8 Unexpected Things Aging You Faster (And How to Slow Aging Naturally)

8 Unexpected Things Aging You Faster (And How to Slow Aging Naturally)

Dr. Axe:Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here with Jordan
Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re going to be talking about anti-aging
and eight unexpected things that you may be exposing yourself to that are causing you
to age faster. So Jordan, a lot of people today, I know you’ve
seen this before, somebody who was in their 70s but they look like they were 40. I mean, they were just so vibrant and young. But other people who are maybe in their 30s
or 40s but look like they were 60. What causes that, somebody to look like they
age faster versus somebody who’s much older but they just look so young and vibrant? Jordan:Well, I can tell you multiple occasions
where two people are together that are friends and someone will say to them “your daughter”
or “your son.” I was with somebody who is younger than me
and a gentleman who is older than I was, said, “Well, you know, our age.” Like in other words saying that the person
that I was with was a decade or two older. So it happens very frequently. And we’ve been trying to find the fountain
of youth for a long time, the secrets to anti-aging. But today we want to talk to you about the
unexpected elements, whether they’re in your diet or your environment that are making
you age faster. So if you want to do something great for your
friend or loved one, send them this information but do it carefully. It’s kind of hard to send a link to a video
that tells you how to lose weight or to stop aging so fast. You’ve got to be a little delicate with
that because you’re sort of making a statement there, right? Dr. Axe:Yeah. More people need to know, though, what’s
cause them to age. I know that, again, this is something I would
definitely share with my mom or dad letting them know, “Hey, Dad, stop eating all the
ice cream or all of the whatever,” and definitely sharing that information. All right we’re going to give some of you
guys a shout out . . . Jordan:That means I have to stop eating ice
cream? Dr. Axe:Well, no, you eat a coconut milk cashew
ice cream, so I think you’re good to go. All right, Melanie Giles is watching in Las
Vegas, Nevada. Melanie, hey, thanks for joining us here today. We have Nancy [inaudible 00:02:00] who just
shared this, thanks for being on mission with us Nancy. She’s from BC, Canada. Diane Kenton from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
Canada. Terry Mac is watching from Paris, Texas. Hey, Terry, thanks for joining us here today. Dave Kat says, “Hard to believe you guys
are 70. You look like you’re in your 30s.” Thanks Dave. Jordan:All right, I’m in 30s, that’s awesome. Dr. Axe:Dee Red says hi from Pickerington,
Ontario. Sean Kerry says hi from Toronto, California. Hey, Sean, thanks for joining us here today. Jordan:We’ve got Paris, Texas, Toronto,
California, it’s an international audience. Dr. Axe:It is. And then Brenda Smith says hi from Bedford,
Kentucky. All right, hey, thanks for joining us guys. All right, we’re going to dive right in
and talk about eight unexpected things that are causing you to age faster than you might
realize. And Jordan, one of those things, this brings
me back to Seinfeld episode when Kramer is smoking all those cigars and it ages his skin,
remember that? Jordan:Yes, absolutely. And it reminds me of an episode when they
were watching the super terrific happy hour where Jerry got those checks for a couple
of pennies. Anyway, don’t get us started. Watching Seinfeld probably makes you younger
because you laugh. Dr. Axe:Oh, yeah. Jordan:Well, we didn’t talk about that but
watching TV, for a lot of reasons, can make you age. I remember my grandmother used to say, “I’m
watching the good news.” And she would do it sort of as a joke because
the news is awful. Watching TV is definitely not good for your
health. It really combines a lot of things were going
to talk about that cause you to age. Dr. Axe:The news is special. Jordan:Yeah, the news. Your eyes, and then really I think watching
TV, particularly if you’re watching advertisements for junk food, cause you to age just because
it really puts messages in your brain about that. And even, this is kind of crazy but the last
thing you watch at night often triggers dreams and, if you have bad dreams, that’s not
good for you either. So anyway, watching TV, folks, can be linked
to poor grades, poor communication skills, poor job performance, and aging. So don’t watch as much TV, especially those
infomercials about those creams that is supposed to make you look younger. Dr. Axe:Oh, yeah, totally agree. All right, next one here, chronic sitting. Now this is a big one. We wouldn’t think that sitting makes us
age but remember, the more you move, the more circulation you have, you’re getting more
nutrients out to your body. If you are sitting chronically a few things
happen. One, of course, is what I just mentioned,
