Absolute Best TMJ Treatment You Can Do Yourself for Quick Relief.

Absolute Best TMJ Treatment You Can Do Yourself for Quick Relief.

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet hi I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist and Brad honey physical therapist together we have the most famous physical therapist on the internet I think you’re Mike’s working Bob enthusiasm come on dad okay today we’re going to go over the best TMJ treatment you can do yourself now there’s a lot of treatments that can be done but this is the best one you can do yourself TMJ temporal mandibular or well actually you could call it TMJ the mouth joint no temporal mandibular joint right and it’s actually temporal mandibular disorders right the joint is alas poor York I knew him Horatio that’s a little culture he ran with all right Brad the joint is right here okay right there yeah you don’t have your pointer today or do you oh yeah okay well at the point right where it is and now I’m going to actually pull this pull this off focuses any the joint there got it Lonnie dislocated and together yeah all right now when you’re having TMJ problems it’s either that joint that’s giving you trouble or the muscles around the joint the ones I make it function yep the ones that close the jaw the one is the masseter which is right here and the other one is the temporalis and this is actually a good picture yeah I hold that together right so masseter and temper Alison you might want to look at the fibers of that how the fibers are running because when we’re going to be showing you how to do your own massage to these and you want to go across the fibers at one point we’re going to show you how to make circular massage across the fibers looks like one of those fans you know it doesn’t look like that Japanese fan anything so all right let’s go on start Brad very good you’re going to go ahead and do the massage yeah so this is you’re going to have pain here maybe problems opening and closing your jaws with that and you can have tension a lot of times people are grinding their teeth at night share our bruxism the only guy wake up you have little bits of teeth in your mouth no okay all right so uh and you make a lot of times people get ear your aches and I think that it’s ear infection even so and it’s from the joint poppin joint you know clicking making noises headaches Sharyl assault alright first we’re going to start off with is almost more of a myofascial technique Brad so you’re going to put your hands and your fingers should have enough oil on it circles that you don’t really need to use any oil you can start on the bottom of the masseter here you’re going to push in and then while you’re pushing in you’re just going to let it roll up towards the top so you should be raising on the muscle right on the mandible here on the jaw and going right up yeah that feels good if you’re eating chicken you’ll have plenty of grease on your fingers to do this alright and then now we’re going to go up into the temporalis Brad yep the same thing you’re just going to push in and push up feels good yep this is a good order for everybody even if you were having heads yeah you’d be good for headaches get those that pain your headaches yeah this is one of those treatments that you really can’t go wrong right yeah if it doesn’t help your your pain here right there’s nothing helpful right there’s no nothing good about this alright the next one Brad just going to go ahead and using these three fingertips going to go right straight down like this and again don’t get into your cheek we’re out we’re back here unless we remember its back yeah the zygomatic arch wasn’t that where you go from you’re netting mm-hmm so okay the same with this one you’re going to just push up Brad then okay you can feel you know what to get used to that feeling underneath the skin where you’re on the muscle you should be able to go right do this all right the next one you’re gonna do Brad is you’re actually gonna do circles now now you can do it with the three fingertips you can do it with your knuckles okay you’re going to go like this across the muscle like this making circles going across the muscle remember we’re trying to go across those fibers you know the fibers were going across them across when you go up here and hit those a beer across the fibers you seen any of this Lonnie I like this but actually this is a really relaxed very silly okay alright the last set that you’re going to do Brad is you’re actually going to hold open your jaw and then you can do the same massage it you can a circle I can’t understand you Bob so actually ever can so you actually hold it’ll open is it jaws be loosened yeah so you’re trying to keep the muscles relaxed ha I’ll car that’s that’s different definitely different and then you’re going to also work it up in the temporalis hair I tell you going through our idea no seriously this can actually help you can do 30 to 60 seconds II tried um we can do them together obviously sure 32 seconds 30 to 60 seconds on each muscle and you could even do this a couple times a day Brad this is sure nothing negative about doing it right I think if you get positive results right do it as need now we’re also going to do another video on the top three exercises you should do now these exercises are not going to give you immediate relief by any means they’re for the long haul they’re trying to prevent these muscles from giving you trouble in the future there’s a whole bunch of things about TMJ sure that come into play and those exercises can help you so when I get that one down I’m gonna link it to this one okay that is it at the end so alright thanks for watching excellent you

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  1. Locked out on left side. Joint and muscles. Malocclusion, clenching, hit by automobile. Do a lot of massage, hot packs, tens, and just got an infa-red light. Posture can't be over emphasized, along with stress management. Not easy to treat, or finding a good TMJ Specialist and Physical Therapist. Have had a few that have made it worse. A good video.

