A walk and talk at the Cambridgeside Galleria mall fountain park ?

Hi there. This is Yvonne Decelis from YDCtv. I’m just coming to you today it is Wedensday, and I’m thinking today is February 6th I could be wrong though. Just doing a quick film and yeah it’s not
me um it is still Winter in New England as you can see. Winter in New England. Just want to put a quick vid up. I put one up the other day. I will be putting a new video up soon. I haven’t gotten my new audio solution yet. I want to put up a new weight loss video. It won’t just be the quick one that I did
before. I don’t know if you’ve seen that one or not
yet. But I did put one up about how you can boost
your metabolism with some acupressure points. I wanted to add to that because, if it is
true that hitting those lymph acupressure points can help you lose weight then doing
the full lymphatic flush in addition to that should help as well. So I am hoping to do a new video with the
full lymphatic flush and then follow that up with those acupressure points. Show you tips to lose weight or to at least
get your metabolism boosted because that really is a good way to let weight go. But I did just want to put this video up so
again it is STILL Winter in New England. Though it hasn’t been a bad one this year
um so far, knock on wood that I didn’t just jinx it by saying that! But anyway I shall be back. Thanks so much for being here! Namaste, peace and light. Oh by the way I have 2 tests left and then
I will be getting my certification from the Academy of Energy Healing so hopefully I will
be getting that certification soon – within the next month (knock on wood). Anyway – talk to you all later! Cheers! Please don’t forget to subscribe, leave a
comment, leave a like and if you do leave me a comment I will try to get back to you. Peace and light!

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