8 Replies to “ABA Therapy: How to Find a Therapist”

  1. I agree it is a lifesaver….. I would have died without ABA for my little guy, diagnosed at 18 mo. getting ABA ever since ( 7 years) and it WORKS as long as you apply it and the therapist is knowledgable. they should be mandated to watch your videos you are amazing!!!!

  2. Hi, I’m thankful to find your videos. You don’t have an idea how has been my son and my live going throw a light to mild autism with out a diagnosis. With out know about it, with out info, with out stupor for it , only for his delay. Homeschooling him frustrated for don’t understand him. But really these videos that you are doing has become a live saver for me and a way to understand him and help him. Thank you and hope the vest for you.

  3. Hi do u still make ABA videos ? Can u tell me how to start teaching a autistic adult who is pretty much at zero level in all areas

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