that lack of movement and circulation in your body which causes you to age. The other one is poor posture. And a lot of us sit on chairs. We’re not meant to be sitting on that, specifically,
most of our chairs are actually too low. And what that does is that can put a lot of
stress on the discs in our low back and if anything causes you to age, it’s if you
have a spinal problem. You’ll see that as many people started to
age, they start to get a condition known as kyphosis where there’s a lot of rounding
at the back. People can even develop a hump at the base
of their neck. And that kyphosis actually shuts off nerve
supply or energy to your lungs. It actually causes your spinal vertebra to
start to lay down more bone and degenerate because it’s a less stable structure. But chronic sitting as well causes something
called forward head posture and actually strains your overall spinal cord, so really that can
affect the way that your entire body functions. So a good replacement for that, you can get
one of those medicine balls and sit on it. Jordan:Yes. Dr. Axe:It’s a good replacement. Or get a standing desk is another good option. Or have a higher desk where you’re on a
stool and then every hour or so move around for a couple of minutes there as well. We used to do that in my office, Jordan. We would do our team huddle in the morning
when I had my clinic. Before we got started we would all sprint
in place for two minutes and then go ahead and we just got our energy up. But anyways move, sit less, get a standing
desk, or sit on a stability ball, all of those things can help you anti-age. Jordan:I would also say, and we’re going
to talk about this later, but anything that you can do to reverse gravity, jumping on
a trampoline or mini trampoline is great. Not enough exercise, pick up a trampoline. Folks, we need to exercise an hour a day. And part of the problem is we’re sitting
so much, we’re not walking like we once did. And our ancestors used to walk all the time. In fact, they were always busy. They would recline only occasionally, so we
need an hour a day of exercise, folks. You know what’s interesting, Josh, that
today everyone watching probably knows a few people who exercise an hour a day and think
they’re just wackos. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:Most of us don’t do it, even kids. So try to exercise for an hour a day. I exercise right at an hour a day. Today was only 30 minutes here and staying
in a traveling, staying in a smaller room and I was trying to do some of my routines
and I think I kicked the nightstand and hurt my heel, anyway, but try to exercise. And here’s what I tell people. It doesn’t have to be a major deal with
the gym, just do something even if you do knee bends, even if you do something with,
you mentioned a medicine ball, mini trampoline, walk briskly and fully extend your gluts. We all do the shortest kind of walk but you
can get an exercise from walking. That’s why they have those shoes that were
supposed to build your legs and you gluts because it gets you to sort of hyperextend
but we’ve got to exercise more. I know it’s cliché but it is anti-aging
in a bottle. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Actually we have a question here, Jordan,
from Luis, “How old are you guys?” Well, I’m 35. Jordan:I’m 41. Dr. Axe:So there you go, question answered. All right, let’s see here . . . Jordan:We’re both married by the way. Dr. Axe:We got a question here from Nazarene
Mersa, she’s watching from London, England. Hey, thanks for joining us here today. I appreciate you guys who are all here. And Donna Diaz is watching from Colorado Springs,
Colorado, and Mary Egbert says, “You guys are looking good.” Awesome Mary, hey, thanks so much. Jordan:It’s all the makeup we put on backstage. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:There’s no stage, but you know what
I’m saying. Dr. Axe:All right, so added sugars to the
diet. This is one of the fastest things that will
cause you to age. I mean, sugar causes a lot of oxidative stress
and oxidative damage on our bodies which really sort of eats up your body’s antioxidants. It depletes your body of antioxidants and
will absolutely cause you to age faster. So you know, Jordan, and I are not typically
on this big “all sugar is bad” crusade because there are some people out there saying
you should never have any type of sugar. In fact, forego all fruit, forego all honey. And we believe that in small amounts in food
form, eating blueberries and raspberries and figs and a little bit of raw honey or Manuka
honey on occasion can actually be great for you. But added sugars, processed sugars, corn syrup,
especially high fructose corn syrup, these sugars are going to cause inflammation in
your body. They’re very stressful on your pancreas. They’re going to cause you to age faster. So our recommendation is get rid of the added
sugars and processed sugars and switch over to things like using fruit a little bit of
