Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Fixed Cupping Demo

Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Fixed Cupping Demo

In this segment we’re going to demonstrate
Fixed Cupping in order to help treat back pain. So one of the things we’re going to
do, we’re going to play with a little bit of fire so don’t try this at home. It’s very
easy if you don’t know what you’re doing to have an accident. So this fire actually helps
us to create a vacuum and these special cups designed for doing this technique. We can
put a series of cups on his back in order to stimulate both the energetic organs as
well as to help move the chian blood that causes some of his pain. So we can leave these
on for anywhere from a few moments to actually up to fifteen minutes. It does occasionally
leave a somewhat discoloration or even a bruise, you know a nice circular motion. What we like
to do is talk about it as squid love bites. And so you may be able to see, I’ll go ahead
and remove some of these, the redness that’s left on his back. These are the squid love
bites, and so normally we can actually make these even darker and they may last from about
three to five days if we do a more severe, strong fixed cupping for his pain.

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  1. lolz… Squid love bites… This sounds like another series of videos that I'm going to first watch and say "I can't believe I'm watching this" but at the same time be enthralled.

  2. this is most retarded thing in the world… eastern medicine sometimes is so inane…

    and i'm chinese and i'm saying this…

  3. Uhh… only certain parts of China eat cats and dogs and even so, that's not retarded. That's just the culture. They could just as easily say American's are retarded for eating cows. So there

  4. No one said you were and I wasn't assuming you were. I was just making a comparison between what you said and what they could say about another culture

  5. you know what screw you its not retarded hows it any different from eating like chicken or something and you know what im chinese so i say screw you!

  6. It is not remotely true that "every peer-reviewed study" has had negative results. There are plenty of peer-reviewed studies with positive results.

  7. LIAR!! I've seen plenty of studies where it has demonstrated great results. Better yet I've seen it work great for many people who could not get better otherwise. What is true is that the exact mechanisms by which it functions are not understood. SO WHAT! Neither do we know how the weather works exactly. If it works it works and that's why insurance companies are starting to include it in their plans and why the US army is planning to make it part of their treatments for soldiers.

  8. WEll this is not new anymore, my dad use to do really works if u know how to do it without burning the

  9. My squid won't even let me touch her anymore, let alone give me love bites. If I go near her now she just inks me. Bitch wasn't like that when we first started going out.

  10. @aganighta Ok, so what natural remedy do you recommend to replace warfarin to prevent strokes in people with permanent atrial fibrillation? Perhaps you can point me towards a natural remedy with a better track record for prolonging life after heart attacks better than ace-inhibitors, beta blockers or statins? Got a correcting remedy for scoliosis thats better than corrective surgery? My point is, you make comments but you dont really know what your talking about.

  11. @tontoteles With Cupping you can break the skin and cause minor bleeding. On top of that it's therapeutically appropriate in the hands of a properly trained professional

  12. @TheRetardsFromSpace are u freakkkin retarded?!!?!??!?!? oh wait, your sn answers my question… cupping has been around for thousands of years u dimwit.

  13. Actually, if you put the banks need to know from around the heart can not only avoid the face, and he has done without bypass.

  14. @Yyourself
    That's an argument from tradition. Just because something has been done for thousands of years, it doesn't make it an efficacious treatment. Bloodletting was also done for thousands of years before people realised it was doing more harm than good.

  15. This is also a great way to pop zits. It's doesn't leave as many scars and it looks a lot cooler. But only like body acne. Don't do this to your face.

  16. @AshillaBeige Because the therapy of the mouth on the neck isn't medical. Fire cupping isn't sensual. It can feel like a massage and relieves pain and tension. I only use fire cupping with glass cups that can be chemically sterilized. I recommend trying both cupping and people giving you hickeys and deciding which is more therapeutic. 😉

  17. Acupuncture procedures have a 1000 year history of positive effects, it's better than taking ibuprofen or other painkillers.

  18. had this done about a week ago. it really hurt i made him take them off after 5 min and he wanted to keep them on for 15. bright purple welts all over my back. i could not sleep on my back for 3 nights. would never do it again.

  19. No, it's a sufficient way to cure diseases, our prophet peace be upon him recommended us to do it from now and then 🙂

  20. Plus, I think its funny that a small region of islam is moving toward practices that revolve around the concept of chi…. Also… wtf is an "energetic organ"?

  21. I went to an acupuncturist today for a migraine/fever I've had for the past week…one bad enough to send me to the ER yesterday (4/15/2013). Was pumped full of benadryl, saline (obviously), and eventually morphine. Nothing helped.

    Went to this lady with the final resolution of "I'll try anything to get rid of this pain."

    I have 19 of these "squid love bites" on my back, and the needles into pressure points afterward certainly weren't the most pleasant thing in the world, but the pain is gone

  22. Kesembuhan itu ada 3 hal, yaitu dalam pisau hijamah, meminumkan madu dan pengobatan dengan besi panas, dan melarangg ummatku melakukan pengobatan dengan besi panas"
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  23. Kesembuhan itu ada 3 hal, yaitu dalam pisau hijamah, meminumkan madu dan pengobatan dengan besi panas, dan melarangg ummatku melakukan pengobatan dengan besi panas"
    Sesungguhnya Rasulullah Saw pada waktu beliau demi'rajkan tidak melewati seorang melaikatpun kecuali mengatakan :
    '"Lalukanlah olehmu Hijamah"

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