8 best homoeopathic medicines for acne and pimples

8 best homoeopathic medicines for acne and pimples

Hello friends I am doctor Pooja Hearty welcome to my channel homeo miracles In today’s video I will tell The most effective homeopathic medicines They will solve your acne pimples problem From roots if you you take proper dosage If you take these medicines Your problems will be solved forever So let’s start First medicine is natrum mur This is a deep acting constitutional medicine Acts very well on females of puberty age If your skin is greasy oily And there are always dry Small acne Especially on hair margin areas Like hair and forehead This hairline here Or your sidelocks area In summer or heat the acne eruptions is increased Or if you have eaten spicy food Then acne eruptions happened Rx natrum mur 30 morning and evening For few days your acne problem will be solved for good. Second medicine is berberis aqua forum It acts on all types of acne pimple Scars pigmentation Very effective medicine If your pimples are dry and Foliates skin flakes Cheeks are dry Forehead neck scalp then take berberis Aquifolium. Used in tincture ie liquid form 10 drops of tincture morning and evening With water take for few days Using this medicine all your eruptions Will be completely Gone. Parallely Your skin tone will be clear, All pigmentation will be Cured.your Face will be neat and clean Third medicine is hydrocotyle If your eruptions are skin colour Quite large and tight Itch a lot,then Rx hydrocotyle 30 morning and evening Two drops for few days Your eruptions will be softened slowly Will smoothened with skin You will be cured. Hydrocotyle patients show symptom Peculiar That soles,ie base if feet is Excessive sweating And itching. Fourth medicine age eugenia jambose. IT act on simple acne comma acne rosacea Specifically for pimples Eruptions in this case are painful Persistent pain always Nails of Patient in this case Always have problems Infections in nails or Swelling for fungal infection in nail bed Fungal infection If you face symptoms like this Recurrent nail infections and eruptions Rx eugenia jambos it’s very good medicine Works very well Next is Kali bro Kali brom is very good medicine for boys In this cases the acne eruptions Spread very wide. Alongside face they Are on shoulders, upper back, chest area Sometimes on neck area Slightly reddish or blueish in colour Have lots of itching Slightly burning sensation. Pigmentation all around the eruptions. Parallely kali brom patients Have high mental stress. They have memory issues Forget points between conversations Sleep related problems.if you Suffer from stress and acne together Rx Kali brom 30 best medicine. Morning and evening Two drops for 15 days all your problems will be solved. Next medicine is hepar sul If there is secondary bacterial infection in pimples Pus is formed pain is excessive Skin is over sensitive Its paining even on Slight touch Rx hepar sul 200 3 times a day For few days, it will cure pus formation Dry it out, eruptions will be slowly Cured. Next medicine is carbo agnalis Its made of carbon Animal carbon and it’s a Very good medicine for complicated pimples When along with pus in acne you have small ulcers too Which have extremely smelly discharge Extremely burning sensation Patient feels extremely weak RX carbo animalis 30 Morning and evening for 3-4 days It will give tremendous relief Apart from this WSI companies ointment Namely thoti berberis Apply this cream every night before sleep On eruptions. If use along with oral medicines Sleep,and clean face in morning,then It will greatly help cure eruptions So these were few very effective homeopathic medicines Which I told you for acne and pimples Apart from this there are many medicines Which are not possible to fit in one video If you like the information then please like and subscribe Like video And subscribe to the channel In our next video we will introduce a very famous gynecologist Who herself refers her patients for homoeopathy Treatment That’s all for today thank you.

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  1. Nice video very valueable. Dr ji male weakness and premature ejaculation hota ha or ssmen bhi patla ha ji. Dr ji koe best medicines batodo ji. Use kar ker benefit la sku ji.
    Thanx Dr

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