raw honey and things like that are better options. Jordan:Absolutely. In the future there’s legislation that’s
going to change the nutritional or supplemental facts panels on packaged foods to have added
sugars. Dr. Axe:Love it. Jordan:So the sugars that are natural, they’re
still not always the best because you get a glass of orange juice and I want to say
there’s 32 grams of sugar. It’s still sugar but it is coupled with
some other good things. But the added sugar will be a welcome addition
to the label. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:All right, so now we’re going to
be talking about vegetable oil. I think this is really challenging because,
growing up, there was this great spokesperson who is a famous TV mom and said we should
use this one kind of oil every day. Vegetable oil, primarily corn, cottonseed,
even sunflower and safflower is high in omega-6 fats and they can be damaged through cooking. So I really believe that when something says
“vegetable oil” or it’s safflower or sunflower or cottonseed or corn or soy, you
want to avoid it. Now, coconut oil theoretically is a vegetable
although coconut is really a one seeded drupe. We should do an entire show on drupes. I mean, they’re just absolutely ignored
in our diet today. Anyway, not all vegetable oils are bad. We think that red palm oil if it’s sustainably
harvested is good. I use tiger nut oil and it actually had a
smoke point of 460 degrees. Dr. Axe:That’s amazing. Jordan:I didn’t know that. Olive oil, olive is also a fruit. Anyway, I’m mixing it up because now there
are no god vegetable oils apparently, but there are seed oils, sesame can be good. Dr. Axe:Sure. Jordan:Peanut can be pretty good if it’s
unrefined. Avocado, which is also a fruit is great as
well, but the vegetable oils I mentioned, avoid them especially if it says “hydrogenated”
or “partially hydrogenated.” I think honestly, artificial sweeteners, trans
fats and, believe it or not, some of what the Bible will call unclean or detestable
food—pork and shellfish—are some of the fastest agers out there. Vegetable oil is real close. Dr. Axe:Absolutely. Jordan, I thought of the title of your new
book, “The Drupe Diet” so I’m pretty excited about that one. Jordan:Yes, but you always bring it up. My other previous title, “Don’t Get Sick,
Just Die: Live the Life of a Chicken” hasn’t even gotten started yet. So I’m a little behind. Dr. Axe:Yeah, it’s a pretty good one, that’s
pretty good. All right shampoo and candles. Now, here’s the thing Jordan, so many of
these things that we have in our house, and it’s not just shampoo it’s our deodorant,
it’s our skin moisturizer, it’s those plug-ins or the . . . Jordan:But they smell so good. They do. I mean, I don’t remember to put candles
out but some candles and shampoo like when you use that junky shampoo, it smells good. What’s up with that? Dr. Axe:Yeah. Well, you know, these things were modeled
after essential oils. Unfortunately, they are synthetic and they’re
really toxic to the body, So there are a lot of toxins, especially when you look in shampoos
for instance. We’re talking about parabens, sodium lauryl
sulfate, propylene glycol, a number of other just additives that have been shown to typically
affect two organs the most, and I’ll throw a third in there, number one the liver and
kidneys. We know that many of these toxins your liver
has to deal with, oftentimes your kidneys. But also a lot of the things that are airborne,
Jordan, that we smell can affect the brain as well. These are things that you typically want to
stay away from. And here’s the thing, we’re not saying
all shampoo and candles. We’re saying the conventional kind, replace
them with essential oil-based and herbal or natural-based shampoos and candles instead. Jordan:Absolutely. And here’s the big one, poor sleep. I believe that sugar cravings, I believe that
mood, and I believe that skin and immune health are greatly affected by poor sleep and it
isn’t just about the length of time you sleep, it’s when you sleep. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:In the old days there was no artificial
light, there was no television, people went to bed when it was dark, and our bodies were
meant for that. Our circadian rhythms are balanced by the
cycle of the rising and setting of the sun. Bottom line folks, go to bed early. You know what really irritates me? So many children go to beds so late. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:We do, despite what you might think,
take our children to regular pediatrician visits. Now, my kids don’t usually need to go to
the doctor, but when they do, it’s for a well visit and just to check things out. We actually had a doctor that spent a lot
of time with the kids and he told them, “You need to be in bed at a certain time.” Now, my kids go to bed early, either 8:00,
8:30, or 9:00. I have teens and preteens. He said you need to even go to bed earlier
than that. I remember when I was a kid I stayed up way
too late, so more sleep is important. Folks, if you are an adult, don’t have your
