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  1. Very interesting, thank you., I am starting my Animal Nursing Assistant certificate this year and going on to do the degree next year 🙂

  2. I'm currently studying Veterinary nursing and im not going to lie, its a pretty difficult job, you work long hours, where you often get treated poorly by vets, you deal with animal faeces and are often expected to do things that are incredibly tough, physically and mentally. It isn't just puppies and kittens unfortunately and the pay is absolutely ridiculous especially for how big of a role you play in a clinic… although through the cleaning i thoroughly enjoy working in a clinic environment and i know it is my true calling. I love working with the owners (although its hard to not judge them all the time), i love the stressful environment and running around but i do think i may need to undertake another job to support myself if i was to move out and live by myself. Ill probably go on to emergency and study behaviour of dogs to help me out with money .

  3. I'm in two minds whether to pursue this career, I love animals, but could I deal with all the emotion? Plus I know the pay is crap, however if I enjoyed it maybe that wouldn't matter so much.

  4. Im 12. Since i was 5 years old ive ALWAYS wanted to be a veterinary nurse its like a dream of mine and i know i have to study hard and that exactly what Im doing

  5. I am 38 years of age and made the bold decision to completely turn my back on corporate London to start studying Animal nursing. I have a natural passion for animals. I'm not sure if I will go all the way into veterinary nursing. It scares me a little that it might be too complex. This video scared me a little, but then who knows. I'm also concerned a little I might be too old. Perhaps you could advise me on this?

  6. I'm currently going into year 9 and I have high interests in veterinary nursing. I don't know what work experience I could do. Does anyone have any ideas? Also as I am only 14 what job could I start to get experience in?

  7. Have you been Pet Fooled? The new documentary "Pet Fooled" is a feature film exposing the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry. Releasing January 2017!

  8. Id bloody kill for an opportunity to get experience and confidence in an environment such as this… but the job market nowdays makes me wna punch a guy in a suit in the face… anyone got any tips for asking about volunteering because it makes me nervous even thinking about asking

  9. I am currently studying to go to school to get my GED and graduate to be a vet tech, or assistant in the vet field. I have been wanting to be apart of the vet field for at least 3yrs now, and I was wondering how I can get the vet books to study everything that is in the books and then try to find a vets office to try to apply for a job at? If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it so much. thanks

  10. I'm currently studying to be a veterinary nurse. I love the education and the internships I get and yes it's something you have to work hard for. The veterinary nurse is usually ignored or not looked at, because your only the "assistent". It's a hard job and most people who do the work love it. You can't be a veterinary nurse and not like the work and only do it so you have a job. Where I live the money we get is not a lot.. and there are not a lot of jobs in the business, but we study for it because we like to do it.

  11. I'm 18 and sitting my Leaving Cert in Ireland and am considering doing vet nursing, but I'm still a bit unsure due to the pay. Was wondering if anyone could offer me a bit of friendly advice?

  12. I’m 15, this looks so fun and I have a passion for all animals. It’s just the pay is bad ☹️

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