98.5 KLUC — Hypnotist Marc Savard

98.5 KLUC — Hypnotist Marc Savard

: Marc Savard is here from the V Theatre
at Planet Hollywood. You said 10 P.M show every night but what?
: But Friday. Hypnosis lies between the awaken state and
the sleep state. Basically there’s a relaxation that…2 things
happen in order for people to get hypnotized: 1, fatigued of the nervous system or 2, overload
of the nervous system and when that happens the subconscious mind comes forward.
The subconscious mind is your creative mind, your emotion mind, your personality.
That’s why people in a sense do crazy things while they’re hypnotized because the conscious
mind no longer participates, there’s no filter anymore.
It’s a lot like alcohol, that’s why get up on stage and they’ll sing and dance and they
don’t care what the audience thinks. It’s their truest personality without consequence.
People say I can’t be hypnotized; really what they’re saying is ‘I’m afraid you can actually
hypnotize me.’: No I’m not afraid.
: Okay: I just don’t believe in it and
I’m not trying to disrespect you at all.: No, it’s not disrespect at
all.: I just don’t.
: I don’t know, it’s the same as gravity.
You don’t have to believe in gravity if it exists.
: Well it’s like what I said earlier, well you know, well played sir.
What do we need to do to prepare them? Do we need to do anything?
: I just need a hammer and…: That’s funny but they’re all sitting
in chairs, we all know they’re sitting in chairs.
: They look nervous, don’t they?: A little bit, a little bit.
: Dave is just constipated.: Hypnosis is a legitimate thing.
It’s a legitimate hypnotherapy. It’s a real science and people respond very
well. Just to give you an idea, believing or not,
my wife delivered all 3 of our babies using hypnosis as the only anesthesia, no pain whatsoever.
: What? She’s super.: Okay, tell the story, tell the story.
I told this earlier, our buddy Steve Flynn who just recently become your PR guy.
: Yes: And he’s on his way here now.
He’s the guy who does everything for Holly and you see him on the show every once and
while in the background. Steve told me that he was interested on having
you as a client but that he wanted you to do something for him first.
Do you recall what it is that you did?: Yeah, he wants to stop smoking.
: And guess what, he doesn’t have a cigarette in 3 weeks.
He told me that and Steve wouldn’t lie, I don’t think.
: I do believe in that kind of stuff, like quitting smoking, all that stuff.
I just don’t think you can make me bark like a dog under a trance.
: So you’re saying that…: I do believe that putting in your
mind, I do believe in that, I don’t know how to explain it but I do believe in the quitting
smoking stuff.: So smoking for 40 years, 25
cigarettes a day, a major, major habit and we can even change that with hypnosis but
can’t modify a slight personality shift or something for an entertainment?
: It’s just what I believe.: Alright.
: The ties in the whole damn room, coming up next.
: Once their eyes are closed, we have no problem rummaging through their
purses. Take another nice big deep breath deep into
your lungs. Good, as you exhale let every nerve, muscle
and fiber and relax from top to bottom. Your muscle and fiber relax, your eyes are
getting heavy, you’re tired, your eyes are closing, closing, closing.
Getting heavy, you’re tired, getting heavy, tired, the more you blink, the heavier they
become; the next time you blink that’s hypnosis coming on to your there.
The next time you blink that’s hypnosis coming on to you then as you feel your eyes getting
heavy, you’re tired, more restful, more relax. Right there, every muscle, nerve and fiber…
Sleep right there, letting every nerve, let it rest and relax in every way, shape and…
Sleep right there, letting every nerve, muscle and fiber…
You can go ahead and try to pull them apart. The harder and harder you do pull, the harder
and harder they’re going to squeeze together. Give it a good fair shake until you’re convinced
and satisfied that this seems to be the case and shake them around a little bit, it’s not
going to make a difference. The harder and harder you do pull, the harder
and harder they’re going to squeeze together until I say otherwise.
You’re going to realize that no matter how hard you try, you’re not going to be able
to remember your name. What name do we call you?
: Uhm, uhm.: You’re going to realize that
it’s like your underwear is beginning to shrink.: Pinch
: Pinch, pinch where?: My hand and my butt.
: Your butt, what do you mean your butt?
: I don’t know, it’s like wedgie.: Oh a wedgie.
Foreign language translator and you speak English and Chinese, for all of our Chinese
listeners, you’ll be able to help them out. How long have you been a foreign language
translator?: 4 ½ years.
: 4 ½ years, so you travel all over the world.
You work with the radios stations. You work with live events.
You work with all kinds of things; you come up and explain exactly what you do.
: I translate English to Chinese.: Excellent, alright, alright.
Go ahead it’s all yours.: Kate Goslin is looking for a more
mature man to share her lady parts with.:: I’m such a skeptic. I feel like honestly someone offered money
or something, that’s how I think.: No, I promise you.
: Let me explain it though. I can fully hear us, fully conscious when
my hands were locked together but for some reason I didn’t want to release them.
: 1 charge them up, 2 energizing, dehypnotized and 3 eyes open.
Now they’re immersed from hypnosis.: My palms are sweaty.: Yeah
: How many years have you been a Chinese translator?
: I don’t know: Swear to God, a minute ago you just
said you’ve done it for 4 ½ years.: 4 ½ years?
: But he said that without thinking, you’re like…
: I remember looking at Lauren though, I remember looking at Lauren and I remember
her saying Kate Goslin, it was a sentence or something.
: Marc tried to bring Chris out.: I mean I’m not going to lie, I came
in like I was a hater but now I believe.: Sure?
: Yeah: That’s great stuff.
Marc Savard at the V Theater every night at 10 except for Friday.
You are the man, thank you so much.: Thank man, thanks for having
me, I appreciate it.

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  1. usually the station picks a good sounding woman because this it is f'n radio, in this case they went the tv route which is a hot blonde woman with a horrible voice.

  2. not just a habit..43 year addiction..chemicals fkn wit ur serotonin receptors for 45 years.. thats some serious stuff…im broke but id def do $1000 worth of electrical work for you to get that therapy. thats 2-3 days of work to me

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