TV on in your room. Don’t read articles online. This is what I’m guilty of, reading and
sometimes I’ll fall asleep to the Bible.is app or worship music but still, it’s stimulating. We’ve got to get more sleep and we’ve
got to get to bed earlier. Dr. Axe:Jordan, I’ll tell you right now,
and you don’t have this as much with your, kids but you know the number of kids especially
in high school who are on their cell phones in their bed . . . Jordan:Middle of the night. Dr. Axe:. . . texting until 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. every
night. You want to talk about wearing our your adrenal
glands, you want to talk about increasing acne for these kids and affecting their memory
and focus and concentration in school and making ADD and ADHD worse? All of these issues are happening with kids
because of poor sleep. And I remember my dad, and I had a basketball
coach who we had to be in bed by 9:00 and he would literally call everyone’s house. And this would happen all the time, everybody
knew but sometimes the kids will just pick up the phone because it was habit and then
we would be suspended for the next game. Jordan:Nice! Dr. Axe:I know they don’t do that anymore
and that probably the coach would get fired or something for being too hard on kids but
anyways, as you’re saying, getting more sleep really important. Food sensitivities, this is another big one
for a lot of people. Jordan, everybody may have their own kryptonite,
per se, and I think that in certain regards, you know, some of the IGG tests, this is something
you and I have talked about, I don’t take it as scripture. A lot of times when we see this IgG test,
sometimes people come up with multiple food sensitivities and some of them I do believe
could be true sensitivities. Others might be maybe you eat that food a
lot, but I will say it’s good to really listen to your body, right? It’s good to know what you may or may not
do well with and within Chinese medicine there are certain foods that affect the body in
different ways. So at certain times of the season your body
might be more or less sensitive to something than another time. To give you an example of this, there’s
a condition in Chinese medicine called “dampness” that Jordan and I both talked about a lot. And that’s typically, if you have a white
coating on your tongue or you get really fatigued or you have, especially in issue like candida-related,
they’ll call that “dampness” within Chinese medicine. In that case, you want to stay away from most
like milk products. You want to typically stay away from egg whites,
wheat products, lots of sugar, lots of oils, those things are slightly more dampening which
actually as people age and these people who are very young they typically need more of
those foods. So there’s certain times of years, well,
you may want to stay away from certain foods or get more of certain foods. But food sensitivities you can’t do an IgG
test and there could potentially be something you’re reacting too but one of the best
ways to do this is just so simply journal. If you eat something or you notice your nose
is running a little bit, you get stuffed up, or your skin breaks out, just even getting
some extra redness, those are all signs that you might be having a sensitivity. Jordan:Absolutely. And there are eight common food allergens
that are responsible for 90% of true allergic reactions. We know peanuts certainly but its eggs, it’s
dairy, it’s wheat, its fish, and shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and soy. I think that’s all eight. So those are responsible for 90% of allergic
reactions. Sometimes it’s good to just go off of those. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:There’s a lot of foods you can still
eat, right? I mean, in fact, there’s not even a single
drupe on the allergy list. Dr. Axe:No, there’s none. Jordan:“The Drupe Diet” coming to a bookstore
near you, 2060. Dr. Axe:All right here we go. Jordan:These are good foods. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:Yeah. These are the unexpected foods that keep yourselves
young. Coconut oil. Coconut oil is good for the thyroid. It’s good for the gut, it’s medium-chain
fatty acids, are antifungal and antiviral. Coconut oil is good topically, it’s good
orally. Who would have thought, really, who would
have thought that saturated fats can make you young? Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:What a gyp. We’ve been gypped. Imagine all the fat-free craze of the ’90s,
losing all those precious days of life. Eat more oil, coconut oil is good, olive oil
is great too. These oils are really good to keep yourselves
young. Dr. Axe:Jordan, something you mentioned here
with coconut oil, I’ve heard you mentioned before, is the importance of saturated fat
and this would be really important, you know, we could put up another thing, backslash animal
fats. Jordan:Yes. Dr. Axe:. . . on there as well, tallow, bone
broth oil or schmaltz, those types of things. These types of oils are more similar to our
