A to Z of Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss By Vibrant Varsha

[Video Title Music] Hello Guys, welcome back to my channel Vibrant Varsha. Today I am going to share with you effective ways to lose weight – Intermittent Fasting. If you are new to my channel, then please subscribe and press the bell Icon, so that you can get my latest video updates. Fasting in India is done for religious reasons and now intermittent fasting is the latest trend in weight loss. Intermittent diet is not a diet, but an eating pattern. The most effective method in intermittent fasting is 16:8. In which 8 hours – 8 hours window, in that, you have to do breakfast, lunch, and dinner and 16 hours is fasting. The simple calculation is that, in 8 hours. we cannot have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So any two of the three things we can do. As a result, your calorie intake reduces and weight loss is fast. Let me explain to you again, if your first meal is at 10 am, then your last meal should be at 6 pm. If you are a breakfast person and if you have your breakfast at 8 or 9 am, then according to that @ 4 or 5 pm, you will have to take your last meal, i.e.dinner should be over. During 16 hours of fasting, Green tea, water, black coffee, black tea or coconut water you can drink. But friends, have any of these things without sugar. Do not eat any solid food. During fasting, the body uses stored fat as a fuel and this makes your weight loss fast. In 8 hours, you take two meals, so calorie intake automatically reduces. For e.g. in Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner if you have 2-2 flatbread/Rotis, so when you shift to two meals diet, then 2 flatbread/Rotis will get reduce. Accordingly, your weight loss starts fast. As I said along with weight loss, there are many health benefits You will feel very lite with intermittent fasting and your energy level will increase. Help reduce Blood Pressure, boosts Metabolic Rate, and lowers cholesterol level. And most importantly, you do not even have to think about what to take in the third meal. So, in losing weight – the most important factor, maintaining weight with intermittent fasting becomes very easy. From last 1 year, I am doing intermittent fasting, I am a breakfast person. My first meal is at around 9 am and according to that my last meal, my lunch & my dinner is at 5 pm. That’s done! After this, if I feel hungry, then I prefer Green tea or with some moderation at night I take 1 cup of milk, which is fat-free. Before starting Intermittent fasting, you must take some precautions. Those who have diabetes, or any heart problem, or if you are on medication, then without consulting your doctor you should not do this diet. Those nursing mother or pregnant women, they should also avoid this diet. Intermittent fasting you can do for 1 day, weekly or twice / thrice, or for longer period also. If you wish to do intermittent fasting and if you have any doubts, then write to me in the comments box below. Tips for Office goers! Always whenever I talk to my clients, particularly my female clients, they always complain that they don’t get time for a diet, but this is the best diet for office goers. Since you don’t have time, so you can skip your morning breakfast. According to the office’s lunchtime, you plan your first meal of the day. And after you are back home from the office, at night you plan your last meal of the day, in between 8 hrs gap. In between the first meal and the last meal, keep 8 hrs timespan and accordingly, you do your intermittent fasting. This is the best diet for office goers. Tips for all! In intermittent fasting, in between first meal and last meal, try to eat low carb, Fasting doesn’t mean that you have the license to eat anything & unlimited – no, eat-in calorie restriction (RDI), check your portion. Try to take low carb. If you do Keto Diet along with Intermittent Fasting, then you will get the best results. If you like this video, then give me thumbs up and don’t forget to share my video. If you are new to my channel, then please Subscribed & click on Bell Icon, so that you can get my latest video updates. Thank You.

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