A Unique Place to Learn Classical Homeopathy

A Unique Place to Learn Classical Homeopathy

Egy egyedülálló hely, ahol Klasszikus Homeopátiát lehet tanulni A Klasszikus Homeopátia Nemzetközi Akadémiája A hely, ahol tanulni lehet: a Klasszikus Homeopátia Nemzetközi Akadémiája Az eszköz, ami által tanulni lehet: Prof George Vithoulkas E-learning programja A világ összes nagy homeopatája George Vithoulkas Prof. tanítványa volt. Egy inspiráló Tanító egy egyedi Tanfolyamon, ahol előrehaladott homeopátiás tudás nyerhető.

10 Replies to “A Unique Place to Learn Classical Homeopathy”

  1. Good to see dear old George, 82 years old this year and  still going strong. I feel quite privileged to have taught at that academy.

  2. IACH…a  place which is a temple of learning…..an academy…which has explained and taught everything in homoeopathy…reaaly feels fortunate to learn and feel homoeopathy with george sir…

  3. An excellent place on the planet earth where one can learn best of classical homeopathy. Thanks to the george vithoulkas sir, his contribution has made homeopathy more easy and more known in this world where modern medicine acts in disastrous way.

  4. What an awesome place to learn, George I'm doing e learning and I wanna come to IACH, Will come soon thanks for everything you gave. Love you George.

  5. A real Master and lives a live as a Master.
    Very happy to know Greece can still bring people like Pythagoras like in the old Greece golden times.

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