Acupressure Points for Tinnitus – Massage Monday #259

Acupressure Points for Tinnitus – Massage Monday #259

Hi everyone, this is Yasuko and it’s time
for Massage Monday. Per viewer’s request this week I’m going to cover the acupressure points
for tinnitus or tinnitus which is a ringing or buzzing in the ears. I’m going to cover
five effective points around the ears. The first point is in front of the ear by
the tragus the little prominence. When you open your mouth you’ll feel the depression.
This is called Small Intestine 19. Stimulate these points on both sides by gently pressing
for 3-5 seconds at a time with your mouth open. The second point is right above the last point.
It’s the depression above the tragus. This is called Triple Heater or Triple Warmer 21.
Press these points on both sides for 3-5 seconds at a time. The
third point is right above the top of the
ear by the hairline. You can also fold your ear forward to close the opening and it’s
where the top of the ear is touching the head. This is called Triple Heater or Triple Warmer
20. Press these points on both sides for 3-5 seconds at a time. The fourth point is the depression on the
bone behind the ear. When you follow the bone behind the ear upward, you will feel a little
indentation behind the ear. This is called Gall Bladder 11. It’s actually painful to
press. Stimulate these points on both sides by rubbing or pressing gently. The last point is the depression right behind
the ear lobe. This is called Triple Heater or Triple Warmer 17. Gently press these points
on both sides. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next
week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe.

100 Replies to “Acupressure Points for Tinnitus – Massage Monday #259”

  1. Ma'm
    I have this problem for last10 yrs or so.
    I will try your your suggested therapy.
    And if I get relief,I will be indebted to you.
    Thank you.

  2. Diminished nicely. Can you please show pics of where the pressure points are. I can rest better at night. God bless you. Wish you the best. This does works. Maybe if it doesn't make it go away, it diminishes it to a bearable degree. Try it out guys!!! And as many times you need to.

  3. Thank you very much for this video madam. My 18 years old son was suffering from tinnitus since 3 months. He has undergone audiomatry and MRI Scan. All reports are normal. Doctor said that tinnitus may be due to impact of wisdom teeth. He is doing your exercise since 12 days and he got rid off Titus in just 8 days. Now also he is doing the exercise twice a day. Please advise me whether he has to continue the exercise if so for how many days. Is there any problem if he do it when he has no tinnitus. Please advise me. Thank you.

  4. Will it help to do this more than once a day or is it no more affective? What is the optimum amount of time to spend doing this? Every day?

  5. For the first time in 30 years, i can sit and listen to sweet silence……Thank you, wonderful healers of China.

  6. Mam daily I wake up early morning. But daily running nose for me in morning time one hour . So I'm very irritating. Please any pressure points control runny nose.

  7. I have it 20 years non stop and my Ear nose throut Doctors told me I have to live with it there is nothing to do. I have also hearing loss it gets worse. The say I will get used to it. But it gets louder I have loud Mototor noise and whistlings in my ears. Horrible.

  8. Mam my tinnitus ringing is from brain could this method help this….Mam please reply I am suffering from 8 years and now this tinnitus sound increased…Mam please help my problem I can't study…I will be highly obliged

  9. I'll surely try this as I have this tinnitus problem since three years or so ,thanks a lot for sharing these tips ….

  10. Hello, i just want you to know that this video helped me 100% for a few minutes and now its better than before, you gave me a chance to cure tinnitus, have a nice day 🙂

  11. I've been doing this for about 2 weeks, 3 times a day, and I can feel the volume lessening. I'm going to keep doing it, and I hope the tinnitus goes away entirely.

  12. Sarge you can learn to ignore the problem! I think scuba diving may have played a part in developing this but it is also a common and uncomfortable part of hearing loss and aging. I am trying this. What can it hurt and considering some acupuncture as well. If you are having problems sleeping a white noise generator can help.

  13. I have noticed some positive difference in this issue. The sequence in not unpleasant and I am going to make an effort to complete it daily.

  14. it has started ringing in my right ear from last 3 days……it is very irritating. …suddenly i am feeling what has happened to me. …..i hope it works

  15. Tried this just now and it actually ever so slightly reduced the loudness. So im going to keep attempting this on a regular basis. Any ideas how often its advisable to apply the pressure points? Once or twice a day? Three times a week? The video or description doesnt really state. Cheers

  16. all of these acupressure points repeat 5 times in 35 seconds? Thank you for any of your answer. I started to visit acupuncture, but it is quite expensive for me and not comfortable. I hope this will solve my tinn.

  17. Wow wow wow & thank you.
    I’ve been experiencing a pulsating buzzing only at night time in one ear, I thought I had super human powers and had tuned into the alternating electricity current or could hear the worldwide ‘hum’.
    Anyway after doing this just by fluke really and I didn’t pay much attention that night but then subsequent nights I’ve just hear silence, it is definitely a miracle for me.
    I was considering moving home, hopefully it won’t come back but if it does I know what do.
    Thank you so much Yasuko x

  18. Hi, Please What to do With Last 2 points? Pushing? How many seconds? Thank you dear 🙂 do you have info about places of acu points on your blog?

  19. Thank you for this wonderful video, Ms. Kawamura. I have a quick question, if I may….Can this method be used while menstruating? I know that it isn't recommended to get accupuncture treatments or do Qi Gong exercises during one's period. I wonder if the same thing applies here. Any guidance you may offer would be much appreciated!

  20. As for me.. did not help me.. I do have a buzzzzzzzzzzz in my ears since , at least the year of 1976… It is a very pitch annoying noise…

  21. Something strange thing happened to me last time.

    At work, when i stood up, something insect like thing crawled from my right ear to left ear. Felt like tremor in the mid part of my head for about 2 seconds. Like drilling..i thought some insect would come out but it didn't. I also felt like i would faint but didn't.

    Went to doctor, explained and he said nothing but illusion. It was very strange that day when it happened.

    Now its been almost a year, i cant able to find what was the reason. Sometimes my left ear do hurt like little dirt would explode out but i do clean time to time. I also feel like blood would flow out.

    What was that thing that drilled from my right ear to left ear for 2 seconds?

  22. for some reason, when I did this to the one ear, I started hearing a slight ringing to the other ear out of no where.. what should I do? I'm scared

  23. Thank you so much Ma'am.Could you please let me know of any medicine or sound therapy?
    Thanks in advance

  24. Im confused about the natural sound and ringing sound or tinnitus…i only feel at night while sleeping..and i notice it while im focusing on tht sound other wise whole day it did not bother me
    ..what should i do…is it really tinnitus or just anxiety symtom

  25. I stopped coffee completley and reduced salt and salty food ( like pickles etc ) the Tinnitus is almost gone. Try it

  26. Well, that was a waste of time… on the other hand, it didn't waste a lot of time.  Thanks for the idea… (maybe it's a delayed action sort of thing?)  It's amazing how loud tinnitus can be.

  27. Hi i could not get 2nd,4 th points.
    Other points are also i am not sure whether i got them correctly. But i feel some change in the buzzing
    Ear buzzing is troubling me for two years.
    Can you do with diagrams

  28. Hello ma'am.. i am suffering from Tinnitus in my both ears from last 3 years..& my doctor told me that the nerves in my brain are damaged there is no cure for this now.. What should i do? Pls help me.. its really irritating i can't even concentrate on my studies.

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