own makeup, especially I want to mention this, especially for people as they age, get over
60. One of the things I know some people have
issues with the sort of that drying skin and tallow or these animal fats are amazing for
your skin health, for hydration and internally to do as well along with coconut oil . . . Jordan:You’ve given away all our secrets. Dr. Axe:I know, I know. Jordan:Here’s the thing, when you look back
100 or 200 years ago, you’re going to find some elements to our diet even here in America,
certainly around the world, that are missing today and they’re all coming back. Coconut oil was berated because soy and corn
were easier to grow. Think about that it, a coconut tree, or coconut
palm is not as easy to grow as corn and soy. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:And can’t grow in as many places
in the US. You’ve been lied to. Coconut oil and saturated fats are good not
just because they’re saturated, they contain certain fatty acids that are wonderful. Now, MCTs are one of the top sports nutrition
supplements. They were 20 years ago. Caprylic acid is used to fight candida, all
found in coconut oil. Lauric acid is great too. Speaking of bone broth oil, bone broth is
pretty darn good too. Dr. Axe:There we go. We love bone broth for anti-aging. Remember, collagen is sort of the glue that
keeps your body together. When you’re younger, your body produces
more collagen on its own. It keeps your skin tight and firm and strong. As you continue to age, you get less collagen,
which we’ll talk about that in a minute as well. You also get typically most people are deficient
in other things in their diet such as proline, an amino acid that’s part of collagen, as
well as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid. These are all found in bone broth. And they’re not just good for the joints
Jordan, we know they’re good for the gut and incredible for the skin. They’re great at keeping you and your body
young. So I would say, Jordan, of all the things
we’re going to talk about today from a dietary perspective, this is the biggest thing we’re
missing in our diet today is getting bone broth. Again, if somebody will come up to me and
say, “Dr. Axe, what’s the number supplement I should take to help my body and support
my body in the aging process and feeling younger?” I would say bone broth every single time. And so chicken broth is amazing, beef broth
is amazing. This morning I did bone broth. In fact, I did a scoop of protein powder that
comes from bone broth or a bone broth protein powder in a smoothie. Actually did a cinnamon apple flavor, it was
delicious but that’s what I had this morning for breakfast. And again, it’s there to help keep my collagen
and connective tissue really strong. Jordan:And exercise, notice we say exercise
right. Now, everybody likes what you see there, dumbbell
presses. Let me reframe that. Everybody loves to work out the muscles that
you can see in the mirror, right? But the right kind of exercise is really,
really important. Now, we’ve talked about this before. I’m not someone who’s done yoga, never
have really done it. But I have learned certain techniques related
to Pilates and something called Gyrotonic. You’ve talked about barre and other fitness
programs that are great for the core which really extends from the hip flexors just below
the chest. This is an area that’s really, really important. You can also do more functional training. We talked about walking. Hiking is a great . . . climbing, those are
really great. My kids got into rock climbing, indoor rock
climbing walls. What a great source of exercise. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:One of the best, and this has been
around for a long time they called it rebounding or jumping on a mini trampoline. Now, certainly, you can lift weights, you
can do curls, you can do bench presses, but when you hear about people getting a lot of
issues in their shoulders, their knees, from squatting, that can be challenging. But when you do the right kind of exercise
like a Pilates, like a Yoga, like a Gyrotonic, barre, mini trampoline and there’s others,
those are really, really good for you. Dr. Axe:Yeah, Jordan, in fact, I’ve heard
somebody termed it this one time. They called it “adaptive exercise.” When you’re doing Pilates with deep breathing
and some of these other things, I mean really, we talked about adaptogenic herbs and their
anti-aging benefits, exercise can be anti-aging as well if it’s done the right way as we’re
talking about. Jordan:Or it can be pro-aging if you do it
the wrong way. Dr. Axe:True. Jordan:You will look good but you’re not
as functional. All right, so we’re talking, you talked
about this and alluded to it before. This is really amazing. Now, one thing people get confused on, they
say, well, when you eat collagen, it doesn’t immediately replace your collagen, it breaks
down into its amino acids. And guess what? That’s what we’ve been saying because
