7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Online Therapy | Kati Morton

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Online Therapy | Kati Morton

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  1. Hey kati, thanks for your awesome work! I fit quite a lot of symptoms associated with sexual abuse and since I don't remember my childhood at all, I'm wondering if I may have repressed it. How can I find out?

  2. I struggle sooo much with putting my thoughts into words that makes sense when I do try to speak. I struggle with racing thoughts. I feel like this is holding me back… Ive given up on therapy so many times… I just want to feel proud of myself…

  3. Hi Kati , I forgot all about it , Mental Health Day , that is !! Why didn't`t my "bell" ring and why did I find this video by accident ? Anyway , another GR8 and informative video , thanks. Gary

  4. Thank you so much for this Kati. Here in the UK we also have texting services available which is a great help when you’ve got a bad dose of word salad. I found it very helpful alongside other treatments for my C PTSD. To everyone on their journey, you’re enough. Please reach out, you’re worth it. With love xd

  5. I've heard a lot about Better Help and I've heard good reviews from other people.
    I'm considering it but not sure, I still have to wait before I do anything though because I have to get my school and work schedule figured out.
    I have been really depressed lately but don't feel save going to therapy until I move out of my parents house.
    I feel really bad and sometimes I think I should go to the hospital.
    I'm not having those constant suicidal thoughts, I just get so sad that I feel it's not worth living.
    I'll figure out something eventually.

  6. I just want to warn everybody that I personally was approached by Better Help as well, but I wanted to try it out and make sure I supported it before recommending it to my viewers. I HATED it. My therapist canceled on me multiple times, or rather just wouldn't show up at our scheduled times, and was incredibly unprofessional. After my experience I couldn't in good conscious recommend it to others. This is just MY personal experience, but I wanted to be honest about it.

  7. Do you have any advice on starting your own practice as a therapist, especially one that wants to be based solely via email/phone/internet (skype ect).

  8. Now i think of it, it’s been some time since i quit therapy stuff… for me getting help never really helped, but since i work a lot now I’m doing better than i ever really did… i still have a lot of crap to deal with though, stuff that i would like help with. But as long as I’m working I’m doing great, until i have free time to spend alone, then i feel properly fucked up… but I guess pushing problems and feelings aside is how i’ve always dealt with it. And I don’t really have time to deal with it anyway…

  9. my school didnt even mention world mental health day today.. its a pretty awful school though, mentally ill students get no support and theres absolutely no lgbtq+ representation whatsoever! which sucks because my school has great potential but none of us are going to get anywhere without the help and support we need and deserve.

  10. This is great! I've been curious about these options especially with finances and what options are there for when I have to move away from my current therapist. Thank you Kati! You rock.

  11. This is so interesting as been upset today. I could go to psychology however they just write a report…I've had 2 done in 8 years but I find every time I go I get much worse. I've tried cbt and it got me in a worse state overthinking and analysing everything-I couldn't cope. I've generalise anxiety disorder and was on medication but 2 years ago as I didn't think I needed it, was on it 10 years and wanted to start a family (was on escitalopram). Horrendous side affects whilst moving house and then my job changed! Awful time but decided not to go back on the tablets as it might be bad coming off again. Got a bit better then this year had a stressful and another move=Doc wanted me back on tablets but I wanted to try something different so I could take in case I get pregnant. Went on setraline whilst doing cbt and it sent me off the planet! Kept going up and up and getting worse then thought this can't be the rest of my life with worse anxiety than off it so with Doc permission I came off it. Feel much better but I'm so conscious that I'm anxious about everything and body so sore with being tense all the time. I'm getting more anxious as I know I'm anxious. Thinking I need help but I've had a few types of therapy and find I get worse instead of better…any suggestions? Wanting to try more regular sleep and exercise. I'm hopeless at this…always needing something done or one more thing then I don't go to sleep at the same regular time-get up weekly the same time but also so tired. I teach full time and now cut out 'extra' duties but I think as I'm doing less, I'm thinking more! I'm a work-a-holic!

  12. Hi Kati, thanks for the info! PSA for anyone interested in BetterHelp subscriptions: currently it is $45/week for the first three months (up from the $35/week quoted in the video and description), then $25/week after the initial three months. Just a heads up! Happy World Mental Health Day ya'll ^_^

  13. Kati, I am planning on using better help and I have a question about therapy: If I'm gay or queer should I try to find a gay therapist? I'm really interested in your thoughts about this. (also if anyone from the community has advice it would really help! 🙂 )

  14. I have a therapist but she took over a management position in the department in the mental health department and I now I have a lot harder time to get sessions.
    But this was already an issue because Kaiser Permente has crappy mental health services.

  15. Its great that there are online help… But I'm very afraid of trying something like that… Maybe its because of my low self-esteem… I don't know…

  16. I've been meditating on letting go I usually just do it with emotions but I began doing it with thought and last night I woke up and it felt like my body was trying to transcend as I made a noise like a apes mating call sound lol but I'm deep into eastern philosophy such as Buddhism and I feel since it's not easy to learn and if i told a psychiatrist this they'd think it's psychosis like how I use to be Christian and would channel God or Jesus and I told them and then they assumed I heard voices but obviously I don't think it was actually them now that I'm a nontheist.Someone with religious education would probably be best for me. Im glad you brought that up.

