9 Unusual Acne Tips From Ayurvedic Medicine

9 Unusual Acne Tips From Ayurvedic Medicine

Hey guys it’s Organic Olivia, welcome
back to my channel, and I’m excited because today we get to do an
interesting video about some very eclectic, unusual tips from the ancient
medicine system Ayurveda, regarding clearing acne. As you guys know, I love to
talk about acne on my channel because it’s something that I dealt with for a
very long time, and I’m always trying to learn as many tips and tricks as I can
from different systems of medicine, different philosophies so I can provide
people with as many tips as possible. I’m always trying to look at acne through as
many lenses as possible, and a lens or a system that I really connect with is
Ayurveda, which is the ancient Indian science of life. I just did an entire
video explaining the main principles and explaining the three mind-body types,
aka doshas, so that you can figure out which one you are. If you haven’t already
seen that definitely watch that video first I will put a link below so that
you can find out what type you are and additionally what kind of an imbalance
you may have. Vata people are more prone to dry skin, kapha people are more
prone to water retention or larger skin issues like boils, but acne, classic acne
is really a condition that comes up in pitta people. Just to review that video
pitta people are the leaders, the entrepreneurs, the politicians, the very
fiery and intense humans of the world that tend to be competitive, type A, and
perfectionists. The qualities of both pitta people and the pitta disorders
that are very common in pitta people, would be hot and oily. So any kind of
inflammation or visible redness, tenderness, angry eruptions, things of
that nature. Because acne is considered a pitta imbalance in Ayurveda, the most
important thing to remember when treating it is to try to pacify that
pitta energy and that heat as much as possible. So the tips that we’re about to
go through may seem simple or strange but they’re all about bringing down the
heat and inflammation in the body in eclectic ways. Tip number one,
limit coffee and chocolate. I know this is not the tip you want to hear and it’s
not all that unique, but let me explain. I’ve never been able to really find any
medical science or references to back up the claim that chocolate contributes to
breakouts in a Western sense, but Ayurveda believes that chocolate or
cocoa beans are one of the most pitta foods on earth. So when you think about acne in
the sense of excess pitta or an imbalance, it makes a little bit more
sense. Pittas are often the people who really crave chocolate especially during
their eight-hour work binges that they just can’t tear themselves away from, and
even the very serious athletic pittas who are CrossFitters and very strict
about their diet usually allow some indulgences of very dark chocolate. Vata
people on the other hand go for gummy bears and sour straws, and kapha people
go for vanilla milkshakes and anything that’s really rich and creamy. So we are
left with the foods that are stimulating, heating, and can totally contribute to
acne. Not only is the cocoa bean itself considered pitta aggravating, but the
caffeine contained within chocolate is really not the best thing for pittas in
the lens of Ayurveda. We’re already pretty hyped up, driven, and intense on
our own, we don’t really need the excess stimulation because it just turns to
heat especially heat in the intestines, which we know can totally translate to
heat in the skin, gut skin connection. This is why a lot of people find that
they have to run to the bathroom after drinking coffee because it is such a
heating, caffeinated, intense pitta substance that your body is trying to
pretty much dump the heat as quickly as it can. Number two is don’t miss meals
and eat at the same time every day. Another tip that seems strange or basic
or common-sense, but it actually can be related to acne in the lens of Ayurveda.
Really the worst thing that a pitta can do is skip meals, because again we are
governed by fire so our digestive fire is already so strong and burning at all
times, that if we don’t put a little fuel into the fire, if we don’t throw any logs
in there it’s gonna kind of over burn and then
burn out, and that you definitely don’t want. If you train your digestive fire to
learn that food is not coming when it expects it it’s gonna start to tone
itself down, and low digestive fire is even worse than high digestive fire. When
your digestive fire gets too low you’re not able to fully cook and extract the
nutrients from your food to rebuild your tissues. Low digestive fire can of course
contribute to again poor digestion, lack of nutrients, but can also cause
something called ama, which is considered toxicity from
undigested food. That brings me to number three, it’s really important to clear
that ama if it’s present, and if you have any
digestive difficulties. I talked about this in depth in my acne video, but you
really need to move your bowels and clean out your digestion a little bit if
you’re having digestive issues along with acne, especially if you deal with
sluggish bowel movements. This was one of the major keys for me when I was
clearing the digestive acne that kept occurring on the top half of my face.