the amino acids and collagen are pretty awesome and we’re deficient. Vitamin D, important because we’re deficient,
omega-3 because we’re deficient. We might be more deficient in these amino
acids than anything with today’s modern diet. Dr. Axe:Wow, incredible. So we’re talking about collagen something
you want to be getting in your diet. And again, I do this through a scoop of collagen
powder every single day. I love getting my collagen, a bone broth collagen
every single day. But again, collagen another thing you want
to get and again, part of my smoothie this morning, actually I did some oatmeal applesauce,
cinnamon apple, bone broth protein, a scoop of collagen, and that’s what I did for breakfast. It was delicious, all right. Jordan:Pretty balanced. Dr. Axe:The right fats, Jordan. Jordan:The right fats are so, so important. I was noticing, there’s one part of my elbow
that’s dry, and so I put moisturizer on it, just one part, my right elbow. I don’t have any skin conditions but I actually
thought that I’m fat deficient, and I eat a lot of fat. I mean, I eat a lot of fat. There are so many conditions, some people
feel dehydrated. I once heard the term “delipidated” because
fats are lipids. If there’s one thing I could tell you to
do to keep yourselves young is eat a balance of fats. Avocado is there which are monounsaturated. Olives are another good source, macadamia
nuts. Then we’ve got omega-3s from fatty fish. You can also get them from seeds such as flax,
chia, hemp, and pumpkin, and from animal sources, pasture raised red meats, and eggs and dairy. There are actually some trans fats that are
good for you. CLA is a trans fat. Dr. Axe:Oh right, that’s right. Jordan:CLA is a great fat and saturated fats
from meat, from coconut, from palm, even olive oil has saturated fats in it, and even omega-6s
such as borage and evening primrose oil. Get an abundance of fats. Folks, here’s what’s really cool. The paleo diet, the keto diet, these are all
driving up—even the Mediterranean diet—the importance of fats. We’re finally here. Again suffering through the fat-free days
of the ’90s, I was into fitness back then in college. I would track my fat to see how little I could
consume. And a year later I was in the hospital dying
from Crohn’s disease. I’m not saying it’s exactly correlated
but, man, I bought the lie headlong. Fat doesn’t make you fat. I wish it wasn’t called “fat.” Dr. Axe:Yeah. Jordan:Really, because I’m going to eat
more because I’ve got my elbow thing. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Good stuff. Test for food sensitivities. We’ve talked about this. You can do an IgG test to see if you do have
any specific food sensitivities. But as Jordan mentioned earlier, those eight
food are the ones people are most allergic too and you could simply Google search that
online, eight most common food sensitivities. Or I’ve written an articles on this, if
you just look up “Dr. Axe food sensitivities”, I’ve got some great articles on those exact
foods as well. Next here, essential oils. Jordan:Essential oils are amazing. So we have been working on some skin care
products in development, and you know what I did this morning? I took some samples, then I dumped like a
whole lot of frankincense on there, I went like this, put it on my whole face. Essential oils that you breathe through olfaction,
that you put on your body and that you put in your body are extremely anti-aging. Think about anti-aging, anti-oxidants are
probably the most important compounds to help you reverse aging. Essential oils are loaded with antioxidants
an anti-inflammatory compounds. They’re just absolutely amazing. I’m scurrying around the house constantly
to make sure all my diffusers are full. I love it. It’s just, I don’t know what I would do
without essential oils. In fact, we wrote a great book called “Essential
Oils: Ancient Medicine” I had an old friend that I saw when I was in Florida yesterday
and I gave her three copies. I’m pretty excited. This is the daughter of the pastor of the
church where I met my wife, was married. She was so excited because she, like most
people, love essential oils but don’t know how to use them. So if you’re interested, check out “Essential
Oils: Ancient Medicine.” It’ll teach you how to use oils in ways
you never thought possible. Dr. Axe:Yeah. It is the best book out there, in my opinion,
on essential oils. You can check it out. Just go to Amazon and look up “Essential
Oils: Ancient Medicine” or my website draxe.com, “Essential Oils Ancient Medicine.” I think you’ll love that book, they’re
on the store. Jordan, anti-inflammatory foods, this is a
big one. Remember, inflammation is what causes a lot
of disease today, whether it’s heart disease or ulcerative colitis or arthritis. A lot of these things are connected with inflammation
and so some of the most anti-inflammatory foods are going to be specific types of fruits,
vegetables, herbs are number one, and then along with those herbs and spices also is