  17. So not to ramble but I feel just like ?, not like a sickness but like I just don't want to feel happy. I'm not sure if I'm depressed or have an anxiety disorder. I also have a stomach condition and I get bad pains that get worse when I worry, freak out or even cry. I'm scared to tell my parents that I want a therapist because I feel they won't believe me. I think they don't want to and feel I'm just "in a phase"

  18. I'm so glad that you did a video on Better Help. I am running out of funds to see my therapist and so I'm seeing him only once a month. I'm super concerned about confidentiality but I guess I'll ask them how they handle that before I start. Thx for the video. It's so timely.

  19. Sadly I had a poor experience with online therapy. I wasted months of money arguing with a therapist who refused to help me accept being a failure (saying that was unethical) and instead wanted to brainwash me into a false reality where I was successful. It has worked for many people, just not for me.

  20. I love betterhelp. I have a chronically ill mom, whose near the end of her life. I've tried traditional therapy, but since I'm in college, it feels like the therapist is never where I need them (they're either in my hometown or college town).

    I started betterhelp last year when my mom got super sick again. I didn't realize it at the time, but the therapist I chose actually had a sick dad, so she knew exactly what I was going through.

    She is there whenever I need her, or rather, I can write to her any time I need to. Traditional therapy never got me far, but since I started better help, I have alot less depressive episodes.

  21. Happy Belated Mental Health Day. You gotta start designing Mental Health Day greeting cards. They make a lot of money and there's not a whole lot of competition that I know of. I did once have a Gary Larsen cup of a guy jumping out the window of a building that said Crisis Clinic on it.

  22. Hey kati , I saw ur video on dp/dr last year. I feel like u understand it the most .I would like to talk to u about u since mine is severe , I think I'm going crazy

  23. Dear kati I am planning to live with my best friend and my grandma feels like I'm hurting her by moving out.She has been mad for four days now,how do I handle this.FYI:I am on the spectrum so maybe it's a neurotypical thing with her?Please help me because I don't know how to get through to her.

  24. Hey this might sounds really stupid but I'm feeling really unstable emotionally and I don't know if im I'm actually having mental issues or am I just being a confused teenager?

  25. Hey Kati! What does it mean if some days I binge and other days I forget to eat for over 24 hours and then when I do eat I feel bad for it? Is there something going on or is normal?
    Love you heaps!

  26. This is so amazing! I had no idea this existed! I've been really torn about going to a therapist because when I went to counsellors in the past, it seemed as though they weren't listening or they would say, "ok, you're 8 weeks are up and you seem fine". I never have felt satisfied with the time I had with them and I felt as those I was just a thing on their 'to do list' for that day. But recently I've been talking to a friend of mine who has been encouraging me to go to therapy because she cares about me and wants me to get better. Finding someone to trust enough as well as having the time and money to go are HUGE factors for me and knowing this site is available and the freedom it offers is amazing. Thank you Kati! You are an angel!

  27. I have been told on multiple occasions that i exhibit some "OCD" behaviors. After looking into it, I noticed that some things I do are very similar to that, but as I am not a professional, I do not want to self-diagnose. I want to go to someone who knows what they are talking about but I'm afraid that if I go to someone they will diagnose me with someone horrible that I never wanted to hear. Is this super irrational? What would be best for me to do?

  28. Hi, Kati. You may not reply, but I’ve been thinking about this video ever since you posted it. BetterHelp seems like my only option right now due to funds and transportation, but I’m nervous to try it. I keep looking at reviews and last night I came across a lot of bad ones. Ive never tried therapy, so I don’t know if it’s right for me, but also I’m scared I’m going to spend a lot of money I don’t really have on either something that won’t work, or that isn’t a good service. Maybe the bad reviews were just from people who had a bad experience with a therapist, but I don’t really know what to do right now, especially since I can’t seem to find any other options.

  29. this for online therapy works just fine for me i wish my cousin wasnt such a butt though

    i am going to try to call him i think my aunt has his number and i hate using the phone but i think it will make a point he knows i hate using the phone

    thx for this ha bisky vid i loved this a lot

  30. Online therapy can be very effective indeed, as long as you select the right kind of psychotherapy and feel good about the therapist that you select. Never pay upfront. That has always been my policy. You need to know that this is right for you. People who benefit the most are those who are well-motivated and want to learn how to manage their emotions more effectively. It's not that hard as long as you have a good teacher!

  31. If my work would give me a solid day off once a week! do they have therapists at 2am? Part of my issues is I work 60 plus hours a week, this is the best job within 100 miles. I have a wife that goes to school full time and a 2 year old and no funds for daycare or other family around for 500 miles. I'm angry, sad and bored.

  32. Even for peer support do the homework we assign you (to my knowledge I'm the only peer support I know who assigns homework)

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