these minerals help to cause drowsiness. So, the next time you have trouble sleeping,
grab a banana and let it do its job. 6. Fenugreek Juice Juice made from fenugreek leaves can help
you calm down and relaxed. We all know when your mind and body are relaxed,
it is easier to fall asleep. To make fenugreek juice: – Mix together two teaspoons of juice extracted
from fenugreek leaves and one teaspoon of honey. – Consume daily. 7. Valerian Valerian is an herb that has been used in
the medical field. Valerian is very strong and it does cause
sleepiness and relaxes the muscles. It causes sleepiness and relaxes muscles. – Mix one-half teaspoon each of grated valerian
root and nutmeg in two cups of hot water. – Let it steep for 15 minutes. – Strain and drink it. It is especially important to note that you
should not use this remedy on a regular basis, or for more than a few weeks. It has been known to cause heart problems. You may also feel some withdrawal symptoms. Simply having valerian tea is helpful. Besides the ideas mentioned above, be sure
to take some of your own measures. It is important to establish a regular sleep
routine. Sleep in a room that is dark, quiet and away
from any distraction. Avoid large meals before bedtime and try not
to eat too late in the day. Try some relaxation techniques, such as meditation
and/or prayer. Eliminate caffeine and try to get a workout
in throughout the day, taking care not to work out too late. It is of great importance to note that if
sleep is affecting your day to day life, you should seek medical treatment. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up
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71 Replies to “7 Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia & Fall Asleep Without Drugs”

  1. You have such a soothing voice. I think that could put someone to sleep, if you told them a bedtime story. Thanks for the information, great video.

  2. I've had insomnia for 5 years, I take a pill that makes my body just relax and shut down if you like so I fall asleep. I have anxiety so I generally don't sleep but the pills really help. And I'm already feeling tired! It's 4am here and I haven't taken my tablet yet I'm feeling tired! Huge news for me 🙂

  3. be VARY careful nutmeg in very high doses cause a high and a trip hallucinations then a coma and death in rare cases

  4. Sunday night I have only 4 hours of sleep, Monday and Tuesday night maximum 3-4 hours again. On Wednesday I take finally xanax which works and I can sleep for 9 hours . And this continues on and on. 3 days without sleep then i take xanax to sleep. I don't want to take the medication every day though

  5. Ok guys I went 4 months no sleep at all I nearly died I went gluten free dairy free took hcl supplements with protein make shure I'm digesting properly probiotic prebiotic digestive bitters turn off my iPad at 6pm take ltheanine and taurine to increase Gabba am on mitrazapine 45mg that increases serotonin , but I'm trying to get off it and take L-tryptophan instead when I try both I can't sleep, food pairing no starches and proteins together it makes it harder to digest alkaline medium for starches acidic for protein together it's bad, fuck the struggle is real I only sleep 4 hrs a night if I'm lucky but I'm working on it good luck people

  6. none of these "treatments" address the chemical cause of insomnia, those being an overactive adrenaline response, or chemical imbalance in the brain. not helpful.

  7. if your problem sleeping is caused by over thinking then check out the book called The Power Of Now by Tolle

  8. Insomnia is mental!! I cured chronic Insomnia by realizing I was creating it. Do nothing is my advice.

  9. guys whoever is reading this.. this insomnia stuff is nothing. this one day I checked my dads phn and got a ton of porn in the history, I got so much fucked that I didn't sleep the entire night and next day got to know that it was my cousin so whatever I couldn't digest the fact that I didn't sleep the entire night and next night started overthinking like alttt and slept at 4 am . next day I was hell tired and at night I broke down and slept with my mom and it cud an hour at most to sleep. guyss this is just what u are thinking. just try to give a fuck and everything turns well.

  10. I had terrible insomnia in 2001 and discovered by accident it was being caused by the stick antiperspirant I was using at the time.  Ran out and used an old stick deodorant, and returned to normal sleep in less than 3 days.  It was amazing.  Over the years I've had to switch products around trying to find ones that don't cause insomnia.  It seems some of them have an ingredient which builds up in the body and eventually causes sleeplessness.

  11. A warm cup of milk, a story and a lullaby helps. If you're an adult/teen and you have trouble. You're desperate! You here bcause you don't want to depend on sleeping pills forever! So Fuck it! TRY IT, Even though it might look crazy because of your age.

  12. I have insomnia for over a year and this lady’s fucking voice almost almost put me to sleep.

  13. They forgot to mention Vodka for purpose… try it and you can find why…Another russian remedy is Valerian (valerianka) – work well for human beings and even cats…. I personally like portable cranial stimulation + vodka?

  14. I haven't fallen asleep for 2 weeks Ii feel like am losing my mind I only manage to pull off 4 hours of sleep does anyone know a solution that has helped them with a problem of this kind before please guys would appreciate any advise from anyone whos found relief

  15. Great advice! I usually drink chamomile tea with a banana every night before bed then if I wake up, I just shoot a tot of heroin.

    God bless!

  16. Tagalog moves not no none moves speaks no none not speaks hards difficults sleeps. ……obedient not no none obedient.

  17. Help someone i have been having difficulty falling alseep but since the past 3 days i have completely forgotten how to fall asleep i am worried not having sleep for 3 days is driving me crazy

  18. Ask your dr. for Quetiapine(Seroquel). One 25mg tablet b4 bed. Or cut it into 1half. Or ask for Imiprimine (lowest tab dose); do the same. Only one or the other. Never ever both. Or learn and recite in your mind-The Lord is My Shepherd verse from the bible. Repeat words- calm, peace, harmony, love, etc. ; fall asleep b4 u know it. If you wake up 2 soon take the other half of tablet. Repeat bible verses. Sleep well. God bless.

  19. You shared very good information. My Aunt was suffering from this problem. She was very upset at that time. She went to Planet Ayurveda and started his treatment. Now she is fine. If you have this type of problem or any other type of health problem. You must go to Planet Ayurveda.

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