going to be omega-3 fats. So get more omega-3 fats in your diet like
wild-caught salmon would be high on that list and other fatty fish. I’d also put under the fruit category fruits
high in proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain, papaya, kiwi, and figs. Certain herbs, ginger and turmeric are two
of the best anti-inflammatories. In fact, cayenne and rosemary also are some
fantastic herbs and spices to use. And then lots of vegetables, especially those
green leafies are great as well. Jordan:Absolutely. And this is a big one, meditate/pray. I really believe that you can keep yourselves
young by centering yourself, focusing on what you want. I personally, and this is some good advice,
I say Psalm 91 everyday. I memorized it years ago. The person who taught me how to eat the biblical
way, had his kids every morning repeat Psalm 91. Now my kids do it for their home school. Psalm 91 is amazing because it is known as
God’s protection psalm. You can pray the Lord’s Prayer. Psalm 23 is another great one. “He makes us lie in green pastures.” And just don’t pray it, this is a little
secret, we’ve got to do a show on this. When I say Psalm 91, I picture myself doing
the things like treading upon the lion and the cobra like I’m slamming the lion and
stepping, I mean, it’s really cool stuff like adventure stuff since I don’t get to
do that sort of thing anymore. But truthfully, meditate on what you want. The Bible says David meditated on the word
of God day and night and that guy had some serious challenges to overcome and some serious
responsibilities, fought some giants, if you know what I mean. Meditation and prayer can help keep you young. Dr. Axe:And then probiotics. Probiotics are key to life. We actually are determining and scientists
believe now that what makes up your microbiome is really an organ of itself in your own gut
and digestive tract. So we need more probiotics to support nutrient
absorption. We know we need certain nutrients to help
with cellular activities and functions and to really slow that aging process down. So again, probiotics are a key nutrient that
we are not getting enough of on a daily basis. So again, probiotic foods such as natto and
kimchi are great, sauerkraut, fermented goats milk, kefir, lots and lots of probiotics. Fermented herbs, probably the most beneficial
thing you could consume on a daily basis. Jordan:And there’s a couple of things we
didn’t mention. Medicinal mushrooms are absolutely amazing
for anti-aging and you talked about herbs, ashwagandha, rhodiola, ginseng, eleuthero,
adaptogenic herbs are powerful. There’s so much more. If you want to learn more information, definitely
checkout our website draxe.com. So here’s a wrap-up from Ancient Medicine
Today. These are the eight unexpected things that
are aging you faster. Then we’ll let Josh talk about the powerful
foods and substances to help reverse the aging process. So we’ve got watching TV, do less of it. That includes smartphone, that includes Hulu
and Netflix and all of that other stuff. Chronic sitting, make sure to stand, reverse
the sitting position, open up the rib cage, stand up more, sit on a Swiss or medicine
ball. Not enough exercise, not exercising enough
can cause you to age faster. Cut out added sugar and cut out sugar in general. We’ve got to curb ourselves of that sweet
taste. Vegetable oils, particularly sunflower, safflower,
cottonseed, canola, soy, and corn, cut them out. Shampoos and candles, they may smell good
but what you’re smelling could be killing you. Get more sleep and avoid food sensitivities. Dr. Axe:Absolutely. Next thing you’re going to see here, here
are things you want to get in your body to stay young, coconut oil. We talked about the medium-chained fats. They’re bone broth loaded with collagen
and proline and hyaluronic acid. Exercise the right way. We talked about doing things like Pilates
and barre and yoga and also doing burst training. Collagen, get the right fats in your diet
that we talked about on a daily basis, avocados are great. Test for food sensitivities. Use essential oils as part of your skin care
routine. Frankincense, geranium, lavender, are some
of the best. Consume more anti-inflammatory foods. Meditate and pray daily. And then consume some probiotics. If you can do these things it’s going to
help you feel younger, it’s going to help you look younger and it’s really going to,
for most of you, just transform your life on a daily basis. I know when I feel good, I get more done,
I have more joy in life, so these are some things we hope that you will harness and embrace
today. Jordan:And remember what Ricardo used to say
on Saturday Night Live, “It is better to look good than to feel good. You look marvelous.” See, I’m trying to bring people back who
are older if you want to do that. Dr. Axe:That’s good. Jordan:A little Billy Crystal there. Dr. Axe:All right, so guys, don’t forget
to subscribe here if you’re not subscribed as well. Thanks for watching.

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