Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Moving Cupping Demo

In this segment I’m going to demonstrate moving
cupping which is slightly different and actually much more enjoyable even in the fix cupping.
And you can see some of the marks that we left there from just a few minutes of the
fix cupping in that last episode. So again, we’re going to take our alcohol soaked cotton
ball and use our cups and add a little bit less pressure, I only use one cup this time.
And with this, we’re going to move the cup, gently along the area of discomfort. This
helps to move and relax the fascia, certain muscles spasms and from Chinese perspective,
we say that it moves chin blood. I also personally like it for relaxation. It’s extremely helpful
for massage therapist because they can get train and use this as part of their practice.
And they don’t have to work quite so hard because Massage Therapists actually work very
hard. This cupping can really save their hands, their back and I’ve even taught couples to
do this to each other. We’re actually starting to get some relaxations of some of the muscle
spasms that Johnny’s got on his back.

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