  2. Suffered two dramatic spine and head traumas recently and I just discovered that chewing causes my jaw to lock. Ouch.A horrible helpless situation. Flailing through google, these Two Healing Angels generously sharing their professional expertise on YT. The massages worked instantly on the tension. Thank You

  3. Right now, I could finally enjoy a life totally free from bruxism and TMJ, my husband even stated that I stopped grinding my own teeth as I sleep at night. I no longer clench during the day and my teeth look and feel noticeably greater. This TMJ treatment “fetching fakem press” (Google it) is a real life saver. After four nights, I definitely observed that my jaw and face pain had drastically deceased..

  4. This pain is annoying. Hope this helps. I don't want to see doctor and find out I have tumour or even little Hitler doing his little jew holocaust.

  5. Hope you can see this. I went to dentist to have my front bridge taken out. It had 4 teeth in it. He pulled at my upper jaw with instruments quite tight. He put the bridge back inncementing it. After cementing he pushed so hard in my top jaw. It felt like my brain flew out. I've had pain after, it's been 12 day and I'm still in excruciating pain, help…

  6. please tell me this in hindi, i jaw always sound when i open my mouth,and 2times my jaw had unlocked,plz tell me any body in hindi plzz

  7. I've been to so many different places an nothing has helped almost afraid to try anything because it either does nothing or makes it worse how can a doctor not help me I've called an visited every place I could think of pain every single day constantly taking pain meds an using hot water packs never goes away just makes it more tolerable I've tried everything from changing diet to massages nothing seems to be working can anyone help me get rid of tmj ????

  8. I have suffered from TMJ for over 17 years and have wore several different mouth guards, consulted with numerous dentists and specialists but no one really offered the help I was striving for. I use to suffer from severe jaw aches and my molars and throat were causing me such pain, that I was desperate for a cure. I would add that I also suffered from terrible clenching sounds when opening and closing my mouth. Well, after seeing a recommendation from my friend , i try a method and the results came so quickly, I was so used to living with TMJ, I never though there was an actual remedy for it or that I could ever live normal again but your plan was so clear and effective, thanks to this guide : t.co/lDU3BGV338

  9. thank you truly. This helped me so much. I diagnosed my jaw pain as TMJ disorder. The exercises provided so much relief, I intend on doing them all day

  10. can botox on the jaw muscle to help with this? It is bothering my sleep, eating, and gives me more stress because of lack of sleep! I have been suffering for years since high school I thought I yawned too much and opened my mouth too wide and caused it… didnt know it could be braces. I had braces during high school time and no one ever told me about it!

  11. thank you!! my jaw was popping so loud every time i opened and closed it now it's opening normally without a sound

  12. I have this, with a misaligned jaw, watching this was so funny for some reason. Of course I'm a watching this while being in pain too. Love your vids I need to give this a shot.

  13. Oh wow those massage techniques feel
    So nice! I was literally eye rolling whilst doing it on my painful side! Thanks for these techniques!

  14. Thanks for doing this video. I'm having big problems finding a doctor who treats it. It's like a wild goose chase.

  15. Thank you for the video. Got diagnosed with TMJ by my ENT after major dental work (having my mouth open a long time). Have had pain in the jaw, headaches, and a burning sensation in the ear. This video helped, plan to keep doing the exercise.

  16. Famed doctors ! Haha Thank you so so so billions much much much for the relief and care you give from these massages. I was in the dark until I saw how famous you both are haha ! I don’t want to scare anybody but just my experience so far, maybe it’ll help others . I dreamnt that these aching teeth ( TMJ in disguise) could .. lead to loss of my life . I couldn’t believe this ! Symptoms of uneasiness of breath I felt this could have something to do with getting the worst, a heart attack? A doctor gave me an info handout and it stated that TMJ can lead to meningitis. The pain is so unusually frightening. Lol. pain ( I seen on reports )causes the brain to think differently and I am quite certain it can cause a lot of build up of stress on the face obviously. I just want to encourage you along with the wonderful
    Team of Doctors here on this video You all deserve the best and most help to beat this ! You didn’t do anything wrong , you don’t deserve this ! You can be free of TMJ and shall be

  17. Thank you for this video it provided nearly instant relief and benefit i greatly appreciate what you are doing for humanity.

  18. You guys are great! I had debilitating headaches, ear aches, sinus aches, toothaches, eye aches, neck pain, and went from Dr. to Dr., from dentist to endodontis to oral surgeon. The oral surgeon was the only one who after I told all my problems like I did the other doctors, told me he believed I had a jaw disorder and order physical therapy. During my visit to PT they did these same exercises that you show in this video and the pain went away during my first visit. Amazing. I now know what to do and I have a mouth guard to keep me from clenching during sleep. Now I'm also viewing your video on exercises for gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. I've been to PT for an atrophied gluteus minimus and the exercises they taught me are the same as yours and you show more exercises than they did. Thanks so much!

  19. Ha! I was about to go to a chiropractor to deal with an excruciating jaw and head ache. Tried the exercise for about 30 seconds and it's gone! Thanks, guys!

  20. thanks you guys really sorted me out today with cracking/ grinding sensation on the jaw! also I like bob's enthusiasm !

