Acidity || Acid Reflux || Gas || Homeopathy || Hindi || Hyperacidity || गैस का इलाज || Indigetion

Acidity || Acid Reflux || Gas || Homeopathy || Hindi || Hyperacidity || गैस का इलाज || Indigetion

Namaskar, I am Dr. P.S Tiwari and welcome to my channel. What is Acidity, what is the cause of acidity and it’s treatment I am going to explain this to you in very short. Acidity is excess formation of acid in the stomach which is called Hyper acidity it is more than normal, hence it is called acidity. Pain in stomach, burning in stomach , headache and restlessness. So what is the cause of Acidity Acidity happens because of your irresponsibility, eating street foods, stale food oily foods, so there are the causes of acidity. So in Homeopathy there are very good medicine available for acidity Because I have seen a lot of people who have interest in Homeopathy, but they take wrong medicine and it does not work. So the first medicine is Lycopodium 200 You can take Lycopodium 200 if you have the symptom that you are very hungry and after taking a single bite your acidity increases and mostly the problems happens in the evening between 4 to 8 pm then you can take Lycopodium 200 – 4 drops twice daily. The second medicine is Nux Vomica. If you don’t do any physical activity and like to stay at your home like a lazy person. which is called sedentary life then Nux Vomica is the best medicine for you. The third medicine is Colchicum. So in Colchicum the patient cannot stand the smell of food and there is feeling of vomiting, whether there is any acidity or not if this the symptom, then you can Colchicum. The next mediicne is Robinia 200. If there is acid in the stomach followed by headache the you can take Robinia 200. The next medicine is Anacardium 200. If there is feeling of restlessness on empty stomach and after eating something that feeling goes away. So this is the symptom of Anacardium. Apart from these, there are many other medicines which can be taken based on the symptoms and it is not possible for me to talk about every medicine. So you can start by taking these medicines So I hope you like my video, you can message me on Whatsapp and you will reply within 24 hours. I hope you like my video, i will catch you in the next video, Till then take care of yourself. Thank you.

42 Replies to “Acidity || Acid Reflux || Gas || Homeopathy || Hindi || Hyperacidity || गैस का इलाज || Indigetion”

  1. dr sahib can we mix more than one medicine for acidity for more than one symptom?and how to mix and what will be the dose?

  2. Sir apne kha p….200 2 se 3 tym le skte h lkn maine suna h
    200 only 1 tym hi le skte h 2 wk m….. to agr m 200 repeated lungi to koi prblms to nhi ayega na….Rply

  3. sir mujhe acidity with bitter taste hota h continue pura din. homeopathy ka deva chalu h. in how many days it can cure

  4. sir psoriasis k liye medicine bta day mje 23 sal se ha pure jiam pe lgane k liye b drops bta day pene k liye b plz hmble request ha apse. phle mai 1 month se sulpher 30
    R 65
    hydrocortile 200
    10 drps each le rha hu but abi tk koi fark nai para mje .
    mai pakistan se hu aur ye b mje indian doctor kirtic singh ne suggest kiya tha wo b live online aty ha .

  5. sir mera stomac b kharab hi rhta ha aur chest mei khurak ki nali mei jalan ha kai salo se mje kuch smj nai arha mai kya kru

  6. मुझे सरदी हमेशा रैहेती है और गलेमे फ होता है, मै कोनसी दवाई लु सर, मेरी ऊमर 52 है

  7. dr sab my abdomen is bloated every time even when empty or in hunger. I also get satiated soon. kindly suggest medicines. thanx

  8. sir mujhe throat mein aisa lagta hai jaise ki kuch phasa hua hai aur pain bhi hota hai and hamesha balgam rehta hai

    Food stomach se throat tak aa jata hai
    burping bhi hoti hai

    please koi solution bataein

  9. This book>>>  quite thoroughly explains how some stomachs' inadequately digest certain sugars which end up sitting in the small intestine causing fermentation. The fermentation causes GERD symptoms. I am only into day 4 and do have relief.

  10. Dear sir please acne and pimples k liye hige potency wali hom medicine bataye. Thanks. Nawaz. Distt.BULDANA.Maharashtra

  11. श्रीमान, मेरी पत्नी को अल्सर है।। क्या इसके लिए कोई दवा है।।

  12. I was able to cure my digestive issues naturally because of this heartburn treatment “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Google it). If you are presently experiencing digestive disorders and chronic heartburn, you need to try this treatment as well.

  13. Sir,regards. I am having symptoms of hyperacidity for last one month. Earlier,I was suffering from IBS. Suddenly acidity appeared. I was having terrible sour taste in my mouth all the time and my heart n stomach burnt also. After having a course of aelopathic medicine the intensity has reduced but symptoms are still there. Especially the sour taste in the mouth. Please suggest some way out as I have been an ardent follower of homeopathy and believe that only homeopathy can offer a permanent solution. Please help me and kindly give me your whatsap no

  14. Sir…meri maa ki age 53 yrs h …unko approx 1 yr se right eye m chalazion ho gya h Jo ki painless h…then Uske approx 2-3 months baad unko right heel spur ho gya…than left heel spur ho gya h ….unko heel m spur ki wajah se bahut pain hota h ….then unko right knee joint m and right calf muscle m pain start ho gya….unko cold se aggravation hota h….unko ab dono legs m bahut pain hota h….sir plz koi treatment bta dijiye

  15. sir mere husband ko acid reflux ki preshani h unke gale me or sir me bi fard rehta, carbo veg 30 or lycopodium 200 do month lee but bilkul bi farak nhi pda, koi effective medicine btaye… or dose bi btaye. thanks

  16. Sir mujhe gerd ki problem h teen saal ho gya Homeopathi medicine bhi bhut le chuka hu par aaram nhi ho rha h Homeopathi cure kar sakta h issko ya nhi

  17. sir mai 21 year ki hu mujhe 1 saal se pet me jalan or khana ache se digest na hone ki problem h sir plz help me

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