Ayurveda prefers a combination of three herbs called triphala, to help gently
move the bowels and detoxify while you sleep, you take it right before bed, it’s
a combination of three fruits, and it really helps with getting your bowel
movements in check. My Ayurveda teacher always says if you have a really bad
breakout go to the bathroom, and she prefers a decoction on the stove of
burdock root and dandelion root. This not only supports your liver but it helps to
pull toxins out of the intestines and then helps to clear them out with a
gentle laxative effect. Number four would be to eat before a workout. This is
something that I’ve seen firsthand again I know these tips are weird don’t skip
meals eat before a workout, but I’ve seen this work firsthand. I have a friend who
deals with rosacea which is another very excess pitta red inflamed heat condition,
and for the longest time she was working at a hot yoga studio where she was not
only exercising, on an empty stomach, she was exercising in a very hot room
which is very pitta aggravating, so she would always come home with her skin in
a flare no matter what she ate or what else she did that day.
So I kept telling her you got to stop the hot workouts just do some regular
yoga, she finally switched to that and her skin got a lot better, but it would
still flare up after her workouts. That’s when I realized that she was not eating
before working out, she was going long hours with no food in her stomach and
then working her core and building up this fire making her pitta imbalance
even worse. So now she always makes sure to eat at least a snack before she heads
to teach a class, and she’s found that her skin is so much happier and less
inflamed. Again, pittas already have this really strong fire burning, so when
you’re building that even further in a workout you want to have a little fuel
to burn. Number five is to limit spicy salty and sour foods like citrus. It’s
not that you can’t eat these foods it’s just that you have to be mindful of how
much you’re eating because these are the most pitta foods known to existence.
The most pitta flavors. We naturally tend to crave what we are . Pitta people crave pitta
food. We want coffee, and chocolate, and spicy curry, and hot sauce and lemon
juice, and salt. Kapha people crave really kapha foods
like dairy and cheese, and really hearty enchiladas. Vata people crave sugar and simple carbs of any kind, gummy bears, sour
straws, things of that nature, but pittas are left with the foods that of course
can aggravate our acne. Even reducing these flavors a little bit and
incorporating more bitter and astringent foods can help with your skin. Number six
is to go to bed before 10:00 p.m. Another one that is very common advice
but there’s a reason an explanation why in terms of Ayurveda.The kapha
time of night is in between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. Ayurveda says that
you should fall asleep during this window before 10:00 p.m. so that you can
make sure that you’re getting into that very deep restorative state of kapha rest.
This is when your skin can really repair itself, detox can happen overnight, and
it’s really the most ideal sleep you can have. If you stay up past 10:00 p.m. you
enter the pitta time of night which is 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and this
can further aggravate a pitta imbalance and create some heat in the body. An
example of that heat is the fact that we tend to get really hungry past 10 p.m.
that’s where the midnight snack comes from, I always find that this happens to
me and you really don’t want to give in to cravings for junk food at that time
or even a regular meal because you’re about to go to sleep. So
Ayurveda prefers that you go to bed about three hours after your last meal
so that you can really save your digestive fire during pitta time for
cleaning out the digestive tract rather than digesting brand-new food.