  21. I have pain right now in my left side and wow I start to do the last exercise & it helped me! The pain kind of went away! Thank you!!

  22. I have a horrendous toothache combined with severe tmj pain. This did nothing for me at all. In agony at 3:45am.

  23. I just viewed it I try it. An u know it helped.. I know if I continue I will get great result.. Thank u docs

  24. seven years ago Ive been involved in a car wreck and even since suffered with severe on and off facial and jaw pain. Ive tried almost everything western medicine had to offer and had visited countless of specialist, had done ct scans, and therapies but to no avail. The doctors I have been to had persisted that there wasnt anything wrong with me and that almost drove me crazy as I was going through hell from this condition. According to all my symptoms I was diagnosed by a holistic doctor as having TMJ and he had recommended a book to me. After following the recommendation in this book for 11 days, it had changed my life. I got immediate relief after following the unique set of exercises in the book and after 1 week the jaw and face pain had completely gone. Click here to download this book : healthrevenant.com/vd7u

  25. My TMJ pain had gotten unbearable in the last few days , I can’t believe the instant relief I got from doing these exercises! Thank you so much

  26. I have arthritis and I have this problem along with my ears feeling clogged I guess that's the word I will use…

  27. Woke up this morning with huge pop sounds at my jaw whenever i opened my mouth,tried these and it instantly woked, thank you so much guys

  28. omg the size of the KNOT in my temporalis was in insane. they you guys so much. I was taking 1000-2000 mg of ibuprofin a day just to deal with the pain cus I take adderall for ADD and it really tenses the hell out of your muscles. I would catch myself not grinding my teeth but just clenching my jaw and holding the muscle that moves your ears back just constantly tenses my whole head. This gave me so much relief. I swear it went from a constant 6/10 to a 1/10 pain wise – sometimes it would get so bad I would literally steal a bunch of my mom or dads tramadol or percocet or vicodin after they had had minor surgeries.. seriously almost turned into an opioid addict over this. It hurt so bad inside my ear area from this muscles being so tight and knotted up especially on the right like there was a drill bit that wasn't spinning just trying to escape from skull. This works very well! Srsly you guys saved me from srsly considering needing a everyday dependence on opioids.


  30. Thank you so very much all the way from Libya, I needed this as I have had pain for three days and feel better.

  31. My jaw got unlocked so I took a big bite of my mcchicken and it got locked mid way and I had a mouth full of mchicken and my jaw hurted ALOTT

  32. Okay so Its 3am and I've looked up any possibility trying to explain this pain I'm having, from gingivitis to Tonsillectomy. None of them really fit in my symptoms. Because it's strange, so it started out as a tooth ache which led to my right side of my jaw just hurting, so I drank some ibuprofen and tried some bourbon to numb it. But that helped very little. Then I noticed that it only hurt when I layed down and tried to sleep. So I'm assuming this is what I got, I'm trying these exercises and I feel a bit better but idk if it's real relief.

  33. I can't open my mouth fully unless my jaw clicks. I have to move my bottom jaw right to left for it to click before I can open it. These exercises haven't helped so I don't know what in gonna do 😨.

  34. I am 16 and this is already ruining my life, I can barely open my mouth to fit a fork full of food in. This is very frustrating and I don't know what to do

  35. I can’t believe my pain is so gone after doing this exercise.
    It was really a helpful video for me thank you so much!!

  36. Boy am i great full to run across this video! My jaw has been locked for 2 weeks now from wearing my retainer. I have only done 2 treatments and this has helped immediately

  37. Thank you so much! The flare up I was having almost made me pass out and this worked almost immediately to relieve it

  38. Just had a back molar tooth pulled and a lot of pressure was caused on my jaw now I have tmj. Immediate relief doing the mast exercise. Thanks so much doe the tips. The pain is still there but it help some. 🙂

  39. Question.. Can anyone relate 2 haveing problems with their sinuses , troubles breathing through their nose , swallowing and intense facial pain? btw is there an alien out there with a cure for us ? x) 12 years and counting. people cant reallize how much u can suffer from this condition thill they have it.

  40. Thank you very much sir. I am not relieved from the pain but surely the pain has at least reduced. Please suggest me some methods to fully cute this. Thank you!

  41. I have a popping sound right behind my ear when i open my mouth. Just when im opening my mouth, but im not feeling any pain its just popping do you think its etd? Or tmj?

  42. can rheumatoid arthritis cause the same problem? I'm rheumatoid arthritis positive n my right jaw hurts a lot n poops so huge. i had the issue once at mt early stages of rheumatoid arthritis n later it went silent for a year or two now and outta nowhere today it starts pooping again

  43. Does anyone else get really swollen in the jaw area when they eat? That's my main problem, I'll try to eat and not 2 minutes in both sides of my jaws feel sore and are visibly swollen. I have to stop eating because it hurts too much. These exercises helped a little for immediate relief.

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