A Peaceful, Clean Brooklyn Home | House Tours |Apartment Therapy

A Peaceful, Clean Brooklyn Home | House Tours |Apartment Therapy

– Hi, I’m Rachel. Welcome to my 500 square foot
apartment in Carroll Gardens. Come on in. (melodious instrumental music) I live in the apartment
with my partner Stacey and our cat Savannah. I would say my style is
comfortable and clean with enough space to
think but to be creative. That’s true at Soapwalla as well we have a good amount of space so that we can sort of move things around. I’m a very tactile person so I need that in my house as well. Soapwalla is a natural skincare company. I founded it really out of my own need. I have systemic lupus which
is an autoimmune illness. And really that’s just
a fancy way of saying that your body gets confused and your cells start attacking themselves thinking they’re foreign bodies. I started making skincare
products out of a need, I couldn’t find anything on
the market that I could use. So I realized at one point if I couldn’t find it, I had to make it. As you can see I have a million plants, they bring a lot of light
and joy into my life, but also there’s a real
health element to it as well. Plants are very good at filtering air and since I have pretty weak lungs, there’s also a health reason for me to have so many plants around. So this is our renovated bathroom. This little sake cup that’s got a plant
cutting in it right now, that comes from our next-door
neighbor at Soapwalla. And it’s really nice to have sort of a co-worker’s
piece in the bathroom. So this is a little DIY
project that Stacey and I made to sort of house Savannah’s
kitty litter area, so she had a nice bathroom area as well. And then this is a
painting that our friend Albert Sharp did a few
years before he died. On our bed is a quilt from the 1930s that we got from a shop a few years ago and is very similar to some of my great grandmother’s quilts that I have. So one of the biggest challenges of living in a prewar apartment most of the work that you
do is behind the scenes, so it’s under the floor, behind the walls, above the ceiling. Mold is something that with lupus my lungs are really affected. So when there’s an issue with mold, not only can I not participate I actually have to move
out of the apartment. There are safety measures
that you have to take when embarking on home renovation projects that you may not otherwise
have to think about if you’re perfectly healthy. The roof deck is my sanctuary, like it really makes
the city feel manageable when it’s at its most overwhelming. I feel so lucky that we have that space and also really proud that we built it out as much as we did. Like we brought up steel
beams, we brought up wood, we hand-built planters and a trellis and fencing along and
filled it with plants. It’s really our little slice of heaven. That really helps infuse the apartment with good feelings and good memories. Having the things around
us that evoke good feelings really helps the space feel like home.

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  1. I dont think a stylish space is what was foremost in this lady's mind when she did her apartment. But it works anyway. I like this place as much if not more than a professionally designed apartment.

  2. No offense, but it all looks so random… Intentional design is not what comes to mind with this apartment. It looks accidental, not "let's make a show about it". The plants are nice.

  3. my cat shoko eats the plants. i don't think it's good for him so i don't buy them otherwise i would let him eat them. shoko is my everything i love him more than anything.

  4. such an unpretentious place. reminds me so much of favorite spaces growing up, happy bookstores, cafes and intelligent peoples homes.

  5. Love trumps hate… 우리나라에서는 있을 수 없는 일.. 더군다나 방송으로 보여지다니.. 아무리 유튜브라 하더라도.

  6. Okay, I was looking forward to watching a peaceful, clean apartment therapy video…..then they show the "Trump Hate cardboard". Okay, skipping this video. Thumbs down!

  7. AP only reports on how singles or homosexual couples live. Children are obviously disruptive factors in their world.

  8. This real synchronicity. I also have SLE and found this video. I’m looking for plants to clean my air and a gentle skin care for my lupus. Thank you ??

  9. How lucky you are to have an apartment with a terrace. Such a lovely place too, with some real good mid-century modern furnishings.

  10. I would subscribe to your channel, but, I love Trump. MAGA! I’m not sure if I feel safe here. I assume you will erase me anyway….

  11. Love your house decor love your plants absolutely love your terrace garden and love your cat on the blanket ?

  12. Thank you for your amazing house tour in your beautiful home and «garden». I just love it!

  13. Leaving those ear buds or qtips open out in the washroom can get it germ loaded and can lead to ear infection when used… Always keep them enclosed in a box

  14. It is much more realistic than tiny house. I love the plants. It make apartment looks no less than house/town house. One do not need a piece of lands to enjoy plants. and less work too. Nice idea to learn from it.

  15. This would be one of many ideal spaces for me. Especially the outside. I appreciate that the animals get almost as much face time as the humans.

  16. With that roof deck, it's no longer a "500 sq. ft. apt." It's like a 1000 sq ft. apt. With the view, infinity sq. ft.

  17. You have created a very loving, peaceful, safe, and healthy home. I love your roof deck also. What a small piece of heaven! I wish you good health & well being!

  18. She’s queer and Jewish and plays violin! As a young human who is all of these things, I feel very represented 🙂 Beautiful space

  19. these videos would get a lot more views if they were longer, slower and had less panning and cutting – that is if they were easier to actually watch and understand. interiors videos shouldn’t flow like music videos – it confuses the eye. please rethink this AT because your website is so dope!

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