Number seven is to manage stress and especially anger with sandalwood
essential oil. Now there are many emotions that come with the three
different doshas. Vatas can feel a lot of anxiety, kaphas can feel very
possessive or stubborn, and pittas tend to feel a lot of anger that’s like our
go-to button. Anger of course means heat in this lens of traditional medicine and
that heat can translate into the skin. My teacher says that if you are feeling
like an angry down in the dumps pitta you should put a little bit of
sandalwood essential oil on your third eye. She does this while she’s driving
and it really helps her with road rage so it can help us to manage that anger
and control those cortisol levels. Number eight would be to use flowers as
medicine specifically rose. A lot of people are now familiar with herbal
medicine especially if you watch my channel, we’re used to taking a bunch of
leaves and roots and things of that nature, but actually flowers are a very
medicinal part of the plant as well and they are specifically indicated as a
medicine for pittas. If you think about the nature of pitta people we can be
very harsh and tough and hot and intense, and flowers are just so delicate and
feminine and fragrant and soft and we really need that balance to cool us down.
This is why rose water used as a toner is such a famous skin remedy especially
for acne, and I definitely recommend spraying some rose water on your skin
after workouts to just control that inflammation that happens from the heat
of the workout. Another one of my teachers always says that rose water is
an excellent tool for anyone who feels that their skin issues really
have an emotional root. I like to take this one step further as an
extreme pitta myself and I drink rose water. I’m not out here drinking spray
toner there’s actually types of rose water that say drinkable they’re
designed to be consumed and they’re actually very beneficial. This can
definitely get a little expensive so you can always substitute with something
like rose tea and just bring it to room temperature or chill it a little bit, but
Rose in general is really something that you want to use both internally and
externally. Drinking rose water can also really help with the mental stresses
that come along with being a pitta person as it really helps to cool and
uplift the mind, spirit, and emotions. Most of all I find that it really helps to
hydrate and plump my skin from the inside out, my skin is always a lot
softer and smoother when I’m consistent with it, and I find that it’s just such a
nice internal to external remedy. Finally number 9 is using flowers as medicine
for pittas part 2. And this time we’re gonna talk about chamomile. Something
that I’ve picked up recently is doing a cold chamomile compress with a washcloth,
and interestingly enough I learned this from Bethenny Frankel from the Real
Housewives, who is probably the most pitta person I’ve ever seen, she’s
such a good example of that. She’s an entrepreneur, she’s really fiery, she’s
really sharp and witty, and I think it’s funny that she probably didn’t even
realize this is such a perfect Ayurvedic remedy for pitta skin issues. Chamomile
is another one of those flowers that is just really soothing and calming to
inflammation both internally and externally, and when applied to the skin
especially cold it can help a ton with inflammation, bacteria, and breakouts.
It is especially indicated for pittas who are hyper sensitive to pain,
especially stomach pain, and if you’ve watched my other videos you know that
stomach pain, stomach issues, gut issues are very much connected to acne. So let’s
dive into how to make a DIY chamomile compress for breakouts. So in order to
make your cold chamomile compress you’re gonna start out by brewing some hot
chamomile tea. You want to take a bowl of hot water and put about three or four
teabags so you can get a really strong brew. You’re gonna want to let it brew
for about five minutes. Chamomile is pretty delicate so you don’t need longer
than that, and once it’s finished you’re gonna add your ice into the hot water
and chill it in the freezer to get it nice and cold.
Once your chamomile tea is chilled and icey, you’re gonna take a washcloth and
you’re going to submerge it into the ice water. So you’re gonna get your washcloth
fully submerged and then you want to just wring it out a little bit so that
you don’t get soaked, and then you’re just going to drape it over your face or
drape it over any area where you have an angry cyst or an active breakout. You can
leave this on your face and just sit back and chill. You generally want to do
two minutes on five minutes off and repeat it about three or four times
until you get tired of it. The combination of the chamomile and the ice
is really going to help with the inflammation and the size of the
breakouts. Thank you so much for watching, if you have any other cool Ayurvedic
tips for acne please leave them below. I hope that you enjoyed this video and
found it helpful and if you did please like and subscribe
or leave a comment below. I’ll see you in my next one.

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